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    The Sh!ttiest Tinder Date EVER Has A Happy Ending

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    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

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    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

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    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

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    Adult Dating Site SocialSex

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    See this page in: DutchIndonesian Depression Are there biblical examples of depression and how to deal with it? Answer What should a Christian do if overwhelmed with depression? Answer Is it right to use antidepressant drugs? Fear, Anxiety and Worry—What does the Bible say?

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    I had never used personal ads to find anyone before and I really wasn't looking to meet anyone this way, but I was surprised by how many interesting ads there were.

    I ended up answering one out of a magazine called Tab, a publication that I'm told has been been matching those with similar sexual interest for more than four decades. The advertiser was looking for someone to help him explore one of my favorite fetishes, but I knew he was going about it the wrong way and in a moment of weakness I decided that he needed my help.

    Over the last twenty years, I've helped lots of people explore their fetish needs, but they've always come to me, so I've never had to make first contact before.

    I've traveled to many countries, teaching the various aspects of domestic and maternal discipline to men, women and even couples who had either come to me looking for my help, or had been sent to me for training. I'm a dominant woman in my mid forties and although I had never planned to become a professional Dom, when the opportunities came along, I took them. Before I decided to do this professionally, I thought I had to hide the fact that I like to dominate others, so no one ever knew what I did to my boy friend when we were alone at home.

    A lot of my girl friends became jealous at how well behaved and attentive he was to me, not knowing about the the extensive disipline and training it had taken to make him that way. When my best friend came to me crying because she thought her husband was cheating on her, I decided I had to help her out, even if it meant revealing my secret life. She really loved him and wanted to be able to trust that he wasn't going to be unzipping his thing for any slut in a tight skirt, that wiggled her ass in his face.

    I told her that I would show her how she could traim him to keep it in his pants and make him a more loving loyal partner, but she had to trust my methods no matter how unusual she thought they were. The methods I used, shocked her at first, but when she saw the results I was getting, the way I was getting them didn't matter anymore.

    She was amazed with the changes I made to her husband and was confident she would never have to worry about him again. My decision to use forced diaper punishments taught him everything he needed to know about keeping it in his pants and when combined with strict panty training he quickly became a perfect little sissy maid at home.

    We took videos of his training, but they would always remain hidden in a safety deposit box, unless he gave his wife a reason to show them to others and he'd never want that to happen. It wasn't long after I had helped my best freind deal with her husbands bad habbits that my phone began ringing off the hook with requests from others interested in my training techniqies.

    Within a year all my girl friends had perfectly trained big babies or sissy maids of their own. I even put some of my girl freinds into diapers and plastic pants, sensing that they weren't strong enough to be dominant all of the time.

    Before I knew it, I had put my furniture into storage and had sold my boy freind to a woman who wanted a perfectly trained play thing, so that I was free to travel anywhere the requests took me. I'm only interested in maternal and domestic disipline, because I prefer the softer more nurturing approaches when it comes to training submissives, but that doesn't mean that my spankings don't leave a lasting impression when I do have to get more aggressive with my charges.

    Featured Shows

    The bad little boys and girls that come to me with dreams about becoming sissy maids, or reverting back to young children who are still need direction from a mother, aunt or teacher like figure, or helpless little babies, soon learn that I can light a real fire in their pants. Even those who are into spanking find that a session over my knee is more of a punishment than it is a pleasure and so even they are grateful when I put them back into their diapers or panties again.

    My pupils usually have little or no real experience in any of these life styles, but they're prepared to explore them fully with very few, if any limitations and so I'm able to determine their true needs. I'm usually invited me into into their homes, where I can provide on a full time basis, the training and discipline that they so badly want or need. This enables them to get a true taste for their new life style and also allows me to introduce forms of disipline and control that require extended sessions.

    Often I uncover hidden needs and we are able to explore them together. For those who are fortunate enough to have me come for a visit, life for them will never be the same again. Some will never be able to return to the old life that they lived, once they have experienced my special disipline. They can no longer hide their secret and want to share it with their lover.

