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    It is currently unknown when SCP replaced the original sculpture. According to eyewitness account, the interview subject approached SCP, after which the object entered an active state and selected SCP and SCP from nearby individuals.

    I'm just gonna ask you a few questions. Your name is Jude Kriyot, correct? Not really doing much these days. Why did you do something to the statue? Please answer the question, Mr. Uh, I got a letter from an old teacher. He told me to do it or that, uh, stuff would. The stuff would be aired. We sent some letters back and forth, I was asking how he'd know, he dodged it by saying he had friends in the area.

    Do you still have these letters? I've only got a few left. I took to… burning them. That won't be necessary, thank you. A raid on Mr. Kriyot's home after interview discovered letters confirming correspondence with said teacher. Ashes were found in the trash can. Could you describe this man to me?

    Old white dude, probably in his, uh… seventies?

    What are the best dating sites? **WITH REAL PROFILES**

    Grey hair, pretty long. Usually wears a ponytail.

    Best Christian Dating Sites Rankings

    Do you know why he wanted you to place the yarn on the statue? Well, he knew me, and he knew he had me by the balls. Allow me to rephrase. Do you know his reasoning for wanting the yarn placed on the statue? He mentioned that it was a metaphor or something. He was a sucker for bullshi- er, sorry, pompous gestures.

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    Could you explain what you mean by appeal? Well, you know, Theseus killed the Minotaur. Told me his health wasn't the best, thought maybe this would make the old gods happy or something.

    He, uh, also knew my health wasn't the best, mentioned something about it doing the same for me. Were you expecting the statue to move?

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    Did you think the statue would move? We have witnesses saying the statue pointed at Mr. Interviewee remains silent for one minute. Are you all right, Mr. I'm not all right. Would you like to take a moment? Reminded me of some shit. I burned the letters for a reason. He asked me to show up once. When I got there, uh. It was a warehouse, I guess. A private art show. There was a… a statue, sculpture, whatever, fuckin' Dali thing.

    Moved when you put a coin in it. And… She was there. There because I was there, because I told her… Because I told her it was cool. I didn't, I'm… I knew… her… I… I don't, want to. I… knew her, and she trusted me. And I was, I was young, and I was stupid, so fuckin' stupid, and I wasn't told what was happening until I looked and I should've fucking known, and she's fucking gone, she's gone, and she's fucking GONE because of me. Because I fucking… Fucking left my skin.

    Just slunk away into myself like a fucking snake shedding its filthy stupid fucking rotten husk of itself. Because I was a coward. And someone I knew. Someone I knew had made it.

    completely free dating sites

    And it was fucking praised, they fucking clapped. They clapped like it was just some fucking piece of performance art, and I just sat there, stupid fucking useless me, watching on as it happened. After the show I They told me I was young. I didn't see the statue mo- I didn't see this statue move. Fuck… Interviewee remains silent for two minutes. Interviewee declines to respond. Thank you for your time. Kriyot was subject to further interrogation, which failed to garner any useful intelligence.

    It was unknown whether Mr. Kriyot had knowledge of any further Groups of Interest at the time. Jude Kriyot is now identified as PoI; current evidence suggests Mr.

    Kriyot was the creator of the object. The radius of this area equals the length of yarn activating SCP The time is equal to the length of string in meters divided by SCP is unaware of this and possesses no knowledge of SCP outside of what was known before designation.
    Impact Approximately 50, years ago, on a continuous plain extending for miles in the high desert plateau of Northern Arizona, out of the northeastern sky, a pinpoint of light grew rapidly into a brilliant fireball.

    This body had probably broken off an asteroid during an ancient collision in the main asteroid belt between the planets, Mars and Jupiter some half billion years ago. Hurtling about 26, miles per hour, it was on a collision course with Earth.

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    In a blinding flash, a huge iron-nickel meteorite or dense cluster of meteorites, estimated to have been about feet across and weighing several hundred thousand tons, struck the rocky plain with an explosive force greater than twenty million tons of TNT.

    Traveling at supersonic speed, this impact generated immensely powerful shock waves in the meteorite, the rock and the surrounding atmosphere.

    In the ground, as the meteorite penetrated the rocky plain, pressures rose to over twenty million pounds per square inch, and both iron and rock experienced limited vaporization and extensive melting.

    Beyond the affected region, an enormous volume of rock underwent complete fragmentation and ejection. Watch an animation of how scientists think the meteor collision occurred. Making the Crater The result of these violent conditions was the excavation of a giant bowl shaped cavity. In less than a few seconds, a crater was carved into this once flat rocky plain.

