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    Beer Here!

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    Sweden Dating Sites Free [Sweden Dating Online]-Free Online Dating Sites Sweden

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    Swedish Dating: How to Date Swedish Girls

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    Year Round Beers

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    Brewing A 16th-century brewery The process of making beer is known as brewing.

    A dedicated building for the making of beer is called a brewery, though beer can be made in the home and has been for much of its history.

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    A company that makes beer is called either a brewery or a brewing company. Beer made on a domestic scale for non-commercial reasons is classified as homebrewing regardless of where it is made, though most homebrewed beer is made in the home.

    Brewing beer is subject to legislation and taxation in developed countrieswhich from the late 19th century largely restricted brewing to a commercial operation only. However, the UK government relaxed legislation infollowed by Australia in and the US inallowing homebrewing to become a popular hobby.

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    The first step, where the wort is prepared by mixing the starch source normally malted barley with hot water, is known as " mashing ". Hot water known as "liquor" in brewing terms is mixed with crushed malt or malts known as " grist " in a mash tun.

    The grains are now washed in a process known as "sparging". This washing allows the brewer to gather as much of the fermentable liquid from the grains as possible. The process of filtering the spent grain from the wort and sparge water is called wort separation. The traditional process for wort separation is lauteringin which the grain bed itself serves as the filter medium. Some modern breweries prefer the use of filter frames which allow a more finely ground grist. However, it is possible to collect a second or even third wash with the not quite spent grains as separate batches.

    Each run would produce a weaker wort and thus a weaker beer. This process is known as second and third runnings.


    Brewing with several runnings is called parti gyle brewing. During boiling, water in the wort evaporates, but the sugars and other components of the wort remain; this allows more efficient use of the starch sources in the beer.

    Boiling also destroys any remaining enzymes left over from the mashing stage. Hops are added during boiling as a source of bitterness, flavour and aroma. Hops may be added at more than one point during the boil. The longer the hops are boiled, the more bitterness they contribute, but the less hop flavour and aroma remains in the beer. In some breweries, the hopped wort may pass through a hopback, which is a small vat filled with hops, to add aromatic hop flavouring and to act as a filter; but usually the hopped wort is simply cooled for the fermenter, where the yeast is added.

    During fermentation, the wort becomes beer in a process which requires a week to months depending on the type of yeast and strength of the beer. In addition to producing ethanolfine particulate matter suspended in the wort settles during fermentation.

    Once fermentation is complete, the yeast also settles, leaving the beer clear. The carbonation is often increased either by transferring the beer to a pressure vessel such as a keg and introducing pressurized carbon dioxide, or by transferring it before the fermentation is finished so that carbon dioxide pressure builds up inside the container as the fermentation finishes. Sometimes the beer is put unfiltered so it still contains yeast into bottles with some added sugar, which then produces the desired amount of carbon dioxide inside the bottle.

    Once most of the alcohol has been produced during primary fermentation, the beer is transferred to a new vessel and allowed a period of secondary fermentation. Secondary fermentation is used when the beer requires long storage before packaging or greater clarity. The most common starch source used in beer is malted grain. Grain is malted by soaking it in water, allowing it to begin germinationand then drying the partially germinated grain in a kiln.

    Swedish Dating. Popular Site For Swedish Women

    Malting grain produces enzymes that convert starches in the grain into fermentable sugars. Darker malts will produce darker beers. This is because its fibrous hull remains attached to the grain during threshing. After malting, barley is milled, which finally removes the hull, breaking it into large pieces. These pieces remain with the grain during the mashand act as a filter bed during lauteringwhen sweet wort is separated from insoluble grain material.

    Other malted and unmalted grains including wheat, rice, oatsand ryeand less frequently, corn and sorghum may be used. Some brewers have produced gluten-free beermade with sorghum with no barley malt, for those who cannot consume gluten -containing grains like wheat, barley, and rye.

    The flowers themselves are often called "hops". The first historical mention of the use of hops in beer was from AD in monastery rules written by Adalhard the Elder, also known as Adalard of Corbie[36] [60] though the date normally given for widespread cultivation of hops for use in beer is the thirteenth century.

    Combinations of various aromatic herbs, berries, and even ingredients like wormwood would be combined into a mixture known as gruit and used as hops are now used. Hops contain several characteristics that brewers desire in beer.

    Hops contribute a bitterness that balances the sweetness of the malt; the bitterness of beers is measured on the International Bitterness Units scale. Hops contribute floral, citrus, and herbal aromas and flavours to beer. Hops have an antibiotic effect that favours the activity of brewer's yeast over less desirable microorganisms and aids in " head retention", [64] [65] the length of time that a foamy head created by carbonation will last.

