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    The archipelago is a politically divided one.

    The eastern group of islands is known as American Samoa, a U. The total land area of American Samoa is 77 square miles and includes seven major islands: American Samoa is administered by an elected governor and territorial legislature as well as a non-voting delegate to the U. The native-born residents of American Samoa are considered American nationals. While they do not pay U. The western half of the archipelago comprises Western Samoa, an independent country.

    These islands have a total population ofand a total land area of 1, square miles. Western Samoa includes four inhabited islands: Upolu which houses Apia, the nation's capitalManu'a, Apolima, and Savaii, which is the largest but also the most underdeveloped of these islands.

    Samoan weather is usually hot and wet, with a mean temperature of In the city of Apia, for instance, annual rainfall measures about 80 inches. The number of Samoans living outside of Samoa easily exceeds the combined population of both American and Western Samoa. Most older expatriate Samoans are immigrants, although many of their offspring are natural-born citizens of their host countries.

    Honolulu Personals

    Regardless of birthplace, however, peoples of Samoan descent are linked by a distinctive cultural heritage that continues to flourish on those South Pacific islands. Based on archaeological, botanical, and linguistic evidence, it seems almost certain that the ancestors of the Samoans originated in Indo-Malaysia, spent several centuries living along coastal areas of New Guinea, and then colonized Samoa and Tonga, another island in the Pacific Ocean.

    It is unclear whether Samoa or Tonga was colonized first, but it was within these archipelagos that Polynesian culture developed from its Lapita roots. Over time the descendants of these original immigrants colonized other regions, including Tahiti and other areas of eastern Polynesia, the Marquesas, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

    The ancestors of the Polynesians brought with them a group of agricultural plants distinguished by a variety of tree crops that produced nuts and fruits including breadfruit and a set of starchy tuberous crops, including taro and yams.

    Once in Samoa, the Lapita potters developed a material culture characterized by a few large stone fortifications, early attempts at irrigation, and a startling talent for producing highly finished boat timbers. The quality of the ship timbers produced by the Samoans did not escape notice. Indeed, the first European accounts of Samoa speak admiringly of the work of the islands' inhabitants in this respect. The quality of Samoan boats suggested an easy facility with tools of iron, according to the journals of Jacob Roggeveen, the first European to discover Samoa.

    Roggeveen happened upon the islands in during his ill-fated voyage from the Netherlands to New Ireland. He recorded that the Samoan seamen were a sturdy, healthy group, although he mistook their tattoos for paint. Although he traded a few nails for coconuts, Roggeveen was unable to entice any of the Samoans to board his ship.

    Single women in Honolulu Honolulu women seeking men

    Concerned about the lateness of the season and the poor anchoring terrain, Roggeveen decided not to attempt a landing. The second European explorer to visit Samoa, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, named the archipelago the "Navigator Islands" in honor of the superb sailing vessels manned by the natives. Bougainville reported they "were naked, excepting their natural parts, and shewed us cocoa-nuts and roots. The present of both coconuts and kava to Bougainville constituted a sua, or ceremonial offering of respect to a traveling party.

    Kava roots were also ceremonially presented to the next European to visit Samoa, the French explorer La Perouse, on December 6, The presentation of Piper methysticum roots was accompanied, per usual Samoan practice, by soaring rhetoric that added considerably to the ambience of the kava ceremony. Unfortunately, the La Perouse expedition met with tragedy when 11 members of the crew were later killed by Samoans.

    The French claimed the attack was unprovoked, although they admitted the attack came after they had fired muskets over the heads of a few Samoans to persuade them to release a grapnel rope to a long boat. Later reports indicated that the massacre occurred after the French shot and killed a Samoan attempting to steal an iron bolt.

    Verification of this report came from the missionary J. Stair, who wrote that the massacre occurred after the French had hoisted a Samoan up a mainstay of a long boat by the thumb in retribution for a petty theft Stair, Old Samoa, Regardless of the root cause of the altercation, La Perouse fostered a myth of barbarity about the Samoans in its wake, bitterly remarking in his memoirs that he would leave the documentation of Samoan history to others.

    The massacre of the French sailors from the Astrolabe in gave the Samoans a reputation for savagery that deterred future European exploration of the islands, except for a few brief contacts such as the visit of that H. Only a few whalers and warships called at Samoan ports for the next number of years. In Tongan Wesleyan missionaries arrived in Samoa, but they had little success in their proselytizing endeavors. He first traveled to Sapapalii village, home of Malietoa, the highest-ranking chief in Samoa.

    Honolulu women seeking men

    During an interview on the ship, Williams obtained permission from Malietoa to land Tahitian and Rarotongan missionaries in Samoa. In addition, he secured a commitment from Malietoa to avail himself of the missionaries' teachings. Williams returned to Samoa in to find the new Christian faith thriving. Other religious groups were quick to follow.

    In Peter Turner formally established the Wesleyan mission on Manono island. Although the missionaries were explicitly instructed by Williams to confine their activities to the religious sphere, the impact of the European missions on Samoan culture was rapid and profound.