    During its formation, over million tons of limestone and sandstone were abruptly thrown out to form a continuous blanket of debris surrounding the crater for a distance of over a mile. Large blocks of limestone, the size of small houses, were heaved onto the rim. Flat lying beds of rock in the crater walls were overturned in fractions of a second and uplifted permanently feet. Fragments of rock and iron-nickel, some as large as a few feet across, were thrown several miles away.

    In some of the shocked meteorites, the intense pressures transformed small concentrations of graphite into microscopic sized diamonds. A dense hot cloud rose high above the crater carrying with it droplets of molten iron-nickel, pieces of molten rock, and abundant rock debris. This material rained down as fallout until the cloud drifted away and dissipated to the surrounding area.

    Meteorite fragments that separated early from the main mass during its passage through the atmosphere continued to fall at lower velocities on the crater and surrounding area during and immediately after the impact. Prior to impact, less than a percent or so of the meteorite was lost due to atmospheric heating and ablation as it plummeted to earth. During impact, however, it is believed that a small percentage was vaporized, whereas the majority was melted.

    Any meteorite material that did not vaporize or melt was intensely fragmented and either thrown out during excavation or mixed with the fragmented rock that remained in the crater. About half is thought to be present in very small to microscopic iron-nickel spherules and fragments scattered through out the Breccia lens beneath the crater floor.

    As a result of the impact, the crater floor was feet deep; it is now approximately feet deep. The crater is over 4, feet across and 2. Discovery There is evidence of the crater being referenced by Native Americans in the area, however, a man named Franklin, who served as a scout for General Custer, wrote the first report of the crater in Later, local settlers named it Coon Butte, and it was thought to be just another extinct volcano, possibly part of the Hopi Buttes volcanic field located in the northeast.

    Ina sheepherder found iron-nickel meteorites in the area. Believing them to be silver he did not report his findings until Eventually, such discoveries led to the suggestion that the crater was a result of a giant meteor impact. Gilbert briefly visited and explored the crater. He had earlier correctly concluded that the bulk of the craters on the moon were formed by impacts.

    However, he interpreted the field evidence at Meteor Crater incorrectly and concluded it had volcanic origin. Although this idea held fast for the next two decades, a major change in scientific thinking was about to occur. InDaniel Moreau Barringer, a Philadelphia mining engineer, became interested in the site as a potential source for mining iron.

    He later visited the crater and was convinced that it had been formed by the impact of a large iron meteorite. He further assumed that this body was buried beneath the crater floor. Barringer formed the Standard Iron Company and had four placer mining claims filed with the Federal Government, thus obtaining the patents and ownership of the two square miles containing the crater. This was ten years before Arizona became the 48th state.

    InBarringer came to meteor crater and spent the next twenty-six years attempting to find what he believed would be a giant iron meteorite. His work and scientific research were carried on with great perseverance and bitter disappointment. Since the crater is roughly circular, it was natural at that time to assume that the body that formed it lay beneath its center. Consequently, the first shaft was started where the low, white mounds of pulverized Coconino sandstone can still be seen on the crater floor.

    A few small meteoritic fragments were reported in the shaft, but unfortunately, the pulverized sandstone beneath the water table turned to quicksand and prevented mining to a depth where the main body was supposed to lie.

    After the initial exploration, Barringer conducted some simple experiments and discovered that a rifle bullet fired into thick mud, even at a low angle, generally produces a circular hole.

    This was an important clue- could the meteorite have penetrated at an angle and is buried off center? Looking at the south crater wall you will see as did Barringer, that the rock is noticeably uplifted. Sandstone and limestone beds, which once were deeply buried, are now more than feet above their pre-impact levels; in fact, they are higher than anywhere else in the crater.

    This observation, coupled with the fact that many meteorite fragments had been found on the northeast side of the crater, led Barringer to conclude that the mass had come in at an angle from that direction and buried itself beneath the south rim of the crater.

    Mining Looking again at the south crater wall, you will see a notch with a streak of red debris running down the slope. Drilling was started at that notch and at a depth of 1, feet Barringer reported increasing numbers of oxidized meteorite fragments. At times, hours passed with no progress in deepening the hole and eventually the drill bit jammed completely.

    Barringer interpreted this to be caused by meteorite debris. The drill bit was permanently stuck, the drill cable broke. Funds were exhausted, and the exploration was abandoned in Although Barringer died later that year, he lived to see his theory of the impact origin of the crater begin to be increasingly accepted by the scientific community.

