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    POF IS THE DEVIL!!! Don't ever join plenty of fish!!!

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    Not sure what to cook?

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    This is a do-it-yourself procedure. When fajitas are cooked cut into small slices. Perfect compliments for this divine composition are frijoles and Spanish rice. But they don't call them skirt steaks in San Antonio--they call the fajitas. From what I was able to learn, it seems fajitas are something of a Southern Texas--or Tex-Mex-phenomenon.

    They have become popular only in the past few years, but they have become very popular. According to one meat buyer I talked to, "When I put fajitas in the ad, I'll go through betweenand a quarter of a million pounds in a week They even have fajita cooking contests in Southern Texas. I learned that the champion for the past five years was Red Gomez, a butcher from Brownsville, Texas. I called him to see if he would be willing to share his award-winning recipe with me.

    Ranchers, who usually butchered their own meat, kept the steaks and roasts for themselves and gave their hands what they considered the less desirable cuts, including the so-called skirt steak, which is a section of the diaphragm. The long, narrow, beltlike strip would be marinated overnight in lime juice to tenderize it. The next day it was grilled over mesquite, a cheap, plentiful wood that itself has become a cooking fad.

    The meat was then cut into thin strips, each diner filling a flour tortilla with it and with pico de gallo, a spicy relish of onions, green chilies, tomatoes and cilantro. Those familiar with Mexican dishes may notice the striking similarity between fajitas and tacos al carbon and carne asada.

    But tacos al carbon, a fad that preceded fajitas, are made with a better cut of meat that does not need to be marinated and they reach the table already rolled in tortillas. As for carne asada, it is grilled meat and vegetables.

    The view around here is that fajitas made their way north from the border to Austin about five years ago and began arriving in Dallas two years ago. For the uninitiated, fajitas If they don't come to the table sizzling from the grill, they are not fit to be called fajitas. In a trend sense, they are even hotter. The Houston Restaurant Assn. In Pasadena, a restaurant called Manana Mexican Food and Drink of Arroyo parkway has erected a large sign inquiring 'Have you had your fajitas today?

    They used to almost throw them away, like junk,' said Bud Smith, a Texan who grew up in Pharr, near the Mexican border In Los Angeles, the fajitas trend is so new that the name is virtually unknown outside of restaurants According to Texan sources, fajitas originated in San Antonio.

    However, others day the idea came directly from Mexico. Under a different name, arrechera, skirt steak has a venerable history in California. In the early version of fajitas, Zelayeta marinated the meat with vinegar, oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, then added tomato sauce and broiled it. Bywhen 'Elena's Secrets of Mexican Cooking' was published she dropped the tomato sauce and cooked the meat over the coals instead of under the broiler Fajitas have crossed the ocean to Paris, where they are served in Tex-Mex restaurants along with flour tortillas shipped from Amsterdam.

    They are also popular in New York and San Francisco Beer is a popular accompaniment to fajitas Welche commented on the meteoric popularity of skirt steak. They ground it into hamburger. K1 Gifted cook, inspirational leader, respected teacher, social motivator, mom. Elena was born to innkeeping parents living in a small Mexico mining town. Food played an important role in Elena's early life. When she was young, the family relocated to San Francisco. Details of these early years unfold like an interesting menu.

    Elena married and had children. Her eyesight was compromised early on; soon after her second son was born Elena was totally blind. She re-learned her kitchen and took life one day at a time. When Elena's husband passed away unexpectedly, she found strength in her culinary experience and used it to support her young sons.

    Elena opened a restaurant, taught cooking classes, wrote books, started her own business, partnered with major USA food companies, and hosted a TV cooking show. Characterized by contemporaries as charismatic and fun-loving, Elena's legacy touches every one of us on a deeper human level. Food is the fuel of physical sustenance. Zest for life enables us to savour the meal.

