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    Why is every Asian ghost exactly the same ghost Well, the girl in The Ring is different. No, I mean, they're literally all ladies in white clothes with super-long black hair that's all tangled and stuff. What's scarier than a lady coming at you? Her face itself is often quite ghastly to look upon. She is commonly barefootif she has feet at all. In some cases, this type of ghost will appear with a pair of ghostly blue flames hovering around her.

    In most media, the onryo has no one in particular to seek vengeance on, rather inflicting it on everyone in the area. This trope has become insanely popular in Western media recently, while has been a staple in Asian media for a long time.

    Contrast with Cute Ghost Girl. Usually comes with a side serving of Screamer Trailer. See also Undead Child and Vengeful Ghost.

    A character very similar to Sadako, Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend Xhas short hair, but she is otherwise very clearly based on an onryo — although she is a not perfectly normal human girl. Enma Ai from Hell Girl is definitely onryo-inspired not to mention Sadako-inspired, particularly in her use of modern technology. She's less scary most of the time because she doesn't obscure her face she goes for the Hime Cut insteadand being the protagonist, she's onscreen a lot. But beneath that unchanging, impassive expression, she's hiding deep bitterness and rage — when she loses her cool, it's the scariest thing you'll ever see.

    She began as a stringy haired ghost girl, and just after she got her revenge hell drafted her as a vengeance demon. So apparently hell has a dress code. In Anne FreaksYuri's dead mother is shown as this in his hallucinations. The few flashbacks we see of her when she was alive also show her looking this way, which is likely to show her as unhinged since she's heavily implied to have sexually abused him.

    Ghost Hunt naturally features a case centered around an onryo. In Urban Legend Story Hikiko, the titular character is an onryo that moves scary fast when she wants to. The "Wet Woman" from Hell Teacher Nube is an apparition that shows up during the rain, sopping wet, asking innocent passersby for shelter.

    Then she haunts her victims unto death, drawing so much humidity into their homes that they decay and rot within days. She's identical in appearance to Sadako. Frog plays with this trope. The Hinata home is haunted by the ghost of a girl who was chained up there and died, but is very friendly - because it turns out she wasn't chained up there for long and died peacefully of an ailment at her own home.

    The only reason she stayed around was because she hoped to see her old friend, a kappa she had befriended who, it's implied, was actually a visitor from Keroro's homeworld of Keron one last time. Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower was originally portrayed as an onryo-like Hikikomori who hated going out in the light, but was really Beautiful All Along. Inugami Isuzu in Hayate X Blade resembles one in her initial appearance.

    However, after pairing up with her current shinyuu Kibi Momoka, she gets a makeover that makes her resemble Lenalee Lee.

    It gets to the point that they even call in two professional exorcists to take care of the problem before they finally figure out that she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

    Actually, it was Nodoka's Pactio item that gave them a creepy version of her thoughts and a scary sketch. Asakura managed to take a normal picture where she looked positively cute. Kimi ni Todoke deals with Sawako Kuronuma, a girl whose onryo-like appearance and intimidating manner of speaking leaves her alienated from her students.

    Many of her classmates even mistakenly call her Sadako. In truth, she's a very sweet girl whose attempts to overcome her shy nature are misread as threats or curses. She even puts most of her hair in front of her face, but she doesn't leave for a costume change and return in a white kimono. In Angel Densetsuwhile the protagonist and his father combine Looks Like Cesare with Face of a Thughis mother, while pretty, scares people because she looks like this. Kiri Komori of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei looks the part, having ghost-white skin and long black hair that tends to obscure her eyes.

    While Kiri was mistaken for a spirit by the ever-cheerful Kafuka, however, she was instead identified as a 'zashiki warashi' or house goblin. Plus, her hair is beautifully straight and not stringy in the slightest once she moves into the school.


    Probably because Nietzsche starts washing it for her for fanservice purposes. The 10th episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten has a horror-style ending song which features this. She, on most occasions, sports this appearance because of scruffy long black hair and too much make-up, not to mention a frightening aura caused by stress. However, she is shown to be Beautiful All Along when she gets rid of that Sadako look, takes a shower and combs her hair to go on a date with Gon.

