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    The League: Dating App With Higher Standards?

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    Purpose[ edit ] Cooperatives as a form of business organization are distinct from the more common investor-owned firms IOFs.

    Agricultural cooperatives are therefore created in situations where farmers cannot obtain essential services from IOFs because the provision of these services is judged to be unprofitable by the IOFsor when IOFs provide the services at disadvantageous terms to the farmers i. The former situations are characterized in economic theory as market failure or missing services motive. The latter drive the creation of cooperatives as a competitive yardstick or as a means of allowing farmers to build countervailing market power to oppose the IOFs.

    In many situations within agriculture, it is simply too expensive for farmers to manufacture products or undertake a service. Cooperatives provide a method for farmers to join together in an 'association', through which a group of farmers can acquire a better outcome, typically financial, than by going alone. This approach is aligned to the concept of economies of scale and can also be related as a form of economic synergywhere "two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently".

    While it may seem reasonable to conclude that larger the cooperative the better, this is not necessarily true.

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    Cooperatives exist across a broad membership base, with some cooperatives having fewer than 20 members while others can have over 10, While the economic benefits are a strong driver in forming cooperatives, it is not the sole consideration. In fact, it is possible for the economic benefits from a cooperative to be replicated in other organisational forms, such as an IOF.

    An important strength of a cooperative for the farmer is that they retain the governance of the association, thereby ensuring they have ultimate ownership and control. This ensures that the profit reimbursement either through the dividend payout or rebate is shared only amongst the farmer members, rather than shareholders as in an IOF. Hays Coop elevator and officesone of hundreds [5] of grain-oriented agricultural marketing coops in the U. In agriculture, there are broadly three types of cooperatives: A family farm may be too small to justify the purchase of expensive farm machinery, which may be only used irregularly, say only during harvest; instead local farmers may get together to form a machinery pool that purchases the necessary equipment for all the members to use.

    A farm does not always have the means of transportation necessary for delivering its produce to the market, or else the small volume of its production may put it in an unfavorable negotiating position with respect to intermediaries and wholesalers; a cooperative will act as an integrator, collecting the output from members, sometimes undertaking manufacturing, and delivering it in large aggregated quantities downstream through the marketing channels.

    Farmers, especially in developing countries, can be charged relatively high interest rates by commercial banks, or even not available for farmers to access. When providing loans, these banks are often mindful of high transaction costs on small loans, or may be refused credit altogether due to lack of collateral — something very acute in developing countries. To provide a source of credit, farmers can group together funds that can be loaned out to members. Alternatively, the credit union can raise loans at better rates from commercial banks due to the cooperative having a larger associative size than an individual farmer.

    Often members of a credit union will provide mutual or peer-pressure guarantees for repayment of loans. Such an approach allows farmers to have a more direct access to critical farm inputs, such as seeds and implements. Origins[ edit ] The first agricultural cooperatives were created in Europe in the seventeenth century in the Military Frontierwhere the wives and children of the border guards lived together in organized agricultural cooperatives next to a funfair and a public bath.

    They spread later to North America and the other continents. They have become one of the tools of agricultural development in emerging countries. Farmers also cooperated to form mutual farm insurance societies. Also related are rural credit unions. They were created in the same periods, with the initial purpose of offering farm loans. Supply cooperatives[ edit ] Agricultural supply cooperatives aggregate purchases, storage, and distribution of farm inputs for their members.

    By taking advantage of volume discounts and utilizing other economies of scale, supply cooperatives bring down the cost of the inputs that the members purchase from the cooperative compared with direct purchases from commercial suppliers. Supply cooperatives provide inputs required for agricultural production including seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, fuel, and farm machinery. Some supply cooperatives operate machinery pools that provide mechanical field services e.

    This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.
    History[ edit ] Founding and early Pakistan era —66 [ edit ] On 14 Augustthe partition of India saw the establishment of the Muslim state of Pakistan on the basis of the Two-Nation Theory. The new country comprised two wings, separated by miles of Indian territory, in the Indian Subcontinent. The western wing consisted of the provinces of PunjabSindhNorth West Frontier Province and Balochistanwhile the province of East Bengal constituted the eastern wing.

