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    Online Dating Sites : About Canadian Dating Sites

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    Ontario Northland Blues at Free Times Cafe

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    The land is now governed by 46 treaties, including the Upper Canada, Williams and Robinson treaties, as well as Treaties 3, 5 and 9.

    As of the census, Ontario had 13, residents, making it the most populous province or territory in Canada. The capital city of Ontario is Toronto. Agriculture, as well as most of the population, is concentrated in the south.

    By comparison, Northern Ontario, with nearly 90 per cent of the land, contains only six per cent of the population. Despite the tendency to divide the province in three, geology, climate, soil and vegetation combine to create distinct areas within these broad classifications.

    Ontario has the most varied landscape of any Canadian province. Two-thirds of the province lies under the Canadian Shield, which covers most of the North, with the exception of the Hudson Bay Lowlands. To the east lies the eastern Ontario plain, between the Ottawa and St. To the west, from Kingston on, there are belted rolling hills and plains culminating in the flat country in extreme southwestern Ontario.

    Geology The rocks of the Canadian Shield are among the oldest on Earth, dating from the Archaean and Proterozoic eons of the Precambrian era million to 4 billion years ago.

    These formations contain the large mineral deposits that are so important to the economy of Northern Ontario.

    Other Northland Cities:

    The sedimentary limestoneshale and sandstone underlying Southern Ontario are more recent than the Shield, dating from the Paleozoic era, and are generally of the Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian periods to million years ago. With the exception of the Niagara Escarpmentoutcrops of these rocks are rare. All of Ontario was, at one time or another, covered in ice. These early Great Lakes were considerably larger than their present descendants.

    The rivers that once drained them, such as the Grand Rivernow flow through broad valleys. The effect of the ice age is still apparent. Scattered across Southern Ontario are rocks left behind by the glaciers.

    Systems of moraines, marking the edges of stalled glaciersrun across the province. The Horseshoe Moraines parallel the eastern shore of Lake Huron to the base of the Bruce Peninsula and southeast along the escarpment, then southwest toward Lake Erie. Other deposits, called drumlinsare especially frequent in the Peterborough region. Climate Ontario has a wide range of climates. The winters are severe and stormy through much of the province. Marie receive snowfall in excess of cm. By comparison, the areas around Toronto and Hamilton are in the partial rain shadow of the Niagara Escarpment and receive less than cm of snow annually.

    Soil and Vegetation The Canadian Shield is mostly, but not entirely, unsuitable for agriculture. The podzolic soils in this northern region are extremely thin and low in fertility, but are still sufficient enough to support boreal forests see Soil Classification.

    There are only a few areas, such as the clay belts in northeastern Ontario or the Rainy River area in the northwest, where enough farming is possible to create the impression of an agricultural landscape.

    9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

    In the extreme north, stunted willows and black spruce struggle to grow in bogs; farther south, spruce, aspen and jack pine dominate the northern Canadian Shield. Farther south again, to the east and west of Lake Superiorthe Shield is covered by a mixed forest, known as the Great Lakes—St.

    In the early 19th century, magnificent stands of white pine, the foundation of the central Canadian forest industry, as well as hard mapleswere found in eastern Ontario. However, due to early logging practices, the abundance of white pine in northern Ontario remains dramatically reduced. The grey-brown luvisolic soils of southern Ontario that developed under forest vegetation from till and glacial deposits are reasonably fertile.

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    Deltas, left behind from the ice age, form sand plains, especially to the north of Lake Erie. As the ice retreated, Paleo-American inhabitants moved into the northern region of the province. For many years, Indigenous people probably lived by fishing and hunting; deerelkbear and beaver could be found in the south, and caribou in the north.

    By BCE, pottery had been introduced, and archaeological sites show a far-flung trading system with importations from as far as the Gulf of Mexico. By CE, certain tribes living south of the Canadian Shieldincluding the Wendat and the Haudenosauneewere well-established farmers, growing primarily cornbeans and squash. The French allied themselves with the Wendat, Innu and Algonquin, using already established Indigenous trade networks to move furs across the region.

