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    Fruitarianism and Dates: a Message of Personal Experience

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    Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Celebrities are jumping on board, mega chains like Chipotle and Subway are swinging things meat-free. Heck, even Silicon Valley is in, with Bill Gates funding vegan mayo and the Twitter co-founders backing a new faux meat. So now that there are more vegans, there are also more omnivores out there dating vegans.

    Mango the Fruitarian

    This is where things can get weird. While dating a vegan is not that fundamentally different than dating anyone else even vegans like kicking back a beer and binge-watching House of Cardsthere will be bumps along the way, like when deciding on a restaurant or battling about the ethics of your favorite leather recliner.

    Below are a handful of tips for dating a vegan. Don't worry, I promise not to tell you to lay off the bacon. Respect their boundaries, but hold true to your own. Hopefully, your vegan does not expect you to ditch meat, just like you don't expect them to start binging on burgers. That being said, dating a vegan may require a bit more compromising than you're used to.

    h hill frutarian

    From simple things like choosing a restaurant, to bigger issues like whether or not they're comfortable with meat in the house, the lifestyle offers up complexities you will not encounter when dating another omnivore. Open up a line of communication and find a comfy middle ground you can both get behind -- separate pots and pans, anyone? Keep an open mind.

    Many non-vegans have a skewed idea of what being vegan is actually about, which perhaps can be blamed on the more aggro activist side of the movement. Often, when people hear "vegan" they picture angry paint-slinging, forum-trolling types, and this just isn't the case for all.

    There are dozens of different kinds of vegans, from juice junkies, to philosophers, foodies, athletes, yoga bunnies and everything in between. Try and drop any pre-existing notions of what it means to be vegan, and follow the lead of your partner. Ask why they went vegan -- their response may surprise you. Keep an open mouth. While no two people or two vegans are the same, it is safe to say that most vegans are pretty food-focused.

    If you search the vegan hashtag on Instagram, you will find the feed littered with lunch shots. Now that you're dating a vegan, you can expect to be introduced to some vegan fare. Some plant-based fare may sound or look a bit foreign -- seitan, nutritional yeast, chlorella -- but good food is good food, period.

    Whether it's meaty or vegan or gluten-free, if a dish is prepared well, it will taste good. So give your partner's cooking a shot before you start mainlining deli meat when they're in the bathroom. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to go vegan, and hopefully, neither is your partner. That being said, if veganism is something they're hyper-passionate about, getting involved will show you care. Volunteer to check out a vegan food festival with them or go to a screening of Forks Over Knives.

    For many, the most difficult part of being vegan is the social aspect. Barbecues and dinners at friends can be awkward, and it can be hard to eat on the fly, so don't be surprised if your vegan is packing a package of hummus at all times. Since you're a pair now, this means you, too, will be impacted by the lifestyle, even if only peripherally. Stay flexible and try not to get too hangry as they survey menu options and grocery aisles in search of a vegan-friendly fix.

    Do a little research. Before you take your vegan to a new restaurant or grab them something from the store, do your best to double check for vegan friendliness. From orange juice to condoms, there are a myriad of products out there that are surprisingly not vegan.

    While your vegan mate will most likely be up on their label reading, it's still nice to offer them something safely knowing it's vegan-friendly. This shows consideration and thoughtfulness. Find her on www.
    Can it be bad enough to put you in hospital or can there be long term benefits of this diet?

    What Is a Fruitarian Diet? Animal products are an absolute no-no. Some only eat fruit that has naturally fallen from a plant and not been picked. The Upside of a Fruitarian Diet So is eating fruit and mostly just fruit going to help you in any way? Fruitarians believe there can be long term benefits of adopting such a diet. The benefits of fruitarianism include: Low in Calories Fruit is good for you and is often recommended for being so good on the calorie scale.

    No Cooking Required Many fruitarians believe food should be consumed raw in its whole, natural form. Fruitarian diets can be convenient, especially for those on the go. Health Benefits Due to a fiber rich diet, fruitarians are often less prone to constipation. Fiber-Rich Fruits contain plenty of good things and are an excellent source of nutrients and fiber, as discussed above.