    In the Onisarashi-hen manga of Higurashi: When They Crythere were one or two scenes in which the artist was definitely going for this effect. Miss Michiko from Dennou Coil looks like this during her more corporeal moments.

    He's not a ghost and he's not a girl well, at presentbut Orochimaru's design is clearly based on this. He wears a mask that covers his nose and mouth, so the "ghastly face" part might apply. One of the "contestants" in Gantz is a young woman who looks like one of these. It's even lampshaded by the young model whom she is stalking, who calls her "Sadako". It turns out she's really beautiful under all the hair.

    How to date Thai women (according to them) - อยากคบคนไทย ต้องทำไง? - Interview

    Tomie may have the hairstyle down roughly, but subverts this otherwise by being one of the most unspeakably beautiful things you'll ever see. You'll love her, and hate her, and be driven to kill her Kuroko in Yandere Kanojo is a fairly harmless one. The worst she'll do is steal your food and hurt your ears with her piano playing.

    Her creepy smile really doesn't help. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Yuuko Kanoe is the amnesiac ghost of a girl who wanders the halls of the school she died in. She's bubbly, friendly, and is the love interest of the protagonist. Rare male example from Death Note. L haunts Light in this fashion right up until Light himself is killed.

    Though it's up for debate whether the entity Light is seeing is actually L's ghost, or whether he's merely hallucinating. Sket Dance has Reiko Yuki, who has most of the mannerisms nailed down; pale skin, long black hair, a deep, particuarly haunting tone in her voice and in most of her appearances usually enters the Sket Dan's clubroom through the windows. The fact that she's a member of the school's occult club helps.

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    Chizuru from Wandering Son dresses up as one during a School Festival. Parodied in Attack on Titanwhen Galliard arrives for an early-morning meeting and is greeted at the top of the stairs by one of these crawling around on all fours.

    He nearly falls back down the stairs in shock, before realizing that it's just Pieck just screwing with him. Since she is terrified of ghosts, she is not too pleased about being dressed like one. Arts " is believed to be one of the earliest examples of this trope, dating back to Comic Books The slasher from Cutter initially appears to be one of these, even wielding scissors and shears like the Kuchisake-onna, but then it's revealed that she isn't actually a ghost, she simply enjoys making the people who she is stalking and killing think that she's one.

    Likewise, Kayako from the Ju-on movies, and their remakes, The Grudge movies. Aubrey ends up as one by the end of the second movie, as well. And crossover movie Sadako vs. Kayako features the iconic onryo of J-Horror colliding. Natre from the Thai horror film Shutter. Unlike the ghosts from Ring and Ju-on, the only people Natre ends up hurting or killing were the ones who deeply wronged her in life and drove her to depression and suicide.

    Heck, Natre even went out of her way to warn her ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend of his crimes, though this was probably motivated mostly by the desire for revenge against said ex. The short Japanese film Black Hair, from the anthology Kaidan, is a classic example. All dedicated to haunted hair. It's like the film makers weren't even trying to hide it anymore! Ditto with the South Korean horror film, "The Wig".

    This short movie, '' Rattle Rattle ". Get past the scare factor, and you have absolutely no idea what's going on. Why do Japanese endings have to be so confusing? Parodied with Tabitha from Scary Movie 3. In Zebraman the main character has his tv on while working on his costume.

    American tourist going down on Thai girl in public, ‘Robot Goddess’ unveiled in China - 04/19/2016

    The show has a sentai hero called in the English dub Radiation Ranger who is battling a monster that looks like this who is calling out for her son George. Dark Alessa in the Silent Hill movie. AJ Annila's Sauna features a rare blonde example of the trope, though the black filth she oozes obscures this detail much of the time.

    Bloody Mary seems to be inspired by this type of spirit. Dead Friend had a particularly terrifying example of this trope. Mary Hatchet from Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet.

    In 's Let's Scare Jessica To Death, a pale young woman with long hair in a gauzy white dress frequently appears to Jessica, presumably as a warning of impending danger. The Japanese ritual site in The Cabin in the Woods featured a girl like this terrorising a classroom of Japanese children, until they perform a song and dance to turn her into a happy frog.
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