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    Popular Equestrian Personal Ads - Horse Lovers Dating Website

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    Best Horse Lovers Dating Site Equestrian Singles Dating

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    Popular Equestrian Dating Site - Horse Lovers Dating Website

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    Bouma,and printed by Friese Pers Boekerij, b. Summary This book was written at the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the Royal Society "The Friesian Studbook". This studbook is the oldest in the Netherlands. It was founded May 1, The book deals with the Friesian horse which resembles the ancient western European horse and the knights' horse called destrier.

    Country and People "Friesland" "Fryslan" in the Friesian language is one of the eleven provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, situated in the northwest of Europe. It covers an area of ten percent of the Netherlandsacres and it has only four percent of the population. The main source of income for theinhabitants is agriculture. Over nine-tenths of the soil is permanent grassland on which the well-known black and white Friesian cattle are kept.

    Popular Equestrian Dating Website - Horse Lovers Dating Site

    Cheese, condensed milk and butter are exported. The much sought-after Frisian seed potatoes, grown on the arable land, are sold mainly to the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Friesland is an old country. Frisians settled along the borders of what is known now as the North Sea.

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    Frisian horsemen served in the Roman Legions, e. A tombstone of a Frisian soldier, who had served in the Roman Army, has been found in Cirencester Gloucestershire in England.

    Horse and Country Dating, Equestrian Singles, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Online Dating

    Around the beginning of our era, the area extending from Belgium the Swin to the Weser in western Germany along the coast of the "Friesian Sea", as the North Sea was then called, was under Frisian jurisdiction.

    Later this area reached up to and beyond the borders of Denmark. The name "Friesian Islands", in German "Friesische Inseln", for the islands along the coast, still reminds us of this time. The Frisians were seafarers, tradesmen, horsebreeders and farmers.

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    Before the Vikings also took to the seasthey were the great seaborne traders. They sailed the Friesian Sea, the bordering rivers and the adjacent seas. In the English town of York they had a permanent trading post for centuries. Dorestad was their own trading town.

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    Cloth was an important merchandise. The gradual rising of the sea, caused by the melting of the ice on the poles together with the sinking of the earth, forced the Frisians to built mounds Du.: One thousand of these mounds are known.

    Most towns and villages along the coast were built on them. Around the year when the territory of the Frisians was restricted to the North of the Netherlands and neighboring Germany, sea-walls kept the land free from the continually higher floods. Heightening the sea-walls, a process that has been carried out unremittingly through the centuries, is now again in progress. The sea-walls are now built up nearly four times as high as four hundred years ago. The height at Harlingen was then 2.

    The territory of the "Westerlauwers Frisians", as they are called now, is nowadays restricted to the province of Friesland in the northwest of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has more in common with English than with Dutch. Typical for the silhouette of the flat landscape are the towers with saddle-roofs, the large head-neck-and-trunk-type farmhouses and the "stelpen" with living quarters, cattle-shed and stack for hay and corncrops, all covered by one large roof.

    From West to East the soil consists of clay, peat and sand, respectively, each of these nearly covering one third of the area. In the North and West the country is open. The South-West and the middle harbor the Friesian Lakes. The sandy soil in the East and South is more heavily wooded. In this country lives the somewhat conceited Frisian, attached to tradition, sensitive, often passionate, who loves to meet others in sports and games and who has retained his Friesian horse through the centuries.

    Horses Primitive drawings on the sides of caves in Spain and southern France and the bones of game found there and elsewhere show that even during the Ice Age some hundreds of thousands of years ago there were both bigger and smaller horses.

    Labouchere found bones of larger and smaller horses in the Friesian mounds. From the types Equus occidentalis western horse and Equus germanicus German horse he forms the Equus robustus big horse. As for the smaller bones, he supposes these to belong to the Equus Przewalsky Przewalsky horse. Slijper thinks these to belong to the Equus Gmelini Tarpan.

    It is difficult to determine if crosses have been made and if so, to what extent. The Friesian horse descends from the Equus robustus. During the 16th and 17th centuries, but probably also earlier, Arabian blood was introduced, especially through Andalusian horses from Spain.

    This has given them the high knee-action, the small head and the craning neck. Because of his temperament the Friesian horse is considered warm blooded. The Friesian horse has been kept free from influence of the English Thoroughbred. During the last two centuries it has been bred pure. Breeding horses and dealing in them was very important for the Frisians. The monks in the many monasteries in Friesland before the reformation did a lot of horsebreeding.

    Through the centuries the Friesian Government has made many regulations in order to safeguard good breeding. Now the Dutch Horselaw of modified gives rules for studbook and breeding.

