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    Single Father Murdered After Online-Date Setup

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    Woman murdered and dismembered in her bathtub after date with man she met online - TomoNews

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    5 DATES TURNED DEADLY - Fatal Online Dating

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    Images 9 Ian D. Ian grew up in a low income area of South Boston.

    His parents died when he was a teenager, and he became an emancipated minor at Finch was able to discover that the money actually came from a shell corporation funded by Bruce Wellington. Murphy is a successful investor in a variety of businesses including a coffee house, a nightclub and a microbrewery. He is a gourmet cook. He uses a variety of online dating sites in order to meet women. He investigates the women he meets in order to get to know their likes and dislikes.

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    Murphy fell in love with Wellington's daughter Dana when they were in college together and she became pregnant. Wellington did not approve of Ian so he told him that Dana had an abortion and Ian lost contact with her. Dana did in fact give birth to a boy named Alex and Wellington raised him to be the heir to his empire. When Ian attended Dana's funeral, Wellington feared he would find out about Alex so he arranged to have Murphy killed.

    Reese and Finch receive Murphy's number from the Machineand his background and evidence from his apartment suggested that he is a stalker. They follow him in the park and watch him change his appearance and go date a different woman than he was with earlier. Later, in Murphy's apartment, Reese finds pictures of various women, who Finch links to an online dating site that Murphy uses. The women were all members of the site, and had a habit of going to a specific nightclub on a scheduled basis.

    Murphy visits there frequently as well. Reese also finds two printed documents containing reports about the deaths of two of the women Murphy dated before, leading Reese and Finch to believe that he kills the women that he stalks. Reese suggests that they get the help of ShawCarterand Zoe Morgan to help lure him into the open.

    Finch creates profiles on the dating site for all three women, and has them go to the nightclub. While waiting for Ian, the three party and enjoy drinks while Fusco watches from a balcony for Ian. Murphy arrives, and tries hitting on Carter. On Finch's request to learn more about Murphy, Carter accepts Ian's offer to go to his house.

    Everything goes fine at Ian's house, and Carter is ready to leave. Two of Wellington's men arrive and prepare to kill Ian, but Shaw and Carter each shoot one of them. Ian is taken to a safehouse, where he tells Reese, Finch, Carter, and Shaw that he doesn't stalk the women, but rather researches them, as he claims the women appreciate his knowledge of their likings, and that his relationships aren't meant to last.

    He also reveals to the group the information on Dana's pregnancy, and that she had an abortion. Finch later finds out that Murphy's son Alex was in fact born and raised by Wellington. Murphy is shocked to learn this information, and he and Finch watch Alex get ready to go to a boarding school outside the U. A payphone rings for a new numbersurprising and distracting Finch while Murphy knocked out Alex's car's driver and got in posing as one.

    He takes Alex to the park, where he tells him he knew Dana. Carter then shows up and gives Alex money to go buy an ice cream, and Ian comes with her to the police station. Carter is able to locate Alex's birth certificate and Ian was going to get custody of Alex.

    Ian thanks her and kisses her goodbye before leaving.
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    This article contains graphic details. To his friends and clients, Bruce McArthur was a gregarious white-haired landscaper who brought beauty to upscale Toronto neighbourhoods.

    This is the story of a man who, under the nose of police in the heart of Toronto, is accused of dismembering and burying his victims; a master of duplicity who beguiled his friends and, despite the red flags, plied his deadly deceit in a trusting community. These days, McArthur is being held at the Toronto South Detention Centre in segregation and under constant suicide watch.

    He has made pretrial court appearances via video link — the next is on April 11 — looking wan and tired with pronounced deep shadows under his eyes.

    He has spoken only to state his name and to thank the court. He brought me four dozen roses and a gorgeous pair of earrings.

    He helps me around the house Article Continued Below They found him in the apartment, bound, restrained to a bed, but unharmed. Toronto police officers sit in the hallway outside Bruce McArthur's Thorncliffe Park apartment, where he was arrested in the middle of January. Investigators also said they anticipated laying more murder charges. Long-held fears within the Gay Village were confirmed.

    Toronto had a serial killer, an idea police had previously dismissed. A murderer whose alleged male victims all had a connection to the community. If the concept is hiding in plain sight, he did it.

    All expressed an inability to reconcile the ghastly stories they were hearing with the amiable pal they remembered sharing a coffee with at the Second Cup or a drink at the Black Eagle. Ruddy-faced and portly, not unlike the Santa he portrayed at Agincourt Mall, there is a seemingly benign, everyman quality to McArthur that allowed him to socialize undetected in the village, an area of the city McArthur was temporarily barred from in by the courts after he pleaded guilty to attacking a male sex worker with a metal pipe.

    A police source told the Star that ina man reported to police that McArthur tried to strangle him during a consensual sexual encounter, and that McArthur went to police himself and was questioned, but let go.

    Sources have told the Star that McArthur was also questioned by police around the launch of Project Houston. That was an investigation into three missing men from the Gay Village which began in November Those closest to McArthur saw no hint of malice, no telltale signs of roiling anger or aggression. No suggestion that the number of victims would edge upward with numbing regularity.

    The list of dead since is soul crushing. Navaratnam disappeared on Sept. Another man, Abdulbasir Faizi, 42, disappeared on Dec. No charges have been filed in that case. Kayhan disappeared inMahmudi in The other three were allegedly murdered last year or, in the case of Lisowick, possibly in late In a rare occurrence, police recently released a photo of a deceased man they believe to be a seventh victim.

    They hope someone can identify him. But sources have told the Star that investigators have recovered evidence that includes digital images linked to McArthur.