    Similarly, the Dutch and English allied themselves with the Haudenosaunee. Each side armed their Indigenous partners with guns. Given their position between the abundant furs of the Canadian Shield and the south, the Wendat prospered in the early decades of European fur trade. Wishing to gain access to this trade themselves, the Haudenosaunee staged a series of raids on Wendat villages throughout the 17th century see Iroquois Wars.

    Between andthese raids resulted in the dispersal of the Wendat. However, Haudenosaunee raids on Neutral villages in —51 meant they too were scattered, being absorbed into other Indigenous communities further west and south. At the same time, despite the hostility of the Haudenosaunee, the French continued their penetration of the Great Lakes region, utilizing both the Ottawa—French River—Lake Huron route to the west and the St.

    British occupation was not secure until the Indigenous allies of the French were defeated after an uprising in — The Great Lakes region also served as a base of operations for British forces during the American Revolution. A series of bloody campaigns and raids did not shake the British hold over their Great Lakes forts, but did result in the arrival of Loyalist and Haudenosaunee refugees displaced from the American frontier.

    The Treaty of Paris divided the Great Lakes down the middle and created the southern boundary of what is now Ontario. American Revolution and Settlement The modern settlement of Ontario began with the arrival of some 6, to 10, Loyalists during and after the American Revolution.

    After them came other Americans, attracted by cheap land; crown land was available for sixpence an acre plus survey costs and an oath of allegiance. A regular colonial government was established, with a lieutenant-governor, an elected legislative assembly and appointed legislative and executive councils.

    The first lieutenant-governor was John Graves Simcoean English veteran of the American Revolution, who aimed to turn Upper Canada into a bastion of the British Crown in the heart of the continent. War of Upper Canada continued to mark the northern fringe of the American frontier, but by approximately 80 per cent of the estimatedsettlers in Southern Ontario were of American origin.

    InAmerican forces thrust into southwestern Ontario and raided the provincial capital, York Torontowhere the government buildings were burned. After several more bloody battles inthe war drew to an end. The peace treaty that ended the war stipulated that the Americans and British each hand back what they had conquered, and the boundary remained unchanged. Treaties Treaties in Ontario. To the government, treaties meant that First Nations surrendered their land in exchange for goods and other promises.

    Gradually, treaties came to include the creation of reserves, or plots of land set aside for First Nations to live on. The agreements known as the Upper Canada Treaties constitute a number of agreements signed between andmany of which provided one-time payments to First Nations without establishing reserves. Other treaties in the province include: See also Indigenous Peoples: Treaties ; Numbered Treaties.

    Immigration Between andthe population of Upper Canada tripled toand by it had doubled again. Most of the immigrants came from the British Isles, made up roughly of 20 per cent English, 20 per cent Scottish and 60 per cent Irish immigrants. Settlement generally spread from south to north, moving away from the lakes as land along them became settled. Accessibility to land away from the lakes depended on roads — usually of terrible quality — many of which were built by the settlers themselves.

    Rebellions of Rampant land speculation added to the irregularity of early settlement patterns. The agitation for representation by population was led by George Brown. The crisis was finally resolved in by the formation of a joint-party regime see Great Coalition to seek a union of the British North American colonies. This Confederation was gained inand Ontario became a province of the new Dominion of Canada.

    See also Ontario and Confederation. Over time the balance shifted to dairyfruit and vegetable farming. At the same time there was a drift away from farming areas, as emigration to the United States, the Canadian West or to cities increased. Urban and industrial growth increased from the s through the s with the development of textiles and metalworking, farm implements and machinery.

    Toronto in particular grew as both a railway and manufacturing centre, and as the provincial capital. The final boundary was drawn in Toronto has the highest number of non-native English or French speakers, with 45 per cent of the population reporting a non-official language as their mother tongue. Urban centres with the highest share of French speakers are Sudbury 25 per cent and Ottawa 14 per cent. Ontario has an ethnically diverse population.

    Among this group, those who claim British Isles ancestry are the largest, followed by French, German and Italian. Following Christianity, the religions with the most followers are Islam 5 per centHinduism 3 per cent and Judaism 2 per cent.

    Those claiming no religious affiliation number 23 per cent.
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    Free Ontario Dating Site Ontario Picture Personals Ontario Matchmaking Service

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