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    HIV Positive Dating for Christians Poz Dating for Christians

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    HIV dating sites

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    For many people who have access to good-quality medical care and treatment, HIV is now a chronic, manageable infection.

    However, there is no cure for HIV yet. Without proper medical care and treatment HIV can still lead to serious illness and death. And we know that HIV can be transmitted during sex.

    The law requiring disclosure before having sex is very strict, especially the criminal law. The Supreme Court of Canada made the criminal law even stricter with two decisions it released in October You may find that disclosing your HIV status gets easier the more you do it. Or you may never find it easy to disclose. Because you are HIV-positive, the law can affect your sex life.

    HIV Positive Dating - 8 Dating Tips for HIV Poz Singles

    But when you know what the law says, you can make better decisions and potentially avoid legal problems. So knowing about the criminal law may help you have a safer and more satisfying sex life. Living with HIV can complicate sex, dating and relationships. Telling another guy you have HIV can be really difficult. If a guy does not want to have sex with you or date you because you are HIV-positive, it is his loss.

    But he is entitled to make that choice. Laws that protect people from discrimination Discrimination means treating a person differently from other people based on a personal characteristic, so that the person does not get what he legally deserves.

    There are laws that may protect you from discrimination.

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    The two most important laws are: Anti-discrimination laws may also protect you from discrimination because of your race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, colour, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status or family status, and mental or physical disability. It is illegal for many different people and organizations to discriminate against you. Some anti-discrimination laws may also protect you from discrimination based on your source of income and may protect you from discrimination based on a criminal record.

    Here are examples of some people and organizations that may be prohibited from discriminating against you: If you think someone has discriminated against you or violated your rights, you can contact the human rights agency in your province or territory, or the Canadian Human Rights Commission. For legal advice about your human rights, contact a lawyer who practices human rights law. It explains when you have a legal duty to disclose your HIV infection to the guys you have sex with.

    Even if the law says you have a legal duty to disclose, it is still up to you to decide whether to disclose your HIV. So this section also explains the potential legal consequences you may face if you have a legal duty but do not disclose.

    The police can investigate and charge the person living with HIV with a serious crime, usually aggravated sexual assault. If the police want to question him or they arrest him, he does not have to answer their questions. But, he should tell the police basic information such as his name and date of birth.

    Anything he says to the police at any time may be used against him. He has the right to speak to a lawyer in private. The police can arrest the guy living with HIV and put him in jail.

    He can apply for bail — to be released from jail until his case has been decided. If the court refuses to release him, he will have to stay in jail while his case is ongoing. His picture, his HIV status, other personal information and the crime he is accused of committing may appear in a police press release, in the media and on the internet. Usually, criminal court trials are open to the public and the media.

    He can hire a lawyer to defend him in court. Depending on his income, legal aid may help to pay for the lawyer. If he pleads guilty, or if the court decides he is guilty, he will almost certainly be sentenced to time in prison.

    He will have a criminal record. His name may be put on a list of sex offenders. A DNA sample may be taken from him and placed in a data bank of convicted criminals. A person with a criminal record may not be able to travel to some countries. And he may not be able to get some types of jobs. If he is not a Canadian citizen, immigration authorities may be able to deport him.

    Please note that the focus of this guide is criminal law, sex and HIV. This guide does not cover all the legal issues about HIV and disclosure. For example, there is likely a legal duty to disclose before sharing needles to inject drugs.

    Inside the African American AIDS History Project

    Speak to a lawyer for information or advice about other legal issuesincluding other HIV disclosure issues. Although the criminal law about HIV disclosure is strict, and the consequences can be severe, it is important to put the risk of criminal prosecution into context.

    Between and the end of approximately 74, people in Canada tested HIV-positive. Up until the end ofas far as we know, there were approximately legal cases in Canada where individuals were criminally prosecuted for not disclosing their HIV infection to their partners before sex. Of these, about 30 cases involved men who were prosecuted for allegedly not disclosing their HIV infection to other men before sex.