    Police uncovered the remains of seven people hidden in large planters at a Leaside home where McArthur worked. One was identified as Kinsman through fingerprint analysis while the remains of Navaratnam and Mahmudi were identified through dental records. Police are hoping to identify the other four through DNA, a more time-consuming process. Those planters were on the Mallory Cres. The couple had an agreement with McArthur.

    He would tend to their lawn and garden and they would let him store equipment for his landscaping company, Artistic Design, in their garage.

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    Police expanded the search to 30 properties connected to that business and reportedly plan on returning to those properties with cadaver dogs after the spring thaw. The killing spree is stunning in both the macabre nature of the crimes and the depraved manner utilized to dispose of the bodies. With testosterone diminishing, serial killers usually age out or retire long before they hit their 60s.

    When that does happen it is almost never in a city. Police searched 30 properties connected to Bruce McArthur's landscaping business, including several homes where he worked as a gardener. Police are indeed combing back through unexplained deaths or disappearances across the province, and internationally, that could be linked to McArthur. Investigators say the widening probe could take years. The ability to present a mostly happy, affable face to the world, no matter what depravity might be within, likely helped McArthur to function so effectively and secretly.

    Rick Stubbert, the manager at Statlers bar on Church St. Police confirmed that McArthur had a sexual relationship with Kinsman. It is not known what relationship he had with most of his other alleged victims. He was so torn up by breaking up with Bruce … He was having an extremely hard time letting go.

    Using his SilverDaddies account, McArthur connected with one man — a closeted, Middle Eastern man living in Toronto, who declined to share his name for fear of backlash from his family back home — and arranged to meet at Spa Excess, a gay bathhouse in the village.

    Another man, Jorge Manuel da Costa, connected with McArthur on a gay dating app about a year and a half ago.


    Then the messages took a stark turn for him. Stories have surfaced of dates turned violent. One of the most graphic was shared by Sean Cribbin in an interview with broadcasters Shaun Proulx and Arlene Bynon and posted on the website of Global News. He told of a sexual encounter with McArthur that Cribbin believes was a near-death experience. The police called Cribbin the day after McArthur was arrested for the first two murders. The detective said to me that I was bound.

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    I was in pretty much, for lack of a better term They play off their age and the fact they can present themselves as more innocuous He grew up on a family farm in tiny Woodville, in Kawartha Lakes, about 60 kilometres north of Oshawa. All the kids, and there were usually about 24 to 30 from Grade 1 to Grade 8, attended the same one-room schoolhouse, a short walk from the McArthur farm.

    Robert MacEachern was one grade ahead of McArthur at the school and still farms in the area. The McArthurs were farmers too. MacEachern remembers young Bruce as a kid without disciplinary issues who progressed well in school and had a beautiful singing voice, at least good enough to enter and win competitions as a solo artist.

    The McArthurs had two children, Bruce and his sister Sandra, and the parents also brought in foster children — often as many as six to 10 — so it was a busy household.

    The person forms a connection between the unusual behaviour and intense sexual arousal. There are about types of paraphilias. Some are criminal paraphilias, as seen in the majority of serial killers, Arntfield says. Instead of sex being consensual, you would rather terrify people and have them plead for you not to kill them.

    McArthur lost his parents when they were relatively young. His mother, Islay Mary McArthur, died in at the age of Her husband, Malcolm, died three years later at Foot, who lived in England for a while, even hosted McArthur and his wife Janice for two to three weeks in London in about He always had a smile on his face. A daughter, Melanie, was followed by a son, Todd, born in Then, in when Bruce was 35, the couple bought a red-brick house on a corner lot of Cartref Ave.

    Bruce and Janice returned frequently to the Woodville area, where his sister still lives. He would do anything for anyone. He would not kill anybody.

    He and Janice then sold their Oshawa property in It was around that time too that Todd was getting into trouble for obsessively making obscene phone calls to random women. Todd was sentenced to about 14 months in jail in for making obscene phone calls to a Kitchener woman from his Oshawa home, repeatedly making crude sexual remarks to her, the Waterloo Region Record reported at the time. The Record reported in that Todd had more than two dozen convictions for harassing calls and criminal harassment.

    Court records in Oshawa show that last October, he was committed to stand trial on charges of making indecent phone calls and breach of probation. His father was previously listed as his surety as part of his bail conditions. Janice, the neighbour recalls, kept the house on her own for more than a year before it was eventually sold. They were in plain sight. Vronsky, the author, says there is often a life-changing event that acts as a trigger to someone who already has the propensity and fantasies of serial killing to act on their fantasies.

    Experts certainly argue about what the reasons are. It could be happening as early as the age of 5 or 6, pre-puberty. Once they go through puberty, they began to sexualize these fantasies of control and revenge.

    He later pleaded guilty in court to charges of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm. According to sex worker advocates, McArthur is not on any of the three major lists which flag clients to avoid for sex workers, including the Bad Date Coalition List.

    McArthur was also ordered in to seek counselling for mental health issues, particularly for anger management. It was also revealed in court that McArthur was taking Dilantin, an antiseizure medication.

    McArthur was eventually granted a pardon for the conviction. Arntfield, a former cop, is not surprised that McArthur was involved in a violent altercation shortly after moving to Toronto, considering the dramatic changes in his life at the time. The horror of body parts hidden in a place where a killer could visit them is sometimes part of the sexual fantasy and the desire to control for a serial killer, says Arntfield. Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer who in plead guilty to 48 murders in Washington State, would hide bodies of his victims in a forested area and then return to perform a sex act with the corpses.

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