    All the facilities at Meteor Crater were built, maintained, and are staffed by Meteor Crater Enterprises. Today the Barringers still own the land and both the Barringer family and the owners of Meteor Crater Enterprises regard the property as a public trust.

    Each year they both make substantial contributions to science and education; through grants, scholarships, and special awards.

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    Scientific Discovery Modern geological and geophysical exploration techniques have largely replaced the earlier method of digging shafts and rotary drilling. New approaches include the use of seismic, gravity, magnetic, and electrical field techniques. Recently, cosmic ray spallation procedures were used to arrive at a more accurate age of the crater and C14 dating techniques have been used to address erosion and climactic issues. Advanced microscopic, x-ray, and other laboratory procedures are used to study the shocked rocks, meteorite material and their histories.

    Geological Survey, discovered two important minerals at Meteor Crater: Both are high-pressured polymorphous forms of silica, or silicon dioxide SiO2altered to very dense crystalline states by extremely high pressures equivalent to more than 20, times atmospheric pressure, orpounds per square inch. Although coesite and stichovite can be produced in the laboratory, they had not been identified in nature. Since the Meteor Crater research, both minerals have been identified as a number of other geological features called astroblems.

    The existence of these two highly pressurized minerals is now part of the diagnostic criterion used to prove that these sites are indeed ancient meteorite craters.

    Fingerprints from Space Photographs of our moon, the other planets and their satellites clearly show that the craters were the result of meteorite, asteroid and comet impacts. Today, Mother Nature continues her process of slow but inevitable erosion by wind, water and heat. Fortunately for science and all of us, the shape of Meteor Crater has changed relatively little since its formation 50, years ago.

    The crater walls have been only slightly modified by erosion and, in places, still exhibit some original fallout from the debris cloud. The rim crest has been lowered by erosion less than a few tens of feet, and still stands some feet above the surrounding plane. The majority of the ejecta blanket is still present.

    Most craters on earth have been leveled by erosion. Although there are many larger terrestrial impact sites, Meteor Crater is the first proven and best-preserved impact site on earth. This feature, named Meteor Crater or Barringer Meteorite Crater, represents the most basic type of impact crater in the solar system.

    At Meteor Crater, we are attempting to illustrate collision and impact processes which played a dominant role in the development of our planets, satellites, asteroids and comets. The geological and planetary records are clear: Indeed, the very course of life on earth has been affected by this endless bombardment. No less can be expected in the future!
    Layer III — The Hd samples are from charcoal in the fill of the lowest levels of the site and would date the end of the active phase of occupation of Level III - the actual structures will be older.

    The Ua samples come from pedogenic carbonate coatings on pillars and only indicate the time after the site was abandoned—the terminus ante quem. In the north, the plateau is connected to a neighbouring mountain range by a narrow promontory. In all other directions, the ridge descends steeply into slopes and steep cliffs.

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    Excavations have taken place at the southern slope of the tell, south and west of a mulberry that marks an Islamic pilgrimage, [14] but archaeological finds come from the entire plateau. The team has also found many remains of tools. These are possibly related to a square building in the neighbourhood, of which only the foundation is preserved. Presumably, this is the remains of a Roman watchtower which belonged to the Limes Arabicus.

    However, this is not known with certainty. Their profiles were pecked into the rock, with the detached blocks then levered out of the rock bank. Their status as quarries was confirmed by the find of a 3-bymetre piece at the southeastern slope of the plateau. Unequivocally Neolithic are three T-shaped pillars that have not been levered out of the bedrock. The biggest of them lies on the northern plateau.

    Its weight may be around 50 tons. The two other unfinished pillars lie on the southern Plateau. At the western edge of the hill, a lion-like figure was found.

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    In this area, flint and limestone fragments occur more frequently. It was therefore suggested that this could have been some kind of sculpture workshop. They are near the quarries from classical times, making their dating difficult. This platform corresponds to the complexes from Layer III at the actual tell.

    Continuing the naming pattern, it is called "complex E. Immediately northwest of this area are two cistern-like pits, believed to be part of complex E. One of these pits has a table-high pin as well as a staircase with five steps. It is the only relief found in this cave.

    At this early stage of the site's history, circular compounds or temene first appear. They range from 10 to 30 metres in diameter. Their most notable feature is the presence of T-shaped limestone pillars evenly set within thick interior walls composed of unworked stone. Four such circular structures have been unearthed so far. Geophysical surveys indicate that there are 16 more, enclosing up to eight pillars each, amounting to nearly pillars in all. Whether the circles were provided with a roof is uncertain.