    Two Views of How We Got Here

    Besides keeping house for her family of four, she teaches cooking, gives lectures and writes on cooking. Baking a cake requires precise knowledge of the exact location of everything in the kitchen. The recipe is memorized and special measuring cups are used, one for one third cup, another for one-fourth cup, another for one-half cup. Eggs are broken into her hand and then the white drains through her spread fingers into the bowl while the yolk remains in the palm of her hand.

    After ingredients are mixed, the cake is popped into the oven. After two minute radio programs the cakes is done. Her daily routine includes cleaning her own house, darning, cooking and washing. Her delicate sense of touch tells her where there is dirt or dust. Stockings are darned over a china egg, her spools of colored thread being marked in Braille.

    She know foods by their odors, and spices by taste. That year, also, she made her own Christmas presents pounds of Mexican pressed quince paste, cut and wrapped in cellophane. Zelayeta believes that it is fear that prevents many accomplishmebnts, and that a handicapped person is slowed down by never defeated.

    C5 [] "Elena Zelayeta, expert in Mexican cuisine, author and teacher of the blind, returns for a 'comman performance' at the Times College of Wartime Cookery Since her first appearance here in October, Elena has obtained a guide dog, and Chulita will appear at The Times with her new mistress Elena, although blind for 10 years, conducts a cooking school in San Francisco in addition to caring for her home and family.

    She is a charming, vivacious woman who has become popular as a lecturer because of her vivid personality and gayety. Watching her grace and sureness as she goes about preparing delightful Mexican and Spanish food in The Times stage kitchen, it is difficult to believe that she is guided only by her amazing sense of touch She has a talent for teaching others how to duplicate her masterpieces, and at The Times class wil show how to mix and cook such favorites as tamales, chili rellenos, tacos de gallina, enchiladas and ante.

    Ante is a delectable custard, cake and fruit dessert concoction. B10 [] "Elena Zelayeta, well-known for her cookbooks on Mexican food, lrelated of few of her recipes for happy living during a recent luncheon in the Costa Mesa County Club.

    The year-old blind authoress and food consultant delighted about members of the Friends of the Costa Mesa Library by revealing an ability to be light-hearted about tragedies she has experienced.

    Zelayeta lost her sight when her youngest son was 1 year old. After experiencing a normal amount of self-pity she decided to start serving her family. She discharged a housekeeper and cooked her first meal since the loss of her sight. I won't tell you what I did next but we're all still alive. She makes sure tortillas don't burn by turning them until they 'smell' done. Zelayeta began tacing cooking to other blind adults at the San Francisco Center for the Blind.

    It was cooking so I wrote my first cookbook with the intention of buying a seeing eye dog with the profits. Zelayeta was born in Mexico of Spanish descent and all her cookbooks deal with the Mexican food with which she is so familiar Soon she was asked by the U. Government to teach a course in 'practical living' at a Lion's Club camp in Montana. I never had a course in psychology.

    Each of the ones I read disagreed with the others and I thought no one would be able to tell if what I taught was right wrong anyway. Zelayeta is consultant for a large food- seasoning concern and has served as food adviser for a New York restaurant. H5 [] "Elena Zelayeta was blind, but she opened many eyes to the delights for her native Mexican cookery. More than that, she inspired others to overcome a handicap which once had plunged her into months of despair.

    And she won the affection of countless admirers, to whom she is known simply as Elena. Zelayeta died in San Francisco March 31 at the age of Although Elena is gone, her recipes and happy philosophy will live on in her four cookbooks and other writings Born in in Mexicto City, Elena was raised in the mining town of El Mineral del Oro, where her parents were innkeepers.

    Her mother and the employes at the inn taught her to cook. The family moved to San Francisco when Elena was a young girl. The came marriage and economic troubles caused by the Depression. When her husband, Lawrence, lost his job as an assistant superintendent in the power department of Bethlehem Steel, Elena sought a way to help. She began by serving lunch in her apartment.

    And the response was so great, she opened a restaurant in the King George Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Called Elena's Famous Mexican Restaurant, it was a great success bu kept Elena working 16 to 18 hours a day. She had been operated on for a cateract and had suffered a detached retina. And inshortly before the birth of her second son, Bill, she went blind.

