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    Police Friends Date Free dating for Single Police

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    Police Friends Date Free dating for Single Police

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    Online Dating Sites : About Police Officer Dating Sites

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    Police Friends Date Free dating for Single Police

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    Police Friends Date Free dating for Single Police

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    The New Jersey State Police offers various specialized career options, one of which is the Executive Protection Unit which I was assigned from to My primary responsibility was to protect the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.

    I truly enjoy being a New Jersey State Trooper because I am devoted to public service and it contributes to my personal mission of making a difference in the lives of those around me. I value the relationships built as a result of being a Trooper with my fellow law enforcement officers both within and outside of this agency. It has afforded me a wonderful profession and most importantly, the ability to provide for my family.

    I've had the privilege of having many rewarding assignments during the past 19 years. I've had the opportunity to write and execute communication data warrants, wire taps, search warrants and assisted in the apprehension of a pedophile while working in an undercover capacity.

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    I enjoy swimming, running, biking and hiking. My career in the New Jersey State Police has had a positive impact on my life as well as my family. I am proud to be a New Jersey State Trooper and appreciate the variety of career paths that are available.

    The many different career paths and opportunities within the New Jersey State Police make this a wonderful career option. The opportunity to provide positive motivation and leadership within the community and the Division, as well as setting a positive example for my children and family, is what I most cherish about being a New Jersey State Trooper.

    My training, collaborate team building efforts, and educational resources has afforded me the opportunity to think proactively in the area of crime prevention and community partnerships. I am passionate about mental health and continue to study research regrading adverse childhood trauma and mental illness to assist mental health consumers with receiving assistance needed to live productive lives.

    Police Friends Date Free dating for Single Police

    My overall goal is to assist people with understanding how they think so that they can seek ways to continually develop healthy, productive and creative thoughts so that their world internally and externally can yield amazing rewards. This is my contribution to proactive policing.

    I worked several years as a Psychiatric Clinician for an outpatient mental health clinic, specializing in treating children who were sexually abused. My first career peaked my interest in law enforcement and my desire to pro-actively assist victims of such heinous crimes. I am grateful for my overall work experiences, which allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge in dealing with the diverse population which is required in my current assignment. I am honored to be able to dutifully serve the New Jersey State Police in a gratifying manner while continuously learning and improving my skills throughout my career.

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