    In recent years there has been an increase in the number of gay men prosecuted. Some guys were found not guilty, but many were convicted of serious criminal offences. So sometimes it can be really hard to figure out if you have a legal duty to disclose. Here are some things to consider when you try to figure out the risk of passing on HIV during sex: You can reduce the risk of passing on HIV by properly using latex condoms and water-based lube.

    A viral load test measures the amount of HIV in your blood. The higher your viral load the more likely you are to pass on HIV during unprotected sex. Research has shown that people who are successfully taking anti-HIV medications significantly reduce their chances of passing on HIV during sex.

    You still have HIV in your body. Your cum, pre-cum and ass fluid may contain high levels of HIV. Your viral load might have increased since your last HIV viral load test. Blood, cum, pre-cum and ass fluid: The blood, cum, pre-cum and ass fluid from a guy living with HIV can contain enough virus to infect another person with HIV.

    Sexually transmitted infections STIs: Although this guide was written for gay men, vaginal sex is the starting point for understanding your legal duty to disclose — because the Supreme Court has never decided a case about gay men, anal sex or oral sex.

    An undetectable viral load means 40 or 50 copies or less of HIV, depending on the test used. Anal sex, in some circumstances, poses higher risks of transmission than vaginal sex, so the duty to disclose is at least as strict as for vaginal sex. At this time, we cannot say for sure if using a condom and having a low viral load will be enough to avoid convictions for non-disclosure before anal sex. Even if the law treats anal sex the same way it treats vaginal sex no duty to disclose when a condom is used and the person with HIV has a low viral loadwhat happens if the condom breaks during anal sex that takes place where a condom is used and the person with HIV has a low viral load?

    You might have a duty to disclose in this situation as soon as the condom breaks. But be aware that disclosure after a broken condom may increase the risk that your sex partner will contact the police, which may lead to you being charged with a criminal offence.

    HIV Positive Dating for Christians Poz Dating for Christians

    Or your sex partner may react badly, which could lead to conflict or violence. Generally speaking, blow jobs carry a lower risk of HIV transmission than vaginal sex. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure whether you have a legal duty to disclose before giving or receiving a blow job without a condom.

    HIV Positive Dating for Christians Poz Dating for Christians

    And we are not sure how the courts will look at viral load and HIV in relation to oral sex. Rimming A guy almost certainly does not have a duty to disclose before rimming another guy, or getting rimmed by another guy. There has never been a documented case of HIV being passed on by rimming. But, as far as we know, a court has never decided a case about rimming, so we cannot say with absolute certainty that there is no duty to disclose before rimming or getting rimmed.

    Other important information about criminal law, sex and HIV Here is some other important information about the criminal law, sex and HIV: So you can be charged and convicted for not disclosing even if the other guy does not get infected. I did not tell. You might be charged and convicted even if you did not know or think that you had a legal duty to disclose. It may be an internet hookup, in a bathhouse, bedroom, park, locker room, washroom or backroom, or at a sex party.

    You may not want to disclose that you have HIV because the guy might tell other people, or post your HIV status on the internet. Although this may make it more difficult for you to disclose, it does not change your legal duty under the criminal law. For more information about your privacy, see Who can disclose your HIV infection without your permission. Even if a guy has not tested positive for HIVhe can still be charged and convicted for not disclosing that he may be HIV-positive.

    The criminal law is the same everywhere in Canada. Many people do not think that the criminal law is an effective way to prevent HIV transmission. Some people living with HIV, community activists, lawyers and AIDS service organizations, have been working for two decades to change the criminal law. Only a few dozen medical cases of re-infection have been identified with certainty. There is a risk that you might be charged and convicted for not telling him that you have HIV.

    This type of legal case is based on the theory that: Nobody knows how often re-infection happens. Do these guys have a duty to disclose?
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    Why Dating Sites Don't Work ~ MGTOW

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    What Dating Is Like When You’re HIV-Positive

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    free online hiv dating sites

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    HIV Positive Dating for Christians Poz Dating for Christians

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