    Inthere was rising agitation in East Bengal against the omission of Bengali script from coins, stamps and government exams. Thousands of students, mainly from the University of Dhaka, protested in Dhaka and clashed with security forces. In March, senior Bengali political leaders were attacked whilst leading protests demanding that Bengali be declared an official language in Pakistan.

    The leaders included the A. Fazlul Huqthe former Prime Minister of undivided Bengal. The resentment was further fuelled by rising discrimination against Bengalis in government, industry, bureaucracy and the armed forces and the dominance of the Muslim League.

    The Bengalis argued that they constituted the ethnic majority of Pakistan's population and Urdu was remote to the land of Bengal, located in the eastern Indian Subcontinent. The only significant language in Pakistan not written in the Persian-Arabic script was Bengali. The party was founded at the Rose Garden mansion in the old part of Dhaka.

    Rafiqul Hussain were elected the party's first Joint Secretaries. However, due to its strength stemming from the discriminated Bengali population of Pakistan's eastern wing, the party eventually became associated and identified with East Bengal. Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman marching barefoot to pay their tributes on Language Movement Day of Inthe Awami Muslim League and its student wing played an instrumental role in the Bengali Language Movementduring which Pakistani security forces fired upon thousands of protesting students demanding Bengali be declared an official language of Pakistan and famously killing a number of students including Abdus SalamRafiq Uddin AhmedAbul Barkat and Abdul Jabbar.

    Fazlul Huq in East BengalInthe party's council meeting voted to drop the word "Muslim" from its name to give it a more secular outlook, owing to need of including the province's large Hindu population in Pakistani politics. The party also took the historic decision to adopt the traditional Bengali boat, which signified the attachment to rural Bengal, as its election symbol. The Awami League itself won seats while the Muslim League won only 9 seats.

    Veteran student leader and language movement stalwart Khaleque Nawaz Khan defeated incumbent prime minister of the then East Bengal Mr. Nurul Amin in a landslide margin. Nurul Amin was defeated in his home Nandail constituency. Khaleque Nawaz Khan created history at age 27 by defeating sitting prime minister and Muslim League was wiped out from political landscape of the then East Pakistan.


    Fazlul Huq assumed the office of Chief Minister of East Bengal and drew up a cabinet containing many of the prominent student activists that were leading movements against the Pakistani state. Leaders of the new provincial government demanded greater provincial autonomy for East Bengal and eventually succeeded in pressuring Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Bograhimself a Bengalito endorse the proposed constitutional recognition of Bengali as an official language of Pakistan.

    Suhrawardy pursued a reform agenda to reduce the long-standing economic disparity between East and West Pakistan, greater representation of Bengalis in the Pakistani civil and armed services and he unsuccessfully attempted to alleviate the food shortage in the country. Maulana Bhashani, one of the party's founders, condemned the decision of the Suhrawardy government and called a conference in February at Kagmari, Tangail in East Bengal. He protested the move and the support lent by the Awami League leadership to the government.

    He was the treasurer of the kagmari conference committee. The controversy over One Unit the division of Pakistan into only two provinces, east and west and the appropriate electoral system for Pakistan, whether joint or separate, also revived as soon as Suhrawardy became Prime Minister. In West Pakistan, there was strong opposition to the joint electorate by the Muslim League and the religious parties. The Awami League however, strongly supported the joint electorate.

    These differences over One Unit and the appropriate electorate caused problems for the government. Suhrawardy was at the mercy of central bureaucracy fighting to save the One Unit. Many in the business elite in Karachi were lobbying against Suhrawardy's decision to distribute millions of dollars of American aid to East Pakistan and to set up a national shipping corporation.

    Suhrawardy requested to seek a vote of confidence in the National Assembly, but this request was turned down. Suhrawardy resigned under threat of dismissal on 10 October Ayub Khan eventually deposed Mirza in a bloodless coup. Senior politicians, including the entire top leadership of the Awami League, were arrested and most were kept under detention till InAyub Khan drafted a new constitution, modelled on indirect election, through an electoral college, and termed it 'Basic Democracy'.

