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    Idi Amin was born in the 's in the West Nile Province.

    His name at birth is disputed among researchers. In time he was to be known as Idi Amin Dada. In the 's Amin was recruited by a British colonial army officer. Amin took part in the British campaign to prevent the independence of Burma. Later he was deployed in Kenya as part of the 21st KAR infantry brigade against the Mau Mau rebellion untilwhen his unit was deployed in Somalia to fight the Shifta, who were raiding cattle.

    Amin was promoted to corporal inand to sergeant in The following year, he was made effendi warrant officerthe highest rank possible for a Black African in the Colonial British army. While in the colonial army, Amin became a Ugandan heavyweight boxing champ.

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    After joining the Ugandan army inwhen the colony gained independence from Britain, he quickly rose up the ranks to commander of the armed forces in Uganda's strategic position along the central African Rift Valley, its favorable climate and the reliable rainfall around the Lake Victoria Basin made it attractive to African cultivators and herders as early as the fourth century B. These traders were followed in the s by British explorers searching for the source of the Nile River.

    Protestant missionaries entered the country infollowed by Catholic missionaries in Incontrol of the emerging British "sphere of interest" in East Africa was assigned by royal charter to the Imperial British East Africa Company, an arrangement strengthened in by an Anglo-German agreement confirming British dominance over Kenya and Uganda. The high cost of occupying the territory caused the company to withdraw inand its administrative functions were taken over by a British commissioner.

    Inthe Kingdom of Buganda was placed under a formal British protectorate. Britain granted internal self-government to Uganda inwith the first elections held on March 1, Uganda maintained its Commonwealth membership. In succeeding years, supporters of a centralized state vied with those in favor of a loose federation and a strong role for tribally based local kingdoms.

    Political maneuvering climaxed in Februarywhen Prime Minister Milton Obote suspended the constitution, assumed all government powers, and removed the president and vice president. In Septembera new constitution proclaimed Uganda a republic, gave the president even greater powers, and abolished the traditional kingdoms. On January 25,Obote's government was ousted in a military coup led by armed forces commander Idi Amin Dada.

    Amin declared himself president, dissolved the parliament, and amended the constitution to give himself absolute power. Claiming himself to be a professional soldier, not a politician, Amin promoted many of his staunchest supporters, both enlisted personnel and officers, to command positions. Nepotism received widespread publicity, as a number of laborers, drivers, and bodyguards became high-ranking officers, although they had little or no military training.

    Army recruiters suspended educational requirements for military service, sometimes forcing groups of urban unemployed to volunteer. After the army had established control over the civilian population, Amin unleashed a reign of terror against Uganda that lasted almost until the end of the decade. Inthe Asians in Uganda, many of whom had come from other British colonies to work Uganda's plantations as far back aswere given 90 days to leave the country with nothing.

    The army changed composition under Amin's rule. By it had grown to 21, personnel, almost twice the level. Amin killed many of its more experienced officers and imprisoned others for plotting to weaken or overthrow his regime.

    Daily Monitor Truth Everyday Uganda News, Business, Travel, Sports, Elections HOME

    A few fled the country rather than face the mounting danger. Amin also increased the number of military recruits from other countries, especially Sudan, Zaire, and Rwanda. By foreigners accounted for nearly 75 percent of the army, exacerbating problems of communication, training, and discipline. The government barely controlled some army units. A few became quasi-independent occupation garrisons, headed by violence-prone warlords who lived off the land by brutalizing the local population.

    Idi Amin's 8-year rule produced economic decline, social disintegration, and massive human rights violations. The Acholi and Langi tribes were particular objects of Amin's political persecution because Obote and many of his supporters belonged to those tribes and constituted the largest group in the army.

    Both terrorized local populations. By they had expanded to include about 15, people, many of whom acted as informers on fellow citizens.

    Their victims included people from all segments of societywho were accused of speaking or acting against the regime. One official observer estimated that two-thirds of Uganda's technocrats died or fled into exile during the s. Amin also ordered the expulsion of the country's Asian community, which numbered approximately 70, These and other excesses drained the nation's human and financial resources; cash crop cultivation dwindled, most manufacturing ceased, and the economy collapsed.

    Social services, local government, and public works activities were almost non-existent.

    Full Video Ya Campaigns Za Bugiri Member Of Parliament By-elections June 2018

    Inthe International Commission of Jurists estimated that more thanUgandans had been murdered during Amin's reign of terror; some authorities place the figure much higher, as high asUgandan exiles told tales of severed heads kept in Idi Amin's refrigerator and the feeding of corpses to crocodiles.

