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    Remarks and Statements

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    About the Secretary

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    Local People and Cabinets.
    History[ edit ] The office of the Attorney General was established by the Judiciary Act of as a part-time job for one person, but grew with the bureaucracy. At one time, the Attorney General gave legal advice to the U.

    Congress as well as the Presidentbut in the Attorney General began advising Congress alone to ensure a manageable workload. Early Attorneys General supplemented their salaries by running private law practices, often arguing cases before the courts as attorneys for paying litigants.

    House Committee on the Judiciaryled by Congressman William Lawrenceconducted an inquiry into the creation of a "law department" headed by the Attorney General and also composed of the various department solicitors and United States attorneys. Grant signed the bill into law on June 22, Akerman as Attorney General and Benjamin H. The Department's immediate function was to preserve civil rights. It set about fighting against domestic terrorist groups who had been using both violence and litigation to oppose the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution.

    In the first few years of Grant's first term in office there were indictments against Klan members with over convictions from the Department of Justice. Bythere were indictments and convictions with most only serving brief sentences while the ringleaders were imprisoned for up to five years in the federal penitentiary in Albany, New York. The result was a dramatic decrease in violence in the South. Akerman gave credit to Grant and told a friend that no one was "better" or "stronger" than Grant when it came to prosecuting terrorists.

    Williams, who succeeded Akerman in Decembercontinued to prosecute the Klan throughout until the spring of during Grant's second term in office. New facilities were built, including the penitentiary at Leavenworth inand a facility for women located in West Virginiaat Alderson was established in Roosevelt issued an executive order which gave the Department of Justice responsibility for the "functions of prosecuting in the courts of the United States claims and demands by, and offsenses [sic] against, the Government of the United States, and of defending claims and demands against the Government, and of supervising the work of United States attorneys, marshals, and clerks in connection therewith, now exercised by any agency or officer Department of Justice building was completed in from a design by Milton Bennett Medary.

    Upon Medary's death inthe other partners of his Philadelphia firm Zantzinger, Borie and Medary took over the project. Paul Jennewein served as overall design consultant for the entire building, contributing more than 50 separate sculptural elements inside and outside.

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    It is not even known exactly when the original version of the DOJ seal itself was adopted, or when the motto first appeared on the seal. The most authoritative opinion of the DOJ suggests that the motto refers to the Attorney General and thus, by extension, to the Department of Justice "who prosecutes on behalf of justice or the Lady Justice ". It is sometimes referred to as "Main Justice".
    Storming of Redoubt 10 during the Siege of Yorktown The Continental Army was created on 14 June by the Continental Congress as a unified army for the colonies to fight Great Britain, with George Washington appointed as its commander.

    As the Revolutionary War progressed, French aid, resources, and military thinking influenced the new army. A number of European soldiers came on their own to help, such as Friedrich Wilhelm von Steubenwho taught the army Prussian tactics and organizational skills. The army fought numerous pitched battles and in the South —81 sometimes used the Fabian strategy and hit-and-run tacticshitting where the enemy was weakest, to wear down the British forces.

    Washington led victories against the British at Trenton and Princetonbut lost a series of battles around New York City in and Philadelphia in With a decisive victory at Yorktownand the help of the French, the Continental Army prevailed against the British.

    After the war, though, the Continental Army was quickly given land certificates and disbanded in a reflection of the republican distrust of standing armies.

    State militias became the new nation's sole ground army, with the exception of a regiment to guard the Western Frontier and one battery of artillery guarding West Point 's arsenal. However, because of continuing conflict with Native Americans, it was soon realized that it was necessary to field a trained standing army. The Regular Army was at first very small, and after General St. Clair's defeat at the Battle of the Wabash, the Regular Army was reorganized as the Legion of the United Stateswhich was established in and renamed the "United States Army" in Despite the Burning of York and Death of Tecumseh which caused his Indian confederacy to collapse, an invasion of Canada failed, and U.

    However, the Regular Army, under Generals Alexander Macomb and Samuel Smithproved they were professional and capable of defeating the British army during the invasions of Plattsburgh and Baltimoreand the relatively small US Navy, often attached with Marinesearned most of the victory against the Royal Navy at sea.

    Two weeks after a treaty was signed, Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans and became a national hero. Per the treaty both sides returned to the status quo with no victor. The army's major campaign against the Indians was fought in Florida against Seminoles. It took long wars — to finally defeat the Seminoles and move them to Oklahoma.

