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    Roman trade with India started from Aegyptus according to the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea 1st century.

    Two ancient testimonies exist about the mission of Saint Bartholomew in India. These are of Eusebius of Caesarea early 4th century and of Saint Jerome late 4th century.

    Both these refer to this tradition while speaking of the reported visit of Pantaenus to India in the 2nd century. Perumalil SJ and Moraes hold that the Bombay region on the Konkan coast, a region which may have been known as the ancient city Kalyanwas the field of Saint Bartholomew's missionary activities.

    He is the first Indian to be canonised by Syrian Christians of India. Infant Jesus Cathedral in Kollam city. Thomas, also a Jew by birth, who is credited by tradition with evangelising India. Pantaenus' evidence thus indicates that Syriac-speaking Christians had already evangelised parts of India by the late 2nd century.

    An early 3rd-century Syriac work known as the Acts of Thomas [23] [24] connects the tradition of the apostle Thomas' Indian ministry with two kings, one in the north and the other in the south. The year of his arrival is widely disputed due to lack of credible records. The apostle's ministry reputedly resulted in many conversions throughout this northern kingdom, including the king and his brother.

    According to the tradition of the Mar Thoma or "Church of Thomas," Thomas evangelised along the Malabar Coast of Kerala State in southwest India, though the various churches he founded were located mainly on the Periyar River and its tributaries and along the coast, where there were Jewish colonies. He reputedly preached to all classes of people and had about seventeen thousand converts, including members of the four principal castes.

    According to legend, St. Thomas attained martyrdom at St. It is now declared an international St. Although little is known of the immediate growth of the church, Bar-Daisan AD — reports that in his time there were Christian tribes in North India which claimed to have been converted by Thomas and to have books and relics to prove it.

    India had a flourishing trade with Central Asia, the Mediterraneanand the Middle East, both along mountain passes in the north and sea routes along the western and southern coast, well before the start of the Christian era, and it is likely that Christian merchants settled in Indian cities along trading routes.

    Vedantham showing his own perspective on Christianity was the first to propose in that Thomas of Cana was confused with the 1st century apostle Thomas by India's Syrian Christians sometime after his death, becoming their Apostle Thomas in India.

    Local rulers in Kerala gave the St. Thomas Christians various rights and privileges which were written on copper plates. These are known as Cheppeds, Royal Grants, Sasanam etc. Some of these plates are said to be dated around AD. Scholars have studied the inscriptions and produced varying translations. The language used is Tamil in Tamil letters intermingled with some Grantha script and PahlaviKufic and Hebrew signatures.

    The ruler of Venad Travancore granted the [[Saint Thomas Christians at that time there were no syrians in kollam;and also kollam christian were not syrians they were fully latins seventy two rights and privileges which were usually granted only to high dignitaries.

    These rights included exemption from import duties, sales tax and the slave tax. A copper plate grant dated AD further enhanced the rights and privileges of Nasranis. The South Indian epic of Manimekalai written between 2nd and 3rd century AD mentions the Nasrani people by referring to them by the name Essanis.

    This group, which existed in Kerala relatively peacefully for more than a millennium, faced considerable persecution from Portuguese evangelists in the 16th century. Pearl Fishery Coast Conversion of the Paravas by Saint Francis Xavierin a 19th-century coloured lithograph The south Indian coastal areas around Kanyakumari were known for pearl fisheries ruled by Paravars.

    From the Paravars were being threatened by Arab fleets offshore, headed by the Muslim supporting Zamorin of Calicut. The protection was granted on the condition that the leaders were immediately baptised as Christians and that they would encourage their people also to convert to Christianity; the Portuguese would also gain a strategic foothold and control of the pearl fisheries. The deal was agreed and some months later 20, Paravars were baptised en masse, and by the entire community had declared itself to be Christian.

    The Portuguese navy destroyed the Arab fleet at Vedalai on 27 June He arrived in Surat in After his ministry in Gujarat he reached Quilon in He not only revived Christianity but also brought thousands to the Christian fold. He brought a message of good will from the Pope to the local rulers. This massive blow to Christendom spurred the age of discovery as Europeans were seeking alternative routes east by sea along with the goal of forging alliances with pre-existing Christian nations.

    Christianity in Kerala - Part 1; Indian Christians, Kerala Christians

    The missionaries sought to introduce the Latin liturgical rites among them and unify East Syriac Christians in India under the Holy See. In the 16th century, the proselytisation of Asia was linked to the Portuguese colonial policy. The missionaries of the different orders FranciscansDominicansJesuitsAugustiniansetc. The history of Portuguese missionaries in India starts with the neo-apostles who reached Kappad near Kozhikode on 20 May along with the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama who was seeking to form anti-Islamic alliances with pre-existing Christian nations.

    Thomas Christians who belonged to the then-largest Christian church within India. Illustration to the Akbarnamaminiature painting by Nar Singhca. Cabral soon won the goodwill of the Raja of Cochin.

    He allowed four priests to do apostolic work among the early Christian communities scattered in and around Cochin. Thus Portuguese missionaries established Portuguese Mission in Francis Church using stones and mortar, which was unheard of at that time, as the local prejudices were against such a structure for any purpose other than a royal palace or a temple. On 12 JuneCochin and Goa became two prominent mission stations under the newly created Diocese of Funchal in Madeira. After four decades of prosperous trading, the missionaries started the proselytisation around and during this period, foreign missionaries also made many new converts to Christianity.

    Early Roman Catholic missionaries, particularly the Portuguese, led by the Jesuit St Francis Xavier —expanded from their bases on the west coast making many converts. The Portuguese colonial government supported the mission and the baptised Christians were given incentives like rice donations, good positions in their colonies. Hence, these Christians were dubbed Rice Christians who even practised their old religion. At the same time many New Christians from Portugal migrated to India as a result of the inquisition in Portugal.

    Many of them were suspected of being Crypto-Jewsconverted Jews who were secretly practising their old religion. Both were considered a threat to the solidarity of Christian belief.

    InGoa was made an independent archbishopric, and its first suffragan sees were erected at Cochin and Malacca. The whole of the East came under the jurisdiction of Goa and its boundaries extended to almost half of the world: He was able to secure the submission of Archdeacon Georgethe highest remaining representative of the native church hierarchy.

    Menezes convened the Synod of Diamper between 20 and 26 June[61] which introduced a number of reforms to the church and brought it fully into the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. The Saint Thomas Christians were pressured to acknowledge the authority of the Pope and most of them eventually accepted the Catholic faith, but a part of them switched to West Syriac Rite.

    Those who accepted the West Syriac.

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