    It has been reported that bodies were dumped into the River Nile because there were insufficient graves. At one point, so many bodies were fed to crocodiles that remains sometimes blocked intake ducts at the country's hydroelectric plant at Jinja. Amin has been accused of having one of his wives dismembered. He was also accused of cannibalism. The former Israeli embassy in Uganda was offered to them as headquarters.

    Uganda's government denies maliciously spying on opponents

    The plane landed at Entebbe International Airport in the city of Entebbe. The hijackers agreed to the release of non-Jewish and non-Israeli passengers. At midnight on July 3,Israeli commandos attacked the airport and freed all but two of the remaining hostages. One was killed by the Israeli forces, while another, year-old Dora Bloch, who had been taken to a hospital before the rescue, was killed under Amin's direct orders by two army officers after the hostage rescue. By lateAmin had laid the groundwork for his downfall by eliminating many moderate political and military leaders.

    His actions intensified rivalries within the army, which destroyed the alliance among factions from the northwest who had remained loyal to Amin. Sudanese and Kakwa soldiers then sought to weaken each other's influence, leading to violent disputes and mutinies within commands. To defuse these tensions, Amin deployed the rebellious Suicide Battalion from Masaka and the Simba Battalion from Mbarara to annex an 1,square kilometer strip of Tanzanian territory north of the Kagera River, known as the Kagera Salient.

    They launched a two-pronged attack supported by long-range artillery. One group captured the southern town of Masaka near Lake Victoria; the other advanced to the west of Masaka, moving northward through Mbarara and then east to Kampala.

    Uganda opposition disputes results of elections

    Entire garrisons of government troops mutinied or deserted when they realized that Amin would lose his hold on the government.

    Finally, on April 10,Kampala fell. Amin went into exile in Tripoli, Libya, and approximately 8, of his soldiers retreated into Sudan and Zaire.

    NRM Rules LC1 Elections in Uganda, What Does This Mean for the Region?

    Amin later took refuge in Saudi Arabia, living with his four wives, where he died on August 16, Treatment of British citizens in Uganda under Idi Amin. Message from Prime Minister Wilson to President Amin concerning the expulsion of Asians and compensation for their property. Telegrams concerning the fate of Dora Bloch.

    Dora Bloch was one of a group of non-Israeli passengers released during the Entebbe hijacking. She was taken to Mulago General Hospital because she had a piece of food stuck in her throat. A British diplomat visited Bloch in the hospital on the Sunday evening after the Israeli raid on Entebbe. Two plain-clothed guards told the British official that she was about to be discharged to the Imperial Hotel in Kampala.

    When he returned to the hospital an hour later with some food ,he was denied entry. Information from Shimon Peres that Amin was contacting Israel after the Entebbe raid, seeking military help from Israel.

    Information about a June assassination attempt against Amin. The possibility of Amin attempting to make an unwanted visit to the United Kingdom.

    Six candidates to compete in Rukungiri by-election

    A January 28, telegram from the U. A March 6, telegram from the Department of State to the U. Embassy in Uganda, recommends moving toward normal relations in a low key manner, avoiding public statements. A July 20, memorandum from Theodore L. A August 25, telegram from the U. Melady deplores the Asian expulsion activities of Ugandan President Idi Amin, but recommended a strict policy of no public comment. He suggested offering special immigration to a small number of expelled individuals.

    A September 20, memorandum from the Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Alexander Haig to President Nixon, reporting that an Interdepartmental Task Force had been updating contingency plans for Uganda; a daily update would be included in the President's morning brief. Melady described the Amin regime as racist, erratic, brutal, inept, bellicose, irrational, ridiculous, militaristic, and, above all, xenophobic.

    He recommended that the United States continue to reduce its presence in Uganda. Rogers highlighted the last sentence of the second paragraph and added a handwritten note that reads: Telegrams date from March to December The cables consist of telegrams, airgrams, and diplomatic notes. The materials relate to all aspects of American bilateral and multilateral foreign relations and routine administrative and operational activities of the Department of State and its Foreign Service posts, related to subjects involving General Idi Amin and Uganda.

    The telegrams convey official information about policy proposals and implementation, program activities, or personnel and post operations between the Department of State and posts abroad. After telegrams were transmitted, they were preserved in a central database that contained the text of telegrams.

    Telegram message activity covers: United State diplomatic activity.


    Actions and travel of Idi Amin. Ugandan relations with other nations in the region. Embassy personnel concern about the safety of the U. Efforts to boost security at the U.

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    Poll: 86% of Ugandans Want Free and Fair Elections

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