    Despair, depression and helplessness followed until Elena realized that no one was about to cook and care for her family as she could. Without the aid of Braille implements, she learned how to measure ingredients, how to separate eggs
    So it's no surprise that for dive enthusiasts, Thailand is considered one of the holy grails for underwater adventures. Moreover, it's a great place for beginners to learn and intermediate divers to advance. Temperatures in the South range from degrees C degrees F.

    It is important to note, though, that water temperatures rarely fluctuate more than 5 degrees- it could be about 31 degrees C in the warmer months and 26 degrees C in the cooler ones- all in all, the water will be pleasant and generally warm.

    Visibility in diving locations may vary, but there is a general consensus that 30 metres or feet is standard in diving locations, which is excellent. Algal blooms may occasionally affect visibility, but will also bring in some pretty big creatures!

    Google Street View – Explore natural wonders and world landmarks

    You may also see some bigger ocean creatures, like leopard sharks and even whale sharks, if you visit at the right time! Best Time to Visit: November to April The Andaman Sea is home to some of the most beautiful tropical fish, coral reefs and crystal waters.

    The islands in the Andaman sea are easily accessible from mainland Thailand, via flight or boat.

    Creation Versus Evolution

    Phuket photographer, Andaman sea 1. Diving at Hin Daeng will allow you to explore gorgeous soft corals while watching manta rays and even whale sharks. You can see many different types of anemones and sea fans as well as other colorful coral life. You can also spot reef sharks and leopard sharks. You can see a wide variety of soft corals, many different types of fish and an abundance of eels and leopard sharks.

    Hin Bida Hin Bida is a great location for divers and snorkelers alike as it levels out at 18 metres, but provides beautiful reef views at just 3 metres. Here you can see gorgeous coral, snapper, cuttlefish, zebra sharks, box fish, puffer fish, and even whale sharks. Bida Nok has a great wall dive, where you can see soft corals and sponges in every different color and shape, in addition to moray eels, wrasse, scorpionfish, leopard sharks, reef sharks and glassfish.

    Christopher Ros, Phi-Phi Island 6. Richelieu Rock The prime location in Thailand for whale shark sighting and diving. The rock itself, a huge granite pinnacle, is home to a variety of soft coral, sponges, sea fans and anemones.

    While waiting for whale sharks, you can also find groupers, rays and barracudas. Diving here is exclusively from October to May, though sighting whale sharks is more common in February, March and April. March to September Koh Tao is one of the most popular dive sites in Thailand that offers amazing value for money. It is located off of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and is easily accessible from each by boat. David Ogden, Koh Tao 7. Koh Nang Yuan This is a relaxing dive site connected to Koh Tao by a small sandbar where you can see lots of reef fish in more shallow water.

    It is an enormous granite pinnacle that reaches to a depth of 35 metres. You can see beautiful anemones, western clownfish, grouper, batfish, barracuda and schools of jacks. You can also see whale sharks from February to April, as well as leopard sharks, lionfish, rabbitfish and bannerfish.

    Ao Leuk For those who prefer shallow dives, Ao Leuk is a beautiful and calm diving location that maxes out at 14 metres. Here, you can see a variety of reef fish, like angelfish, butterflyfish, barracuda and also turtles. This is quite a deep dive, with the top of the ship leveling out at about 18 metres, but it is an excellent opportunity to spot wildlife like giant groupers, snappers, butterfly fish, sweetlips and others.

    October to May Image credit: This area is part of a protected national park and is home to a variety of beautiful plants and animals. You can also access the islands for an extended trip with a liveaboard excursion.

    West of Eden This island is one of the best for more shallow dives that feature incredible coral structures. Here, you can view acropora table corals, gorgonian sea fans, glassfish, goatfish, turtles, batfish and pipefish and cowries. Elephant Head Rock Also called Hin Pusa, Elephant Head Rock has an amazing complex of large boulders, creating a maze of tunnels and caverns that divers can swim through. This is a deep dive location that reaches almost 50 metres.