    Stone benches designed for sitting are found in the interior. The pictograms may represent commonly understood sacred symbols, as known from Neolithic cave paintings elsewhere. The reliefs depict mammals such as lions, bulls, boars, foxes, gazelles and donkeys; snakes and other reptiles, arthropods such as insects and arachnids; and birds, particularly vultures. At the time the edifice was constructed, the surrounding country was likely to have been forested and capable of sustaining this variety of wildlife, before millennia of settlement and cultivation led to the near— Dust Bowl conditions prevalent today.

    However, some of the T-shaped pillars have human arms carved on their lower half, suggesting to site excavator Schmidt that they are intended to represent the bodies of stylized humans or perhaps gods. Loincloths also appear on the lower half of a few pillars. The horizontal stone slab on top is thought by Schmidt to symbolize shoulders, which means the figures were left with headless. Some of the floors in this, the oldest, layer are made of terrazzo burnt limeothers are bedrock from which pedestals to hold the large pair of central pillars were carved in high relief.

    Carbon dating suggests that for reasons unknown the enclosures were backfilled during the Stone Age. Rectangular buildings make a more efficient use of space compared with circular structures. They are often associated with the emergence of the Neolithic. The several adjoining rectangular, doorless and windowless rooms have floors of polished lime reminiscent of Roman terrazzo floors.

    Carbon dating has yielded dates between and BCE.

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    A pair decorated with fierce-looking lions is responsible for the name "lion pillar building" by which their enclosure is known. The pole features three figures, the uppermost depicting a predator, probably a bear, and below it a human-like shape.

    Because the statue is damaged, the interpretation is not entirely clear. Also, an older layer at Gobekli does feature some related sculptures portraying animals on human heads.

    It is the shallowest, but accounts for the longest stretch of time. It consists of loose sediments caused by erosion and the virtually uninterrupted use of the hill for agricultural purposes since it ceased to operate as a cult center. The site was deliberately backfilled sometime after BCE: The inhabitants are assumed to have been hunters and gatherers who nevertheless lived in villages for at least part of the year.

    The surviving structures, then, not only predate potterymetallurgyand the invention of writing or the wheelbut were built before the so-called Neolithic Revolutioni. The advent of agriculture and animal husbandry brought new realities to human life in the area, and the "Stone-age zoo" Schmidt's phrase applied particularly to Layer III, Enclosure D apparently lost whatever significance it had had for the region's older, foraging communities.

    But the complex was not simply abandoned and forgotten to be gradually destroyed by the elements. Many animal, even human, bones have also been identified in the fill. Radiocarbon dating as well as comparative, stylistical analysis indicate that it is the oldest religious site yet discovered anywhere.

    Butchered bones found in large numbers from local game such as deer, gazelle, pigs, and geese have been identified as refuse from food hunted and cooked or otherwise prepared for the congregants.

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    Though no tombs or graves have been found so far, Schmidt believed that they remain to be discovered in niches located behind the sacred circles' walls. Crowded conditions could have led these people to develop common rituals strengthened by monumental gathering places to reduce tensions and conflicts over resources [38]and probably to mark territorial claims. He assumed shamanic practices and suggested that the T-shaped pillars represent human forms, perhaps ancestorswhereas he saw a fully articulated belief in gods only developing later in Mesopotamiaassociated with extensive temples and palaces.

    This corresponds well with an ancient Sumerian belief that agriculture, animal husbandry, and weaving were brought to mankind from the sacred mountain Ekurwhich was inhabited by Annuna deities, very ancient gods without individual names.

    Schmidt identified this story as a primeval oriental myth that preserves a partial memory of the emerging Neolithic. As excavator Klaus Schmidt put it: There are no comparable monumental complexes from its time. However, since its discovery surface surveys have shown that several hills in the greater area also have T-shaped stone pillars e.

    Its T-shaped pillars are considerably smaller, and its rectangular shrine was located inside a village. It remains unknown how a force large enough to construct, augment, and maintain such a substantial complex was mobilized and compensated or fed in the conditions of pre-sedentary society. Scholars cannot interpret the pictograms, and do not know for certain what meaning the animal reliefs had for visitors to the site; the variety of fauna depicted, from lions and boars to birds and insects, makes any single explanation problematic.

    As there is little or no evidence of habitation, and the animals pictured are mainly predators, the stones may have been intended to stave off evils through some form of magic representation. Alternatively, they could have served as totems. The reason the complex was carefully backfilled remains unexplained. Until more evidence is gathered, it is difficult to deduce anything certain about the originating culture or the site's significance.

    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism responded that no concrete was used and that no damage had occurred.

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