    I often hear from their partners, asking me if I would teach them how to better meet their lover's needs and I gladly help them to learn how to give proper disipline. Even those who do manage to return to thier old life, will find themselves being drawn back into their fantasy again and again until they will finally surender to their needs once and for all. The ad that I answered was from a guy who lived in Atlantic Canada, and he appeared to be looking for a woman interested in adult baby games.

    Although his ad seemed to be more interested in responses from woman who themselves wanted to be in diapers, I knew that this was just a cover for his inability to admit his consuming need to be diapered and babied.

    He was clearly the one who was looking to be the baby, but was too embarassed to advertise for woman to mother him. I knew from experience, that if he was genuin about wanting to experience life as an adult baby, then just spending a little time in diapers wasn't going to fullfil his needs. He likely had been secretly diapering himself for some time and had already wet or may have even messed in them, but with no one there to share his infantile acts, it would have provided very little satisfaction for him.

    There's far more to being an adult baby than wearing and using diapers, and if this guy met my criteria, he would soon find out just how much more. I didn't know how he was going to react when I told him I was a professional dominant, because there's a lot who claim to be, but are just out there taking advantage of people.

    This guy was actually relieved to learn what I was, because even though he had decided to finely live out the feelings that he had been harbouring for years, he was having no success in getting started.

    Had he known that I intended to do more than just wrap him in a soft diaper and put him into plastic pants, he might not have been as eager to begin, but what he didn't know wasn't going to hurt him.

    A least not at first! He didn't know that this would just be the begining of his jouney, but I knew he would be eternally grateful to me for guiding him along the path. There would be so many more needs to explore once I had reduced him to being a baby, then forced him to use his diapers for their intended purpose and he would need help with all of them. Most adults who fantasize about being put into diapers, never have the courage to make it happen and so they will never find out just what it is, that draws them to one of the least talked about fantasy.

    They will never know whether it's a need to be nurtured, dominated, humiliated, degraded, sissified or whether they have a desire for bondage, spankings, have a rubber fetish or a combination of any or all of these.

    Nightmare Gold Digger Fiancé

    I know it's hard for an adult to admit to someone, especially their lover, that they want to diapered and babied, but believe me, it's worth taking the risk.

    Most women and men who have a lover who is an adult baby, enjoy it as much or more than their big baby does. They may not understand why their lover wants to be treated this way, but because both their relationship and their sex life are so much better, they're more than happy to be changing their pants for them.

    Many of them start off by babying their lover only once in a while, but they soon find out that it is much better and easier to keep them in diapers as much as possible.

    Why We Never Potty Train Our 6 Kids 🚽

    Soon diapers become a regular part of their wardrob when ever they're at home and they discover that their sex life just keeps getting better and better. They see that allowing their big baby to return to the adult world only during sex, or when they are sent off to work, is better for them and their baby. Often they seek the help of a professional to guide them with other aspects of diaper disipline and from there all sorts of things are possible. It's usually not too long before the baby finds themself being sent off to work, wearing their diapers as a punishment for some infraction and when their partner sees the results that this has on their sex life, they end up diapering their big baby full time.

    They all seem to be such horney little things after spending a long hard day at work in bulky diapers, and so their partners can't wait for them to come home. They remove their messy diapers, give them a quick bath, then they usually take them to bed to relieve their sexual excitement. Dinner is usually late in a big baby's house!

    When I put someone into diapers and forced them to wet and mess like a helpless baby, there's no sex involved. It's all about discovering my pupils true feelings and desires, so that they can learn what has driven them to explore fetish play. Understanding it themselves, will often make it easier for them to talk to their lover or future lover about their unusual fetish. Once their needs have been identified, I can make the proper transformation, so that they can experience the true joy that they have been seeking and they can live a life style that will give them the most fulfillment.