    You can see whitetip reef sharks and leopard sharks, purple fire gobies, and dwarf wrasse. You can also find jawfish, cuttlefish and mantis shrimp. Christmas Point A great location for drift dives, Christmas point has an impressive drop-off where you can see reef sharks, Napoleon wrasses, barracudas, frogfish, ribbon eels and sea fans.

    Recommended reading for keen divers Koh Tachai: November to March Located about 25 km from Koh Bon, Koh Tachai is one of the most beautiful diving sites and has pristine beaches. Twin Peaks Twin Peaks is one of the most beautiful diving sites in Thailand and it encompasses an underwater ridge allows divers to see coral, tropical fish, leopard sharks, nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles and manta rays.

    Southern Rock Southern Rock is excellent for deeper diving in stronger currents as the location boasts two boat moorings. It is a great location to spot fish! December to April Image credit: Adam, Bluering Angelfish The Surin Islands are the best place to go in Thailand to see hard coral in all of its beautiful variety. You will also see schools of fish, like the Napoleon wrasse, yellow-masked angelfish, bumphead parrotfish, tomato anemonefish and barramundi.

    You can also spot turtles at this location! You can see pelagic fish here, as well as turtles. Koh Chi A more shallow dive site blanketed by hard corals. Known for its stronger currents, you can also see turtles, pelagic fish barracuda and tunasoldierfish, angelfish and reef sharks! Depths here range from m. The islands can be easily accessed by Pattaya city. TimOve, Moray Eels Koh Khrok Koh Khrok is a gorgeous island about 8 km from Pattaya beach that is home to beautiful coral reefs hard and soft located primarily on the Western and Southern points of the island.

    Corals include Staghorn, brain, mushroom and table corals. You can also drift dive here and spot some Hawksbill turtles, pufferfish, parrotfish and wrasse. This is a great place for snorkeling due to the beauty in shallow waters. Koh Sak Located 10 km west of Pattaya beach, Koh Sak has gorgeous white sand beaches and extremely calm water. Most dive sites are maximum 15 metres and boast beautiful coral reefs where you can see pipe fish, dragon fish and sea horse.

    Koh Larn The largest of the three islands off of Pattaya, Koh Larn has many beautiful coral structures that stretch down as far as 25 metres. You can also spot nurse sharks in the area. Best time to visit: It has high peaks covered in lush jungle and gorgeous beaches. Getting to Koh Chang is relatively easy from Bangkok as you can take a 1 hour flight or a longer bus and then a ferry. Paul Nendick, Similan Islands It boasts plenty of fish, including barracuda.

    At this pinnacle, you can see shoaling fish, moray eels, rays, parrotfish, angelfish, banner fish, barracuda and even dolphins. Maximum diving depth is 25 metres. Koh Rang Koh Rang is a beautiful, multilevel diving site.

    For dives of up to 30 metres, visit Hin Ga Daeng, where you will primarily see fish like trigger fish, turtles, batfish, groupers and barracuda. There is not much coral here.

    For more shallow dives, maxing out at 16 metres, visit Hin Kuak Ma, where you can see stone fish, eels, angelfish, stingrays, coral, bamboo shark or turtles. Additionally, PADI certification has different levels of skill, allowing some divers to complete more advanced dives; dives of greater depths, longer dive times or locations with more intense currents. As with any activity, diving includes risks: Don't worry too much though. Take your experience in stride.
    This may get a bit long - but I promise a fun ride!

    Alright - so a little background on whats happening Wife basically checked out and started doing things that I simply can't tolerate. Longish story - but not for now. The divorce was actually pretty decent - I kept everything and she packed her shit and moved out.

    Even though it's still a bit early - it's not too early to at least see whats out there and to have some fun. If anything, online e-dating has proven to be a really interesting experience so far.

    Each of these sites seems to have its own "personality" thus far. With the single exception of one girl - cute, 40, good job as a nurse, met her on Match.