    However the alliance failed to obtain any concessions. Instead the electoral colleges appointed a new parliament and the President exercised executive authority. The University of Dhaka became a hotbed for student activism advocating greater rights for Bengalis and the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. His sudden death under mysterious circumstances gave rise to speculation within the Awami League and the general population in East Pakistan that he had been poisoned.

    It also won of the provincial assembly seats in East Pakistan. This was not acceptable to the political leaders of West Pakistan who feared the 6 points were a step towards breaking up the country and led directly to the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War. A particular point of disagreement was transferring 6 powers to one province which was unprecedented. Leader Sheikh Mujib was arrested by the Pakistan army on 25 Marchbut the Bangladeshi people continued the fight to free themselves for nine months.

    After victory on 16 Decemberthe party formed the national government of Bangladesh. Inunder Sheikh Mujib, the party name was changed to "Awami League".

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    The new government faced many challenges as they rebuilt the country and carried out mine clearing operations. The party had pro Pakistani newspaper editors arrested and shut down the nations' newspapers leaving only four in operation.

    W.K. Computing Hamiota Manitoba Canada

    War had damaged all forms of farming. The party aligned itself with NAMand leaned towards the Soviet bloc. The party was accused of corruption by supporters of Pakistan. In Bangladesh suffered a famine: Bangladesh continued exporting jute to Cuba, violating US economic sanctions, the Nixon government barred grain imports to Bangladesh. This exacerbated famine conditions. Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League In Januaryfacing violent leftist insurgents Mujib declared a state of emergency and later assumed the presidency, after the Awami League dominated parliament decided to switch from parliamentary to a presidential form of government.

    The consequences lead to a critical political state. The move towards a secular form of government caused widespread dissatisfaction among many low ranking military personnel, most of whom received training from Pakistan army. Only Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehanatwo daughters of Mujib, survived the massacre as they were in West Germany as a part of a cultural exchange program.

    They later claimed political asylum in the United Kingdom. Sheikh Rehana, the younger sister, chose to remain in the UK permanently, while Sheikh Hasina moved to India and lived in self-imposed exile. Her stays abroad helped her gain important political friends in the West and in India that proved to be a valuable asset for the party in the future. Struggle for democracy and Hasina era —present [ edit ] Sheikh Hasina lead the Awami League Mass rally of Dhaka blockade, to demand an end to the rule of President Hussain Muhammad Ershad based on violations of democracy, 10 November Afterthe party remained split into several rival factions and fared poorly in the parliamentary elections held under a military government.

    In Sheikh Hasina returned as Ziaur Rahman allowed him to return after the largest party faction, the Awami League elected her its president, and she proceeded to take over the party leadership and unite the factions. As she was under age at the time she could not take part in the presidential elections that followed the assassination of President Ziaur Rahman. Throughout the following nine years of military rule by General Hossain Mohammad Ershad the Awami League participated in some polls but boycotted most as Ershad did not believe in democracy.

    On 7 MayAwami League participated in the general election of Bangladesh staged by military ruler Lt Gen Hussain Muhammad Ershad even though the other major political party and the winner of previous election Bangladesh Nationalist Party boycotted.

    British observers including a journalists termed the elections a "tragedy for democracy" and a "cynically frustrated exercise". AL's second term in office had mixed achievements. Apart from sustaining economic stability during the Asian economic crisisthe government successfully settled Bangladesh's long standing dispute with India over sharing the water of the river Ganges also known as Padma in lateand signed a peace treaty with tribal rebels in InBangladesh faced one of the worst floods ever, and the government handled the crisis satisfactorily.

    It also had significant achievements in containing inflation, and peacefully neutralising a long-running leftist insurgency in south-western districts dating back to the first AL government's time. However, rampant corruption allegations against party office bearers and ministers as well as a deteriorating law and order situation troubled the government.

    Its pro poor policies achieved wide microeconomic development but that left the country's wealthy business class dissatisfied. The AL's last months in office were marred by sporadic bombing by alleged Islamist militants. Hasina herself escaped several attempts on her life, in one of which two anti-tank mines were planted under her helipad in Gopalganj district.

    In Julythe second AL government stepped down, becoming the first elected government in Bangladesh to serve a full term in office.

