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    The Grade A New Dating App Grades Profiles and Expels Failing Users Time

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    The Grade A New Dating App Grades Profiles and Expels Failing Users Time

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    App Store Preview

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    Connect your existing OkCupid account

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    Features[ edit ] Rating sites typically show a series of images or other content in random fashion, or chosen by computer algorithm, rather than allowing users to choose. They then ask users for a rating or assessment, which is generally done quickly and without great deliberation. Users score items on a scale of 1 to 10, yes or no. Others, such as BabeVsBabe. Typically, the site gives instant feedback in terms of the item's running score, or the percentage of other users who agree with the assessment.

    They sometimes offer aggregate statistics or "best" and "worst" lists. Most allow users to submit their own image, sample, or other relevant content for others to rate. Some require the submission as a condition of membership.

    Rating sites usually provide some features of social network services and online communities such as discussion forums messagingand private messaging.

    Some function as a form of dating servicein that for a fee they allow users to contact other users. Many social networks and other sites include rating features. For example, MySpace and TradePics have optional "rank" features for users to be rated by other users. Subject matter[ edit ] One category of rating sites, such as Hot or Not or HotFlation, is devoted to rating contributors' physical attractiveness.

    Other looks-based rating sites include RateMyFace. Some sites are devoted to rating the appearance of pets e. Another class allows users to rate short video or music clips. One variant, a " Darwinian poetry " site, allows users to compare two samples of entirely computer-generated poetry using a Condorcet method. Successful poems "mate" to produce poems of ever-increasing appeal. Yet others are devoted to disliked men DoucheBagAlertbowel movements ratemypoo.


    Comnightclubs, business professionals, clothes, cars, and many other subjects. When rating sites are dedicated to rating products epinions. History[ edit ] The popularity of rating people and their abilities on a scale, such as 1—10, traces back to at least the late 20th century, and the algorithms for aggregating quantitative rating scores far earlier than that. The film 10 is an example of this. The title derives from a rating system Dudley Moore uses to grade women based upon beautywith a 10 being the epitome of attractiveness.

    The notion of a "perfect ten" came into common usage as a result of this film. Inone of the first computer-based photographic attractiveness rating studies was conducted. During this year psychologists J.

    The Grade A New Dating App Grades Profiles and Expels Failing Users Time

    Roggman examined whether facial attractiveness was linked to geometric averageness. To test their hypothesis, they selected photographs of male and female Caucasian faces; each of which was computer scanned and digitized.

    They then made computer-processed composites of each image, as 2- 4- 8-,and face composites. The composite face was the most visually attractive of all the faces. InPerfect 10 magazine and video programming was launched by Xui, the original executive editor of Spin magazine, to feature only women who would rank 10 for attractiveness. Julie Kruisa swimsuit model, was the original spokesmodel.

    His contests were broadcast on Network 1a domestic C-band satellite channel. Other unrelated "Perfect 10" contests became popular throughout the s. The first ratings sites started inwith RateMyFace.

    The most popular of all time, Hot or Not, was launched in October Hot or Not generated many spin-offs and imitators. There are now hundreds of such sites, and even meta-sites that categorize them all.

    The Review

    The rating site concept has also been expanded to include Twitter and Facebook accounts that provide ratings, such as the humorous Twitter account WeRateDogs. Criticism[ edit ] Rating sites have a social feedback effect; many high school principals and administrators, for example, have begun to regularly monitor the status of their teaching staff via student controlled "rating sites".

    Some looks-based sites have come under criticism for promoting vanity and self-consciousness. Some claim they potentially expose users to sexual predators. Most rating sites suffer from similar self-selection bias since only highly motivated individuals devote their time to completing these rankings, and not a fair sampling of the population. Additionally, individuals can post multiple comments, thereby skewing the ranking. This is an incomplete listwhich may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness.

    Additions are welcome as long as notability is sourced or established by wikilinking to an article about the site. Attractiveness[ edit ] Facemash: Mark Zuckerberg created Facemasha rating site where Harvard students were compared with one another based on attractiveness.

    Shortly after Facemash, Zuckerberg went on to create Facebook.
    DR 4 with later silver cap. Pease Collection [10] First Dunhill tobacco shop opened on 31a Duke St. Dunhill imported the bulk of his pipes from France. The focus was to use the finest quality briar, and expert craftsmanship to make pipes that would provide a superior smoke, and last a lifetime.