    Apparently she dug it when I "waxed poetic" and reached out to me. I was traveling for work for 3 weeks at the time - so we emailed quite a bit back and forth.

    One thing leads to another, we go out a couple of times and end up in the sack. Did that a few times until things started to get weird. Even though I was very clear that my schedule was packed, there was no "assumed obligation," and that I am basically an emotional cripple - she assured me that "this is what it is.

    She started dropping little hints about a longer term commitment that were as suble as a gun. Phrases like "I cant wait for you to heal after your divorce so we can be together long term" and "when will I meet your kids" set the alarms-a-ringin! Had to break that one off - but did it in a way that we still talk They like to travel. They are fun loving and easy going.

    My Good Food

    Most of their profiles basically say one thing - but what they "mean" is this: I would LIKE to travel on your dime.

    I'm fun and easy going as long as you are doing what I want to do and spoiling the shit out of me. I have one that is honest, sincere, and pretty much like all the other guys out there - "Honesty, family guy, likes to have fun, blah blah, blah The other is more "biting, sarcastic, accutely funny with a hint of smartassery" in it. However - you can pretty much rest assured that these chicks: A Have used the best possible picture in their arsenal Remember - this is superficial window shopping at first - so you need to assume that the worst picture is the most representative.

    B Stretched the truth about what they are looking for or completely misrepresented it. C Have outright lied about their professionalism.

    Google Street View – Explore natural wonders and world landmarks

    At the time - my pictures were up on one and not the other. She found me on both sites and basically said the same thing. I have to assume at this point that she was window shopping profiles based on the listed income alone. Great - no issues there. But the specific nature of her "wants" set off the alarms CEO, Executive, someone who she can "take care of" if they take care of her.

    Google Street View – Explore natural wonders and world landmarks

    She's posing as an entrepeneur - however lists "social media" as her hobby, passion, and profession I read that as "I use MyFaceTwit and dating sites to find someone dumb enough to take care of me Are you fawking kidding me!!??!!??

    Most of the women I know have had a hard enough time just getting to where they are going - much less the inherrent dangers of this. By the way - to date none have appreciated my worldly insight on this matter.

    I am leery of those that don't have friends to take the pictures for them I am equally leery about taking bathroom pictures. So anyway - this is where I plan to share some of my adventures with you all. I will post pictures as appropriate
    The Memar and Silette focus by estimation.

    The Super Silette has rangefinder focusing. This is the original and simplest model apparently produced from until the early s. Sears advertised the Memar as "simplicity and quality at a low cost. It has an Agfa Apotar 45mm f3. Apertures go to f Focus is set by rotating the focus ring in front with focus from 3 feet to infinity. It is not a rangefinder - focus distance is set by estimation. Behind the focus ring is the shutter speed selection ring. The aperture ring is behind that, closest to the camera.

    There is no light meter. You set the shutter speed and aperture by estimation or a separate light meter.

    Google Street View – Explore natural wonders and world landmarks

    Film advance is with a lever, something fairly advanced for this level of camera at the time. The film advance cocks the shutter and also increases the exposure count. The shutter release has a cable release socket. There is also a cold flash shoe and a socket for a flash. The camera also has a self timer and a tripod socket. The camera and case are in good cosmetic and working condition.

    The focus is very stiff, however. It is a nice, basic, yet serious, starter camera that is actually considerably better than many of the Instamatics of the s and s or the 35mm fixed focus cameras of the s and beyond that were to follow.

    The manual is available at www.

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    Large Image Agfa Optima The original Agfa Optima, introduced inis the world's first camera with automatic exposure selecting both the aperture and shutter speed. It does this with no battery! The light meter is made of Selenium, an element which is sensitive to light. The Selenium meter activates a mechanical system that sets the aperture and shutter speed.

