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    To the Zugspitze by train from Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Travel Germany

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    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

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    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

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    What are the must-visit sights and attractions in Germany?

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    Trip to ZUGSPITZE 🇩🇪

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    The Austria—Germany border goes right over the mountain. There used to be a border checkpoint at the summit but, since Germany and Austria are now both part of the Schengen zonethe border crossing is no longer manned. The exact height of the Zugspitze was a matter of debate for quite a while. Originally the Zugspitze had three peaks: The only one that has remained in its original form is the east summit, which is also the only one that lies entirely on German territory.

    The middle summit fell victim to one of the cable car summit stations in In the west summit was blown up to create a building site for a planned flight control room for the Wehrmacht.

    This was never built however. The border between Germany and Austria runs over the west summit; thus the Zugspitze massif belongs to the German state of Bavaria and the Austrian state of Tyrol.

    The municipalities responsible for it are Grainau and Ehrwald. To the west the Zugspitze massif drops into the valley of the River Loisachwhich flows around the massif towards the northeast in a curve whilst, in the east, the streams of Hammersbach and Partnach have their source.

    To the north at the foot of the Zugspitze is the lake of Eibsee. From here the ridge of the Waxensteinkamm stretches away over the Riffelspitzen to the Waxenstein.

    It forms the head of the Reintal valley and has been shaped by a combination of weatheringkarstification and glaciation. In addition moraines have been left behind by various glacial periods.

    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

    The Platt was completely covered by a glacier for the last time at the beginning of the 19th century. As the first high orographic obstacle to these Westerlies in the Alps, the Zugspitze is particularly exposed to the weather.


    It is effectively the north barrier of the Alps Nordstau der Alpenagainst which moist air masses pile up and release heavy precipitation. At the same time the Zugspitze acts as a protective barrier for the Alpine ranges to the south. These warm, dry air masses stream from south to north and can result in unusually high temperatures in winter. Climatic diagram for the Zugspitze: The highest temperature occurred on 5 July when the thermometer reached In April meteorologists recorded a snow depth of 8.

    Geology[ edit ] The north face of the Zugspitze seen from the Eibsee lake All mountain-building strata consists of sedimentary rocks of the Mesozoic era, that were originally laid down on the seabed. The base of the mountain comprises muschelkalk beds; its upper layers are made of Wetterstein limestone. Due to the frequent occurrence of marine coralline algae in the Wetterstein limestone it can be deduced that this rock was at one time formed in a lagoon.

    Why have I been blocked?

    The colour of the rock varies between grey-white and light grey to speckled. In several places it contains lead and zinc ore. From the appearance of the north face of the Zugspitze it can be seen that this massif originally consisted of two mountain ranges that were piled on top of one another. The Eibsee in front of the Zugspitze: The woods lower down consist mainly of spruce and firbut honeysucklewoodruffpoisonous herb parismeadow-rue and speedwell also occur here. Dark columbinealpine clematisblue and yellow monkshoodstemless carline thistlefalse astergolden cinquefoilround-leaved saxifragewall hawkweedalpine calamint and alpine forget-me-not flower in the less densely wooded places, whilst cinquefoilsticky sagebutterburalpenroseTurk's cap lily and fly orchid thrive on the rocky soils of the mountain forests.

    Relatively rare in the entire Zugspitze area are trees like the limebirchrowanjuniper and yew. The most varied species of mossthat often completely cover limestone rocks in the open, occur in great numbers. Bilberrycranberry and cowberry are restricted to dry places and lady's slipper orchid occurs in sheltered spots. Below the Waxenstein are fields with raspberries and occasionally wild strawberries too. The alpine poppy and purple mountain saxifrage both thrive up to a very great height.

    Following snowmelt dark stonecrop and snow gentian are the first to appear, their seeds beginning to germinate as early as August. Other well-known alpine plants like edelweissgentians and, more rarely, cyclamen also flower on the Zugspitze. Alpine choughs on the Zugspitzeck The rocks around the Zugspitze are a habitat for chamoiswhilst marmots are widespread on the southern side of the massif.

    At the summit there are frequently alpine choughsdrawn there by people feeding them. Somewhat lower down the mountain there are mountain hare and the hazel dormouse.

    Alpine birds occurring on the Zugspitze include the golden eaglerock ptarmigansnow finchalpine accentor and brambling. The crag martin which has given its name to the Schwalbenwand "Swallows' Wall" at Kreuzeck is frequently encountered. The basins of Mittenwald and Seefeld, as well as the Fern Pass are on bird migration routes. The viviparous lizard inhabits rocky terrain, as does the black alpine salamander known locally as the Bergmandl, which can be seen after rain showers as one is climbing.