    In its second term in opposition sincethe party suffered the assassination of several key members. Popular young leader Ahsanullah Mastera member of parliament from Gazipur, was killed in This was followed by a grenade attack on Hasina during a public meeting on 21 Augustresulting in the death of 22 party supporters, including party women's secretary Ivy Rahmanthough Hasina lived. Finally, the party's electoral secretary, ex finance minister, and veteran diplomat Shah M S Kibriaa member of parliament from Habiganjwas killed in a grenade attack in Sylhet later that year.

    However, the killing of party leaders continued. In Decemberthe AL supported Mayor of Sylhet narrowly escaped the third attempt on his life as a grenade thrown at him failed to explode. Starting in late Octoberthe Awami League led alliance carried out a series of nationwide demonstrations and blockades centring on the selection of the leader of the interim caretaker administration to oversee the elections.

    Although an election was scheduled to take place on 22 January that the Awami League decided to boycott, the country's military intervened on 11 January and installed an interim government composed of retired bureaucrats and military officers.

    The Awami League won the national election held on 29 December as part of a larger electoral alliance that also included the Jatiya Party led by former military ruler General Hussain Muhammad Ershad as well as some leftist parties.

    According to the Official Results, [22] Bangladesh Awami League won out of constituencies, and together with its allies, had a total of parliamentary seats.

    Sheikh Hasina, as party head, became the new Prime Minister. Her term of office began in January The opposition and one of the most popular party BNP boycotted election for removing caretaker government neutral govt system from constitution after completion of 5 years tenure. The word Muslim was dropped in and it became the secular Awami League. During the Bangladesh Liberation War ofmost of the Awami League members joined the Provisional Government of Bangladesh and Mukti Bahini guerrillas to fight against the Pakistani army and the name "Bangladesh Awami League" was eventually settled upon.

    The most common mascot and electoral symbol for the party has been the boat, which signified the attachment to rural Bengal. Traditionally the party had no consistent colour identity. After the election, the colour green became associated with Awami League, while blue has become the identifying colour for rival nationalist party.

    The salutation " Joy Bangla " Bengali: It was the slogan and war cry of the Mukti Bahini that fought for the independence of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh Liberation War in
    Legionnaires triptych from the Cosmic Teams trading card set Art by Chris Sprouse.

    Yay, it's the all-new, all-young-again Legionnaires! It sure was exciting while it lasted.

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    When it launched, the excitement was largely due to the art of Chris Sprouse. The SW6 Legionnaires were chronal duplicates of the original Legion. They were made by the Time Trapper and unearthed during the Legion v. Legionnaires was created to stem the loss of readership caused by the main series' experimental kind of storytelling. Their time was short-lived but the characters became the templates for the post-Zero Hour Legionwhich is why today lots of people — creators included — mistake the two for one another.

    In fact, Legionnaires continued its numbering even after the reboot. They had discovered the Time Trapper's duplicate Legionnaires but kept them in stasis. The copies might never have been unearthed but for a cataclysmic event — the destruction of Earth's moon. Following the cancellation of Legion of Super-Heroes v. But they have appeared. These appearances have seemed random, and most involve alternate realities. Let's review these appearances one at a time with some thoughts and then chronology listings for the issues!

    In latewriter Tom King used the Legion in a crossover tale. Coming after the end of Legion v.

    W.K. Computing Hamiota Manitoba Canada

    But King's Legion is exactly the roster that launched with the New Further, the "Lost Legionnaires" are also still in the 21st century. Taken on its own, one might make these conclusions from this story: The Legion's New 52 series have been retroactively eliminated by this event which would leave a much cleaner slate for their "Rebirth" After its end, Legion members may include any Legionnaires from across any Legion timeline more fun and something I've been hoping for The New 52 Supergirl has a future with the Legion.

    Mon-El arrives from the 31st century declaring, "that child must be destroyed This issue uses the Legion convention of entries from the "Encyclopedia Galactica. Mon-El attacks the League, coming for Ultra. Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, and Phantom Girl arrive afterwards and try a more diplomatic approach, proposes 24 hours to try to solve the problem.

    In the future, Infinitus the former Infinity Man emerged in the Polaris system and consumed the planets Thanagar and Psion. Shadow Lass is critically wounded and Mon-El is still in love with her. Brainiac found Infinitus' energy signature recorded in the archives, matching Ultra's.