    From records of the past we know that the Friesian horse of old was famous. There is information from CologneMunsterAduardMarkhamKladruband there are books in which Friesian horses were mentioned and praised from BlundevilleGuicciardiniPluvinelDuke of NewcastleDe Solleyselvon AdlersflugelSaunierGueriniereOebschelwitzLe Francq van BerkheijHuzard and Geisweit van der Netten.

    Export of Friesian Horses According to the chronicle of Dubravius, the Hungarian King Louis II used a heavy Friesian stallion when he took field against the Turks on June 15tha campaign which culminated in the battle of Mohacs August 29th Because of their good qualities Friesian stallions were imported, for example, by the Electoral Prince George William of Prussia inlater by the famous Danish stud at Frederiksborg, by the stud at Salzburg and by the stud in Kladrub in and again in stallion Romke FPS Up to the beginning of this century Friesian horses were imported for mourning coaches in London.

    Dent proposes that the Norwegian Dole hest Gudbrandsdal horsewhich shows great likeness to the Friesian horse, must have got there from Friesland either as booty or by regular trade. The Northern Swedish horse was greatly. Dent also suggests a Norwegian influence on the English Dale pony.

    In the Pyrenees in southern France there is a pony "Ariege called after Merens" "Ariege dit de Merens" that looks remarkably like a small Friesian horse. The resemblances of the types mentioned can be traced back in some cases to the influence of Friesian horses, in other cases the similar way of breeding will have caused the similarity.

    As early as Friesian horses were being imported into what later would become the United States of America. The Dutch founded New Amsterdam in the region they discovered inbut they had to abandon it to the English inwhen the name was changed to New York. Advertisements in the papers e. These must have been Friesian horses. The ability to trot fast, the heavy manes, the long rich tail and the fetlocks at the feet of the original forefather of this race may be an indication.

    Slabbert in and by B. The imports into South Africa occurred to improve the type of horse called the "Flemish Horse" het "Vlaamse Paard" over there, imported long ago from Belgium and called after the Flemish part of the country of export. Nowadays this type of horse is not found in Belgium anymore, except when imported from Friesland. The Friesian Horse as a Trotter Apart from its high knee action and elegant performance, the Friesian horse was sought as a trotting horse for the short distance of 80 rods m.

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, and probably earlier as well, these horseraces were very popular festivities in Friesland. For important races the prize was a silver or even a golden whip.


    The Friesian Museum at Leeuwarden has a fine collection of them. In many villages and towns these races were held annually. Between and there were advertisements of these races in the papers. At first the races were on horseback, but later on they also included the Friesian "sjees".

    Horse and Country Dating, Equestrian Singles, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Online Dating

    May 1st, King William I started a horserace at Leeuwarden that was to be held each successive year in the beginning of August. It became known as "the Kings-Golden-whip-day" because the King awarded a golden whip each year as prize. The race was to be held in remembrance of the battle of Waterloo in Belgium, June 18th, in which the French Emperor Napoleon was beaten and Europe regained its freedom.

    Horse and Country Dating, Equestrian Singles, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Online Dating

    The races at Leeuwarden always attracted many visitors. They ended in when H. Queen Regent Emma awarded the golden whip for the last time. Russian and American horses, bred and used for racing only, were faster and this brought Friesian horseracing to an end. The Friesian horse influenced the breeding of the Russian Orloff and of English and American race horses. The Friesian Horse in the Circus Once the Circus Strassburger began, intraining Friesian horses in the Academy style of riding and put them very successfully through various performances, many other circuses followed suit.

    His intelligence and his gentleness makes the Friesian horse extremely suitable for this purpose. The stately black hair gives the show a touch of eminence. The Studbook By the middle or the end of the 18th century crossing in horsebreeding became a fashion. At the very start of the Studbook, on May 1stthe first studbook in the Netherlands opinions differed whether only horses of the Friesian Race should be registered, or crossbreds as well.

    The problem was solved by opening two registration books: Book A for Friesian horses, and Book B for crossbreds, From till the Studbook was also open for the registration of horses from the adjacent provinces Groningen and Drente. For this reason the name "Friesian horse" was temporarily changed into "Inland horse". Byhowever, Friesian horses had nearly disappeared in those provinces: The fashion of crossing grew to such an extent that the decision was taken in to close the separate books A and B and to register all the horses in one book in future.

    This could have been the end of the Friesian horse.

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    Why not join us habitual and get going other countries within the next few years.

    Horse and Country Dating, Equestrian Singles, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Online Dating

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