    There is a switch on the bottom - front that you switch to the A automatic or the flash setting. When set to the A setting, you have to slide down the big button on your left hand side before operating the shutter release on top. A follow up entilted Agfa Optima: Pop Photography Articles to the original photo. The first What's New article describes the lens as a 39mm Apotar f3.

    The article describes the exposure system. When the lever on the left side of the camera body. It is therefore really the first programmed exposure mode camera! The other article, Electric Eye indicates the lever stops the lens down to the correct aperture. Curiously, the Optima I and other models below do not have a separate lever you hold down while pushing the shutter. Rather, they have an identical looking button on the opposite side of the lens that serves as the shutter release.

    This shutter release does go down quite some distance compared to most shutter releases.

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    I'm guessing that the lever action and shutter release were combined into one button on the Optima I and later models. The original Optima has zone focusing consisting of only three zones shown by icons with two people, three people and a mountain. As noted in the photo. That's the disadvantage to a totally automatic system. When the Selenium meter is out, you are really out of luck.

    Selenium meters also tend to stop working over time. I bought it while doing the rolex replica uk description for Agfa Optima I which I got about a month earlier. I thought I should have the very first model of the very first truly automatic exposure camera!

    Camerapedia has photographs comparing several of the Optima models. Zone focusing with three indicators for closeups, groups and distant scenes. Made in West Germany. Agfa, like Kodak and Fuji, was a large film manufacturer that also marketed cameras. More information at The Camera Site. The manual is available at butkus.

    It is in good working and cosmetic condition. An Optima II was also available with zone focusing instead of a rangefinder. See also Montgomery Ward Camera Book. The manual for the Optima II S is available at butkus. Excellent information is also at Peter's Cameras. The camera belonged to the seller's dad. It is in good working condition and comes with the case. It arrived at my house on September While basic, it is a serious camera with adjustable apertures from f3.

    It has separate viewfinder and rangefinder windows with the rangefinder giving a magnified view. The windows are very small. A round knob on top advances the film and a separate lever on front cocks the shutter. Two holes on the side are used to mount a flash. It is in nearly new cosmetic and working condition except that the viewfinder and rangefinder windows are foggy. While still usable, a close-up examination with a hand lens reveals likely mold.

    It comes with a brown leather case also in excellent condition. The camera has no exposure meter although an uncoupled meter could be mounted to the accessory clip on top of the camera. The camera can use interchangeable mm and 35mm lenses in addition to the 50mm lens.

    Numerous sites feature the C3. Additional views of my C3. Argus C4, a classic American rangefinder with a 50mm f2. Manufactured from to The camera is in good working condtion. I have taken photos with it. This was one of the cameras that got me interested in vintage collecting. Argus Autronic I Sort of a big '60s space age C3 with many strange features. The shutter release is in front surrounded by the focusing knob. The camera has rangefinder focusing that work well.

    It has a one turn film advance lever. The shutter speeds are disguised by usingaction, scene, and flash descriptions.

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    The aperture readings are also simply labeled from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 although the manual indicates these are really f2. As best I can tell, it has a match needle and automatic shutter preferred selenium no battery metering system, although mine does not appear to work.

    According to other Web sites, most of Autronic meters no longer work. It has an Argus f2. The camera back opens down instead of out. It has a nice folding flash which fits on the side. Mine is in excellent cosmetic and working condition except for the meter. Complete disassembly instruction are provided at Camera Collection and Restoration.

    Comes with leather case. It is dirty but in decent cosmetic condition. It seems to work although the focus is very stiff. The format is half frame 35mm using regular 35mm film, but with a frame area half that of the regular 35mm frame area as seen in this interior photo comparing a Dial 35 with a Minolta Hi-Matic E.

    Shutter priority automatic exposure. More information at the Canon Camera Museum under film cameras - other. I have included the Dial 35 under both the 35mm non-SLR category and sub-miniature category. Canon from February to April also marketed their half frame Demi cameras similar to the Olympus Pen half frame cameras begun in It included the original box, manual, leather case, and warranty cards. It was not known if it worked and it was noted that the film rewind button was missing.

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