    Butterflies like ApolloThor's fritillarygossamer-winged butterflygeometer mothringlet and skipper may be seen on the west and south sides of the Zugspitze massif, especially in July and August. On the glaciers live glacier fleas Desoria saltans and water bears.

    It has a northeast aspect. Its accumulation zone is formed by a depressionin which large quantities of avalanche snow collect. These conditions meant that the glacier only lost a relatively small area between and Thereafter its area reduced continually until the period between and when it grew again, by 3. Since then the glacier has lost as at an area of 5.

    With an area of Around the entire Zugspitzplatt was glaciated, but of this Platt Glacier Plattgletscher only the Northern and Southern Schneeferner remain. The reason for the relatively constant area of the Northern Schneeferner in recent years, despite the lack of shade, is the favourable terrain that results in the glacier tending to grow or shrink in depth rather than area. In the recent past the glacier has also been artificially fed by the ski region operators, using piste tractors to heap large quantities of snow onto the glacier in order to extend the skiing season.

    At the beginning of the s, ski slope operators began to cover the Northern Schneeferner in summer with artificial sheets in order to protect it from sunshine.

    By it had shrunk to It is also a remnant of the once great Platt Glacier. It has also been divided into two basins by a ridge of rock that has appeared as the snow has receded. It is a matter of debate whether the Southern Schneeferner should still be classified as a glacier.

    This had shrunk by to just 8. In the s the number of caves was estimated at By 62 caves were known to exist and by another 47 had been discovered.

    The first cave explorations here took place in Other, largest exploratory expeditions took place in and as well as between and During one expedition, inthe Finch Shaft Finkenschacht was discovered.

    There is a theory that this watercourse could be a link to the source of the River Partnach. In a border treaty dating to was refined in that its course was specified as running over a Schartten "wind gap" or "col". During the Middle Ages Scharte was a common name for the Zugspitze. Another border treaty in states: It covers the Reintal valley from the Reintaler Hof to the Zugspitzplatt and shows prominent points in the surrounding area, details of tracks and roads and the use pasture use.

    This includes a track over the then much larger Schneeferner glacier to the summit region of the Zugspitze. However the map does not show any obvious route to the summit itself. In winter avalanches sweep down from the upper slopes of the massif into the valley and leave behind characteristic avalanche remnants in the shape of rocks and scree.

    Near the Eibsee lake there are several plots of land with the same root: It was described as die Zugspitze female gender for the first time on a map printed in The driving force behind the erection of a cross on the summit was the priest, Christoph Ott. Twenty eight bearers were led through the gorge of the Partnachklamm and the Reintal valley under the direction of forester, Karl Kiendl, up to the Zugspitze.

    Ott himself did not climb the Zugspitze until After 37 years the cross had to be taken down after suffering numerous lightning strikes; its support brackets were also badly damaged. In the winter of — it was therefore brought down into the valley and repaired. On 25 August seven mountain guides and 15 bearers took the cross back to the top.

    Because an accommodation shed had been built on the West Summit, the team placed the cross on the East Summit. This time the damage was not only caused by the weather, but also by American soldiers who used the cross as target practice inat the end of the Second World War. Because the summit cross could no longer be repaired, a replica was made that was true to the original cross. After two months the rack railway carried the new cross on 12 October to the Zugspitzplatt, from where it was flown to the summit by helicopter.

    The new cross has a height of 4.

    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

    However, local people had conquered the peak over 50 years earlier, according to a map discovered by the Alpenverein. Since then the Zugspitze is the highest mountain of Bavaria and later of Germany. On 7 January the first successful winter assault on the Zugspitze was accomplished by F.

    Pilot, Frank Hailer, caused a stir on 19 Marchwhen he landed a plane with skids on the Schneeferner glacier. On 29 April Ernst Udet succeeded in taking off from the Schneeferner with a glider ; he landed at Lermoos after a minute flight. The glider had been disassembled into individual parts and transported up the Zugspitze by cable car. It still exists today in the Sonnalpin restaurant and has the postal address: Infour years after the first glider flight, the first balloon took off from the Zugspitze In Aprilthe mountain was occupied by of 24 storm trooperswho hoisted a swastika flag on top the tower on the weather station.

    After the war the Allies seized the railway and Schneefernerhaus. Alpspitze and Zugspitze from Mt.
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    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

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    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in GarmischPartenkirchen

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    Mount Zugspitze and Partnach Gorge in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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