    The cost would reflect these principals, which was against the current trend of inexpensive pipes of poor quality. The Bruyere finish is first introduced The famous white spot was introduced so customers would know which way to insert the handmade vulcanite mouthpieces on straight pipes the spots face up. New workshop opened on No.

    Alfred Dunhill invented the sandblasted pipe, and first introduced the "Shell" Finish. Dunhill also developed the oil curing process at this time, which many feel contributes significantly to Dunhill's excellent smoking qualities. Dunhill and Sasieni part after serious conflicts. Dunhill stopped buying bowls turned in France in favor of those turned in London at the newly opened Dunhill bowl-turning facility.

    Alfred Dunhill retires The Root finish is introduced. Denotes Dunhill straight grain pipes. The bruyere finish was used on these pipes through ; root finish was used thereafter. Dunhill buys Hardcastle after a ten year relationship The Tanshell finish is introduced Bill Taylor start working for Dunhill as a boy The Redbark finish is introduced. Some sources indicate the Redbark was introduced in while other sources indicate the Redbark was introduced See example.

    Bill Taylor works as administrator and overseer in the Dunhill Factory The Cumberland finish is introduced Redbark finish officially retired Two pipes Dunhill Paris This however, may be impossible. The story of Alfred Dunhill is so tied up with myth that the myths are now part of the history. Alfred Dunhill, being aware of this phenomenon, probably perpetuated many of such myths. Alfred Dunhill inherited a harness business in at the age of Inthe first pipes and tobacco shop opened on Duke St.

    The shop soon came to be known for its customized blends. Alfred Dunhill however, was unsatisfied with the current quality of available pipes. The pipes coming in from France were highly varnished and consequently clogged the pores of the briar.

    They were simply not doing justice to his creative blending. Alfred opened a small factory of his own in He set down two principles that would guide the production of Dunhill Pipes. First, pipes would be made of only the finest quality briar, with exacting care by expert craftsmen. Secondly, the pipes would be priced accordingly; the customer would recognize the value of a superior product. This ran counter to the current trend of inexpensive pipes of poor quality that one simply discarded after a short while.

    The Dunhill pipe was made to last a lifetime and always with an eye to utility. It must smoke well and continue to do so with age. When the pipe became dirty the tube could simply and easily be replaced. Note, of course, that this innovation predated the widespread use of pipe cleaners.

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    How this technique of sandblasting came about is somewhat of a mystery. The story often told is that Alfred Dunhill went down into his basement in the wintertime to make a couple pipes and accidentally left one, a half finished piece, by the heating boiler. Alfred realized Algerian briar, then considered inferior, could be used in this new process. Originally, the Shell pipes were not stamped because the sandblasting technique, not yet being refined, made recognizing the standard shape much more difficult.

    Another new technique ended up ensuring the quality of Dunhill pipes. Before the sandblasting process, Dunhill would have the Algerian briarwood bowls immersed in olive oil for several weeks. Afterwards, they were left to dry, with the excess oil being occasionally wiped off. This method was originally developed for aesthetic reasons, but it turned out that the oil caused impurities to be forced out of the wood, resulting in a faster curing process.

    A further consequence of this process was the briar became incredibly durable, making the occurrence of burnouts much less frequent. By, pipes were sold a year through the Dunhill shop on Duke St. Just two decades old, Dunhill Limited was becoming famous for supplying the most elite clientele in the world. Dunhill developed ties with the royalty, supplying George VI with tobacco through the thirties.

    Later during WWII, the company kept Winston Churchill constantly supplied with the cigars that would become such an essential part of the famous British icon. The stamping during the twenties was inconsistent and some of the early shell pieces lack marking altogether. A shape chart was developed that used numbers and letters to signify a specific shape. Each new pipe would be stamped to identify its size and shape.

    World War II presented some problems for Dunhill. The Dunhill shop on Jermyn St. The supply of briar became more tenuous. Italian briar was restricted by the Italian government to be used only by Italian carvers. The Algerian briar became more difficult to acquire. The war also left Europe in a shambles. Depressed financially, there was no place in Europe for high-end luxury goods.

    Consequently the American market grew and American taste determined the direction of Dunhill pipe making. Dunhill has always been creative in its designs and finishes. Dunhill pipes regardless of shape, size, and finish must always smoke well.