    Byth unleashes his other agents, the Cadre, in Canada. The Legion in this story arc are from a point in time just prior to the launch of the New 52 Legion v.


    The "Lost" team has already come to the 21st century, and the Academy students have not yet joined. Justice League United Annual 1 Dec. Black Mass steals Ultra away from the League, bringing him to Byth. Brainiac 5 sends his friends, the Legion Lost, to reinforce the League in space. Justice League United 6 Jan. Martian Manhunter battles Byth for telepathic control of Ultra.

    W.K. Computing Hamiota Manitoba Canada

    Saturn Girl gives spare flight rings to protect Leaguers in the vacuum of space. Justice League United 7 Feb. In the 31st century, Dream Girl leader in Brainy's absence reviews the Legion's history, showing scenes of battling Universo and the Fatal Five. Infinity Wraiths have reached Earth. Krzztell sends them back to 21st century as well.

    Supergirl crashes into Byth's ship and a rift opens, space collapses and Infinitus emerges. Justice League United 8 Mar. Brainy proposes a bomb using Zeta technology to collapse Infinitus.

    Byth had infiltrated the Ultra project to guide it, hoping Ultra could be a messiah. All rally to detain Byth just as Ultra realizes his potential, and takes the form of Infinitus. J'onn shuts down Ultra's mind just as Brainy launches his bomb. Without Infinitus to absorb the payload, a black hole is opened. Justice League United 9 Apr. To stop the black hole from consuming Thanagar, Brainy moves the planet with Zeta bursts, aided by an amplification spell by the White Witch. The planet comes to rest in Rann's orbit but they are no danger to one another.

    Brainy says, "There is no telling what the changes we made by coming back in time will do to the landscape of the 31st century. All I know is that we did what had to be done. He plans to return leadership to Dream Girl when they return.

    Dawnstar says goodbye to Equinox, who is an inspiration to aboriginal women. The Legion takes Ultra back to the future. The Legion that departs is an amalgam of New 52 and SW6. The Legion Lost return as well. If the "Lost" Legionnaires returned to the 31st century at this point, that New 52 series and all Legion v. From The New Future's End 40 ; art by Patrick Zircher. King also wrote Dawnstar and Wildfire into his Future's End tie-ins. This story is set five years in the future and suggests that these Legionnaires stayed in the 21st century and joined the Justice League.

    The two of them then appeared in a few issues of the main title, The New Future's End 5 years from now: Equinox receives a mental distress call from the Martian Manhunter on Mars. He is the warden of the Gulag: They find Grodd in control of J'onn and Captain Atom leading the breakout. Future's End was set in a possible future, five years hence.

    The Justice League appears throughout New Future's End, but without Legionnaires. Future's End 1 Nov. J'onn seizes a momentary lapse in Captain Atom's concentration and takes over his mind; all are reimprisoned. Dawnstar is reunited with Wildfire. This story appeared in advance of the Legion's appearance in Justice League United. Dawnstar and Wildfire did not appear in any other Future's End stories. The Atom discovers that Brainiac holds memories of many different timelines.

    Futures End Apr. From Justice League 9 ; art by Scott Kolins. Another alternate timeline was created by Keith Giffen and J. DeMatteis in Justice League Fans were miffed in to see a title such as this hit the market because the year should rightfully be the Legion's home.

    The Justice League had usurped them. One must not take so seriously. It was no-holds-barred fun despite taking actual jabs at the Legionand the art by Howard Porter was eye-popping.

    But it's clearly not based in the mainstream DCU timeline, or any other Legion timeline. Justice League Early in the 31st century, across the galaxy life has collapsed into a more primitive state following a crisis.

    For ten years they have been ruled by The Five including the Convert. Justice League 1 Feb. First appearance of Five member Coeval. Justice League 2 Mar. This revelation fairly well removes any possibility that the timeline of Justice League has any relation to the Legion's. Justice League 3 Apr. Justice League 5 Mar. Justice League 7 Aug. Justice League 8 Sept.

    Coeval retreats and Terry Magnus is apprehended by Ariel.

    W.K. Computing Hamiota Manitoba Canada

    Justice League 10 Nov.

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