    The acidity of hops is a preservative. Yeast metabolises the sugars extracted from grains, which produces alcohol and carbon dioxideand thereby turns wort into beer. In addition to fermenting the beer, yeast influences the character and flavour. A few styles such as lambics rely on this method today, but most modern fermentation adds pure yeast cultures. This process makes the beer appear bright and clean, rather than the cloudy appearance of ethnic and older styles of beer such as wheat beers.

    In the Belgian Interbrew was the third largest brewery by volume and the Brazilian AmBev was the fifth largest. They merged into InBevbecoming the largest brewery. A microbreweryor craft brewery, produces a limited amount of beer. The highest density of breweries in the world, most of them microbreweries, exists in the German Region of Franconiaespecially in the district of Upper Franconiawhich has about breweries.

    The brewery was licensed by the City of Freising inand therefore is the oldest working brewery in the world. Restrictions on homebrewing were lifted in the UK in[84] Australia followed suit in[85] and the US inthough individual states were allowed to pass their own laws limiting production. Beer style Cask ale hand pumps with pump clips detailing the beers and their breweries While there are many types of beer brewed, the basics of brewing beer are shared across national and cultural boundaries.

    At these temperatures, yeast produces significant amounts of esters and other secondary flavour and aroma products, and the result is often a beer with slightly "fruity" compounds resembling apple, pear, pineapple, bananaplum, or prune, among others. It is applied to bottle conditioned and cask conditioned beers.

    Pale ale is a beer which uses a top-fermenting yeast [] and predominantly pale malt. It is one of the world's major beer styles. Stout and porter are dark beers made using roasted malts or roast barley, and typically brewed with slow fermenting yeast.

    There are a number of variations including Baltic porter, dry stout, and Imperial stout. The name "porter" was first used in to describe a dark brown beer popular with the street and river porters of London.

    Wheat beer is brewed with a large proportion of wheat although it often also contains a significant proportion of malted barley. Wheat beers are usually top-fermented. Krieka variety of beer brewed with cherries Lambica beer of Belgiumis naturally fermented using wild yeasts, rather than cultivated. Many of these are not strains of brewer's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and may have significant differences in aroma and sourness. Yeast varieties such as Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Brettanomyces lambicus are common in lambics.

    In addition, other organisms such as Lactobacillus bacteria produce acids which contribute to the sourness. Pale lagers are the most commonly consumed beers in the world.

    Sweden: Drink a beer with live TWEETS from the World Cup

    The name "lager" comes from the German "lagern" for "to store", as brewers around Bavaria stored beer in cool cellars and caves during the warm summer months. These brewers noticed that the beers continued to ferment, and to also clear of sediment, when stored in cool conditions. During the secondary stage, the lager clears and mellows. The cooler conditions also inhibit the natural production of esters and other byproducts, resulting in a "cleaner"-tasting beer.

    With improved modern yeast strains, most lager breweries use only short periods of cold storage, typically 1—3 weeks. Beer measurement Beer is measured and assessed by bitterness, by strength and by colour. Pale lager and pale ale are terms used for beers made from malt dried with the fuel coke. Coke was first used for roasting malt inbut it was not until around that the term pale ale was used. The Pilsner UrquellBitburgerand Heineken brands of beer are typical examples of pale lager, as are the American brands BudweiserCoorsand Miller.

    Dark beers are usually brewed from a pale malt or lager malt base with a small proportion of darker malt added to achieve the desired shade.

    Other colourants—such as caramel—are also widely used to darken beers.

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    Very dark beers, such as stoutuse dark or patent malts that have been roasted longer. Some have roasted unmalted barley. The quantity of fermentable sugars in the wort and the variety of yeast used to ferment the wort are the primary factors that determine the amount of alcohol in the final beer. Additional fermentable sugars are sometimes added to increase alcohol content, and enzymes are often added to the wort for certain styles of beer primarily "light" beers to convert more complex carbohydrates starches to fermentable sugars.

    Low temperatures and too little fermentation time decreases the effectiveness of yeasts and consequently decreases the alcohol content. The weakest beers are dealcoholized beerswhich typically have less than 0. The strength of beers has climbed during the later years of the 20th century. Vetter 33, a The same company had previously made Sink The Bismarck!

    Each of these beers are made using the eisbock method of fractional freezingin which a strong ale is partially frozen and the ice is repeatedly removed, until the desired strength is reached, [] [] a process that may class the product as spirits rather than beer.

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