    This principle laid down in the early days of the company continues today. At the Dunhill factory, just outside of London, pipes are made by 15 full-time expert craftsmen who boast a cumulative work experience of years. Knowing a high quality product must begin with the best possible material, the briar used by Dunhill is from carefully selected burls from bushes a hundred years old.

    Even with selecting only the highest quality briar with the finest grain, once the briar bowls begin to be carved certain flaws are exposed and many bowls have to be discarded. At every stage of the process there are a mandatory quality checks that ensure a Dunhill pipe will smoke well from the first to last bowl of tobacco, regardless of age. Each step in the six-week process is done by hand. Over 90 different steps are required in a process that has changed very little since the days of Alfred Dunhill almost a century ago.

    Dunhill Pipes are now prized collector pieces and the most famous pipes in the world. Alfred envisioned the Dunhill Pipe to be something special, a pipe to be coveted for its quality, sophistication and refinement. To Smoke a Dunhill is to experience this tradition, a tradition of excellence that is perhaps the greatest in the world of pipes. The Bruyere was a smooth finish with a deep red stain, obtained through two coats, a brown understain followed by a deep red.

    The Shell finish was the original sandblast with a near-black stain though the degree to which it is truly black has varied over the years. Lastly, the Root finish was smooth also but with a light brown finish.

    Early Dunhill used different briars with different stains, resulting in more distinct and identifiable creations Over the years, to these traditional styles were added four new finishes: It was the only finish from until A dark redish brown stain. Bruyere pipes were usually made using Calabrian briar, a very dense and hardy briar that has a mediocre grain but does very well with the deep red stain. Pease collection [11] A deep craggy sandblast with a black stain finish.

    Duhill pantended the sandblast finish in England in Patent No. See The Art of Sandblastingand by R. Field, for in depth look at Dunhill's revolutionary new finish. The deepest and craggiest finishes were from Algerian briar, which is softer and yields more to the blasting.
    It will be easier to ace tests, and not as easy to flunk them.

    Lower Merion's New Grading Scale Under a new grading policy, a score of 90 will be enough for an A, down from the traditional cutoff of At the other end of the measuring stick, a failing grade now will be 59 and under, instead of What's behind the grade-point pick-me-up?

    Some Lower Merion parents complained that the decades-old system of eight points per letter grade - falling out of favor nationwide as districts adopt the more forgiving point scale - could cast their children in an unfair comparative light when they apply for colleges and merit scholarships.

    Despite little solid evidence that it made a difference, and the assurance of college officials that it didn't, the change was approved in June for the district's two high schools, Harriton and Lower Merion.

    There was a perception among parents "that the eight-point scale had a disadvantage for students," said Scott Eveslage, assistant superintendent.

    Because there are so many, colleges say they look at each school's profile - including the grading scale, the difficulty of course offerings, and how students compare with their cohorts - when reviewing transcripts.

    Admissions officers say they also sometimes recalculate grade-point averages to make them uniform. More important than scores "is the quality of education you're receiving in x institution. It just causes potential confusion in college admissions," said Norr, who was among those who began advocating for the change last fall. Pluses already were awarded, but not an A-plus; that was added, for point scores from 97 to Echoing Norr, Eveslage said: The standards of excellence that would warrant an A isn't changing necessarily.

    In a survey of 31 public school districts and seven private schools, only three - Marple Newtown, Upper Darby, and Garnet Valley - still use eight-point letter valuations. Garnet Valley considered switching to the point scale two years ago but decided against it, reasoning that "an A is an A as far as the quality of the work, regardless of your point system," and teachers determine if a student is worthy of the top grade, said Greg Hilden, assistant principal at Garnet Valley High School.

    When his former district, Unionville-Chadds Ford, switched from eight to 10 points two years ago, he said, the number of A's remained the same because "teachers know the value of A work and B work.

    A New Dating Site For Single Moms

    More important, she said, students could miss out on merit scholarships that give financial aid to those with the highest grades. While a Lower Merion student with a 90 would score a B-plus, a student with the same 90 would get an A in another district. However, Karin Mormando, director of undergraduate admissions at Temple University, said that while GPAs are used to determine merit aid, it's only one part of "the overall picture. Instead of shooting for an A, some say, they'll be stressing over an A-plus.

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