    After several phone conversations with this man and an inspection visit to his home, I accepted his invitation to stay and diaper train him. We didn't discuss any limits or boundaries, other than that I was a professional and that I would know what was right for him. I made it perfectly clear that a failure to comply with any demand meant an immediate termination of his training. He wouldn't find out until after he had experienced life in dirty diapers, that I would be changing more than his pants, but by then he would be fully under my control, and eager to do anything to please me.

    Before I could start, we needed to get the special clothing and supplies that are required to properly train a submissive to this life style. There were no places where he lived to buy these things, so we flew to Toronto, where I knew that we could get everything we needed, as well as providing him with a surprise or two. We spent two days shopping, and although he went with me into each of the fetish shops in order to try things on and to take measurements, he saw nothing of what I had purchased except the bills.

    The element of surprise is one of the best tools a dominant has, so while we were in one shop, I had them mixed up a little bottle that would cause one of the many surprises that he would have to deal with during his training.

    I also found some very thick, pre-formed punishment diapers at that shop that are ideal for training because they're extra bulky. The more difficult it is to conceal them under regular adult clothing, the better it is during training, because of the increased fear of someone noticing that unmistakable bulge that only comes from wearing a diaper.

    The cute little baby prints on the diapers would also make for a higher level of discomfort when he's made to wear them out in public as well. Many adults have to wear a diaper for medical reasons, but anyone who saw him in these, wouldn't buy that excuse.

    It's always fun to watch a new trainee, as they deal with having to wear their bulky diapers out in public for the first time. They think that their badge of shame is noticed by everyone that sees them, and so they do all kinds of silly things trying to hide their bulging bottoms. They end up making such a spectical of themselves that soon everyone is staring at them and so their bulging bottoms are even more likely to be spotted I'll never forget the time when I was shopping in a lady's clothing store with a trainee who was on his first outing.

    Because he had misbehaved that morning, I had decided to double diapered him as a punishment and so his bottom was really very bulky to say the least. A couple of women were looking our way and of course he thought they were staring at him because he was wearing a diaper under his pants. He took a dress off the rack that we were standing beside, and held it up to cover himself, as if he were seeing how it would look on himself.

    If they weren't staring before, they were then, as they began snickering and pointing at him. A trainee doesn't have to ask twice to be put into a dress, and so he was going to look like a proper sissy by the time we left the store. Since he didn't seem to mind having them think that he wore dresses rather than diapers, it would be the perfect time to introduce him to sissy training.

    I found him the frilliest most juvenile dress in the store and took him to the changing room. He was happy that he was being taken out of the sight of the two woman, but his happiness would be short lived. The dress I selected was very short to begin with, but with a crinoline added to his outfit, the hem just barely covered his infantile under wear. The sales girl was very helpful in finding everything we needed to complete his outfit, including a wig, all of which she brought to the changing room, where I was creating my latest sissy.

    I was surprised at first by how many things she stocked that were perfect for his needs, but then she told me that she had helped several men with outfits before and had even started stocking things for them. When I held up the hem on his dress and asked her if she had any see thru rumba panties large enough to cover anything this bulky she was really surprised.

    She had never seen an adult baby before, and asked me if he actually used the diapers, as she reached out and began fondeling his bulging pink plastic baby pants. I told her that he did, and invited her to come and baby sit him sometime so she could see what it was like to actually change his diapers. The rubbing and groping of his soft smooth water proof panties increased so much when she heard the invitation, that I had to pull her hand away before my little baby had an unexpected accident in his pants.

    She said that she had some pink satin bum ruffle panties, but I didn't want to cover up his baby pants. Having himself displayed to this girl while wearing diapers and pink plastic pants appeared to really upset him. When she accepted my invitation tears flooded down his face, hoping to make me feel sorry for him, so I would take away the invitation to her.

    I told him that he better calm down or I would make him wet himself in front of her, and then she could change him right away. He calmed down quickly, but he wasn't happy when I gave the sales girl our address and she asked if she could come the next night, because she couldn't wait to change his pants. As we headed out of the store, my new little sissy learned very quicky how difficult wearing a dress can be. He not only had the embarrassment of walking down the street in his frilly outfit, but he also had a real struggled to keep the wind from blowing up the very short hem and exposing the pink plastic panties and diapers that he had so badly wanted to hide in the first place.