    The usual strategy in Indian wars was to seize control of the Indians winter food supply, but that was no use in Florida where there was no winter. The second strategy was to form alliances with other Indian tribes, but that too is no use because the Seminoles had destroyed all the other Indians when they entered Florida in the late eighteenth century.

    Army fought and won the Mexican—American War —which was a defining event for both countries. Forces loyal to the United States were commonly called the Union Army during that war. For the first two years Confederate forces solidly defeated the U.

    Army, with a few exceptions.

    Philadelphia Pennsylvania, United States

    The Union pursued a strategy of seizing the coastline, blockading the ports, and taking control of the river systems. By the Confederacy was being strangled. Its eastern armies did very well in combat, but the western armies were defeated one after another until New Orleans was lost in along with the Tennessee River, the Mississippi River was lost inand Atlanta fell in Lee lost his Confederate capital in April and was captured at Appomatox Courthouse ; the other Confederate armies quickly surrendered. Complaints

    The war remains the deadliest conflict in American history, resulting in the deaths ofsoldiers. Army fought a long battle with several western tribes of Native Americans. By the s the U. The army was deployed to American towns near the border to ensure safety to lives and property.

    Transportation Security Administration

    They fought the rebels and the Mexican federal troops until With the armistice in Novemberthe army once again decreased its forces. On the European frontU. Army troops formed a significant portion of the forces that captured North Africa and Sicily.

    Army troops played a central role. In the Pacificarmy soldiers participated alongside U. Marines in capturing the Pacific Islands from Japanese control. Following the Axis surrenders in May Germany and August Japan ofarmy troops were deployed to Japan and Germany to occupy the two defeated nations. Also, inthe army was desegregated by order of President Harry S. With the outbreak of the Korean Warconcerns over the defense of Western Europe rose.

    Hundreds of thousands of U. The Korean War began inwhen the Soviets walked out of a U. Security meeting, removing their possible veto. Under a United Nations umbrella, hundreds of thousands of U. After repeated advances and retreats by both sides, and the PRC People's Volunteer Army 's entry into the war, the Korean Armistice Agreement returned the peninsula to the status quo in The Vietnam War is often regarded[ by whom?

    American forces effectively established and maintained control of the "traditional" battlefield, however they struggled to counter the guerrilla hit and run tactics of the communist Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army. On a tactical level, American soldiers and the U.

    Army infantry patrol moves up to assault the last Viet Cong position at Dak To, South Vietnam during Operation Hawthorne During the s the Department of Defense continued to scrutinize the reserve forces and to question the number of divisions and brigades as well as the redundancy of maintaining two reserve components, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.

    The loss of the divisions did not set well with the states. Their objections included the inadequate maneuver element mix for those that remained and the end to the practice of rotating divisional commands among the states that supported them.

    Under the proposal, the remaining division commanders were to reside in the state of the division base. No reduction, however, in total Army National Guard strength was to take place, which convinced the governors to accept the plan. The states reorganized their forces accordingly between 1 December and 1 May Army to war without the support of the American people, General Abrams intertwined the structure of the three components of the army in such a way as to make extended operations impossible, without the involvement of both the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.

    The army converted to an all-volunteer force with greater emphasis on training and technology. The Goldwater-Nichols Act of created unified combatant commands bringing the army together with the other four military services under unified, geographically organized command structures. By Germany was nearing reunification and the Cold War was coming to a close.

    Army leadership reacted by starting to plan for a reduction in strength. In Iraq invaded its smaller neighbor, Kuwait, and U. Army formations, to drive out Iraqi forces. The campaign ended in total victory, as Western coalition forces routed the Iraqi Armyorganized along Soviet lines, in just one hundred hours. After Operation Desert Storm, the army did not see major combat operations for the remainder of the s but did participate in a number of peacekeeping activities.

    In the Department of Defense issued guidance for "rebalancing" after a review of the Total Force Policy, [21] but inAir War College scholars concluded the guidance would reverse the Total Force Policy which is an "essential ingredient to the successful application of military force.

    Army led the combined U. In the following years the mission changed from conflict between regular militaries to counterinsurgencyresulting in the deaths of more than 4, U. S service members as of March and injuries to thousands more.

    The lack of stability in the theater of operations has led to longer deployments for Regular Army as well as Reserve and Guard troops.

    Character of the city

    Many systems were canceled and the remaining were swept into the BCT modernization program.

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