    Did you know, one cup of raspberries pack in a whopping 8g of fiber? This is already a third of the daily recommended fiber intake for women! Additionally, fruits like prunes and berries are also all-natural anti-oxidants. Not Enough Nutrients The biggest problem most people have about fruitarianism is that you cannot possibly get all the nutrients your body needs from fruit alone.

    Fruitarian diets are by their very nature, pretty restrictive and therefore you could end up with a number of mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

    Vitamin B is usually only found in animal based foods and very often fruitarians develop a vitamin B deficiency due to their choice of diet. Many take dietary supplements to make up for this however many end up with low levels of this crucial vitamin and this can lead to a variety of neurological problems.

    Mango the Raw Vegan Fruitarian Fruitarian Dating Site and Forum

    These in turn can lead to brittle bones. Without these nutrients, your bones might become more susceptible to breaking. Psychological Issues This might sound a bit far-fetched, and in fact, many fruitarians will argue the opposite is true, but fruitarian diets have been known to lead to psychological problems too.

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    A common reason for this is that fruitarianism is a pretty extreme diet, and it may be hard to fit in with your friends and family, and even socialize properly if you have such strict eating habits. Slow Metabolism Sometimes people adopt fruitarian diets to cut down their calorie intake.

    As a result of this, your metabolism will slow down while your body tries to conserve as many calories as possible for energy. This will also affect your electrolyte balance and can also have adverse effects on the way your muscles, especially heart muscles function.

    Too Much Sugar Fruit provides us with natural sugar options, yes. But if fruits make up your entire diet you are consuming way too much fructose i. Going over and above these consumption amounts can lead to many problems such as insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity. Excessive amounts of fructose consumption have also been linked to cancer, most notably pancreatic cancer.

    FruitDate - Fruitarian Friendship and Dating

    While eating enough fruit daily should definitely be part of your diet, a diet comprised solely of fruit can end up doing more harm than good. Dietitians around the world strongly assert that you cannot get all the nutrients your body needs if you adopt a fruit based diet permanently.

    Extreme dieting is never a good idea. Personally, I am not a believer of extreme, fad diets. Moderation is the key to healthy eating and living.
    Fruitarians living in tropical environments would consume coconuts although coconuts are often thought of as a nut.

    Mango the Raw Vegan Fruitarian Fruitarian Dating Site and Forum

    To most Fruitarians, the diet is simply a natural progression, from omnivore to vegetarian, vegan, raw foods and finally Fruitarian. To some it is the chosen diet for health reasons. Others follow it because they believe humans were always destined to eat fruit, starting from the Garden of Eden. The one thing that more Fruitarians mention above all others is a knowingness, an internal feeling that the Fruitarian diet is the diet meant for mankind.

    Benefits of being Fruitarian Cooked food is an unnatural human creation and is toxic to the body. It is never possible to improve upon nature, a fact that many humans find hard to accept.

    Tooth Decay on Fruitarian diet

    When our diet is in harmony with nature, our health excels and our consciousness expands Vegetables, while they can be consumed raw, are not very appealing without dressings or some kind of unnatural thing done to them. Consuming most vegetables involves the killing of the plant, whereas fruits are freely given. Fruit is the one thing that appeals to humans in every way and provides every possible nutrient, making us fruitarians. Many will attack the diet, just like vegetarianism and veganism was attacked for decades and will say that it is deficient in calcium or protein Without trying, it is easy to get more than sufficient amounts of all nutrients on a fruitarian diet, even calcium and yes even protein.

    For those who do not believe us, please contact us and we will clearly dispel the myth for you. Most of the fears and myths are a result of ignorance or misinformation. When we become informed and educated, we realize that the fruitarian diet does supply us with everything we need and not only is the best diet for humans, but not coincidentally it is the more environmentally sound diet for the planet.

    Protein shmotein Vegetarians have been drilled with the age old question time and time again, "but where do you get your protein? Americans are dying in masse because of overconsumption of protein rich foods. The World Health Organization recommends that you get about 4.

    Most people assume that fruit has NO protein. The only way to not get enough protein on a fruit diet is to not eat enough.

    How the Raw / Fruitarian diet HEALED me & How it HARMED me!

    Get enough calories from fruit and you automatically get enough protein. It's as simple as that. People will continually argue that you'll die of protein deficiency on a fruit diet, but the facts are there for those who wish to see them. Don't take our word for it, do your own research and you'll discover the truth for yourself.

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