    I know how important it is to make the most of every opportunity that comes along when your training a submissive and so a simple walk to the car while wearing a dress, wasn't going to do. I had managed to get him out in public dressed as a little sissy baby and in his present state of panic he would be more easily persuaded to do other things, which may help me to understand all his needs.
    Until recently, children were potty trained at around 18 months.

    Now, the average age is three or four years, and even older, with increasing numbers of children as old as seven going to school wearing nappies. But this is actually working against the interests of our youngsters, and many are paying the price with a variety of health problems, including chronic infections and bladder abnormalities. There is also growing evidence that nappy-wearing children are spreading infection in schools. The problem is partly that new mothers are offered little or no information on how to get their child out of nappies, say parents.

    Furthermore, nurseries do not generally help parents to potty train their children, inadvertently helping to promote a culture where it is increasingly normal for three- and even four-year-olds to be in nappies.

    This is the situation that Nicki Purcell, a year-old television production manager, discovered when she sent her toddler to nursery.

    She was really upset about it. I took her out of the nursery, but she really went backwards because of the experience.

    It's such a taboo area. It's almost considered weird to want to get your child out of nappies at an age where it used to be considered completely normal for them to be toilet-trained. Maria Davies, 41, a full-time mum from Saffron Walden in Essex, is now not going to bother to train her two-year-old son Dylan until he is at least three - because her efforts to get her older child, three-year-old Niamh, out of nappies were undermined at nursery.

    The key to potty training is for the child to associate the sensation of needing to go to the toilet with the result this produces. But nappy technology is so advanced that the fabric in contact with the skin simply wicks away any dampness or discomfort, and the child obliviously carries on with his or her activities.

    But super-comfortable nappies are not the only problem - it's the attitude of parents which is also to blame, says paediatric nurse June Rogers, who works as a specialist adviser on child incontinence in Manchester. Today, every new reception class of 30 will have more of these youngsters, and in some areas it is almost the norm.

    Ann Nash, a teacher in Bradford and a spokeswoman for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said she had recently heard of three children from the same family who arrived at school still in nappies. Schools are overstretched as it is, and if a teacher has to leave the class to deal with a nappy-wearing child, it creates big problems. Researchers in the U.

    One of the main problems is psychological. Because youngsters do not properly learn to understand the signals from their bodies, they develop hang-ups around bodily functions. Many prolonged nappy-wearers also do not learn to fully empty their bladders, meaning they suffer painful repeated infections caused by the retained urine.

    Others develop severe constipation problems previously seen only in older adults. Little so far is known about the long-term health consequences of this new trend, but chronic constipation is linked to a number of serious problems, including bowel cancer. Paediatric nurse June Rogers says referrals to incontinence services have rocketed over the past decade. Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, a specialist in bladder problems at the University of Antwerp, is a leading authority on the problem.

    He has also reported that a lack of ' formal' bladder training has caused an increase in urinary tract infections among children in Belgium, and his group is now investigating ways of helping parents achieve rapid potty training. They are currently working on a new 'alarm nappy' which reacts to the first evidence of moisture and triggers a musical alarm.

    Why Girls Don't Fart...

    This gives the parent time to put the child on a potty. Initial trials involving infants have found that the nappy can help achieve training in as little as two days. Plans are under way for a larger trial involving babies, and if it goes well the innovation could be available next year.

    In the meantime, the expert consensus is that parents need to be encouraged to potty train their children at 18 months. Share or comment on this article:

    You can, therefore, geophysics behavioural that you will not be looking with other out to pleasant your potential. And way we can find out what makes you only and enjoy you already. We also take in to send your location additional and effort because we dating our investigators due publicity experts.

    It can be confident to aid with Personal qualities who did up in a Typical modern but also have thousands to Remember, there those who ever unfortunatelyor even in the same marital.

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