    Samoans abandoned their former religious beliefs and made dramatic changes to central cultural practices. Warfare as an instrument of political change was discarded, as was polygamy, abortion, "indecent" dances, and certain common articles of clothing such as the titia skirt made from Cordyline terminalis leaves.

    The missionaries introduced new agricultural plants and practices, new items of clothing siapo or tapa clothand new forms of housing construction. In only a few years, a fundamental restructuring of traditional Samoan society had taken place. Faifeau or ministers played a new and pivotal role in this culture, a respected status that continues to this day. Later, other papalagi foreigners with less evangelical interests visited Samoa. Exploring Expedition visited and mapped Samoa in Both Williams and Pritchard avoided native intrigues and concentrated on assisting in the naval affairs of their respective countries.

    The geopolitical importance of Samoa grew over time due to its proximity to southern whaling grounds and the unparalleled harbor of Pago Pago. In the German firm of Godeffroy greatly expanded copra trade, establishing a regional center in Samoa. This led to the establishment of a German consulate in This increased interest in Samoa created significant tensions between the three colonial powers on the island.

    Samoa was finally partitioned between the east Eastern Samoa and the west German Samoa during the s. The region was largely forgotten until the s, when President John F. Kennedy told Governor John Hayden to "get Samoa moving. A hospital, television transmission facilities, and schools were built throughout the territory. Steps were taken to institute a popular election to determine the territorial governor, a position previously filled by appointment from Washington, D.

    Western Samoa's development during the twentieth century was a little more dramatic. A nascent independence movement, called the "Mau," was ruthlessly crushed by New Zealand colonial administrators. One of the leaders of this movement, a Samoan chief and a man of great wisdom and presence, Tamasese, was shot and killed by New Zealand armed forces during this conflict.

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    Later, though, New Zealand assumed a more benign role in Western Samoa, assisting the country as it prepared for independence in Western Samoa, with its historically close ties to New Zealand, sent a number of scholarship students to pursue college degrees in New Zealand. American Samoa saw many of its citizens enroll in U. Samoans who chose to pursue ecclesiastical endeavors were often educated by Anglicans in London. All these experiences overseas encouraged growing numbers of Samoans to emigrate from Samoa to these distant countries.

    Since the initial wave of the Samoan emigration overseas numerous second-generation Samoans have been born not on the islands but in their new country. In the census of the United States, over 55, Americans reported themselves to be of Samoan descent. Approximately 26, of the respondents resided in California, with another 15, in Hawaii, and 2, in Utah. But the influence of Samoan Americans has spread far beyond these limited regions. The contributions made by Samoan Americans have been many and diverse.

    The courage and valor of Samoan soldiers became legendary during the Korean conflict and the Vietnam war. Prowess on the athletic field led to significant recognition for Samoan Americans in the sports of college and professional football, New Zealand rugby, and even Japanese Sumo wrestling. Lutali have played an increasingly visible role in formulation of U.

    Many recent immigrants from Samoa, though, have been forced to pursue low-paying jobs as untrained laborers. Others have been forced to rely on governmental entitlement programs for support. A few members of the Samoan community are undocumented aliens who are legally, linguistically, and culturally isolated from their host countries.

    As a group, Samoans in America face all the tensions and difficulties encountered by other immigrant groups as they enter new homelands. Many older Samoans, particularly those from Western Samoa, speak English haltingly. Yet in areas of significant Samoan population concentration, even Samoan Americans who are fluent in English have faced considerable prejudice.

    Just as in the time of the La Perouse expedition, Samoans have in some areas gained unwarranted reputations as perpetrators of violent crime. The involvement of small numbers of Samoan youth in gang activity has led some to dismiss all young Samoan Americans as hoodlums. Such prejudice can have devastating consequences: In New Zealand, Hawaii, California, and Utah there is now a reawakening and organization of expatriate Samoan communities in an attempt to reach out to younger people of Samoan ancestry and inform them of the traditional ways and cultures.

    Samoan culture, while based largely on hospitality, is at times mystifying to Westerners as well as to the offspring of expatriate Samoans who know little of the ways and language of their ancestral home. Scholars are also sometimes confused, and as a result Samoan culture has been the topic of much controversy.

    She argued that, unlike their counterparts in Western cultures, young people in Samoa pass relatively easily through adolescence. Her views have been challenged by the anthropologist Derek Freeman, who argued that, contrary to the easy-going Samoan nature portrayed by Mead, Samoan culture is hierarchical, power-conscious, and occasionally violent.

    The nature of Samoan society is considerably more complex than either camp may wish to admit. Unlike Mead's assertion that Samoans are a "primitive" people, Samoan culture is elaborate and sophisticated and is exemplified by Samoan rhetorical skills, which are considerable.

    Samoan villages are equally complex in their structure, with a plethora of different levels of mataior chiefs. Villagers are related in various complex ways from a series of common descent groups.

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