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    CyberGuy on Dr. Phil: How To Avoid Catfish Dating Scams

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    Other Sculptures

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    10 Clever Hoaxes That Fooled Experts Listverse

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    10 Clever Hoaxes That Fooled Experts Listverse

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    August 7, at 4: Stephanie Clark August 7, at 5: Just want people to really think. Evil people that run this country or may even the world. They probably control those that are famous like actors, and music artists.

    10 Clever Hoaxes That Fooled Experts Listverse

    The ones that are influential to the common people in the world. Michael is one that everyone listened to and loved very much!!! These elite people were scared of him, just like Sony was!! Michael this, and was fearful of what they were gonna do to him.

    He also had the courage to expose Sony, which he half of, but walked away!! He was tired of being manipulated!! These evil people have the capability of doing anything to ruin someone that was a threat!! I think he was finally Done with someone or many, running and manipulating his life.

    They had the ability to threaten or pay large amounts of money to the families yo come out and lie and make accusations about him.

    Avdeevo - a Paleolithic site with strong links to Kostenki

    Why do people just automatically believe what they hear on the news! They wanted to destroy the on that was probably the biggest threat, which was Michael, and they knew he had the power to do it. Also, there was some guy that came out a few months ago that made accusations that Michael had molested him from an early age until My question is, if you are 13 or 14 by the end of this kind of abuse, why did you keep going back?

    At that age, you should have known something was wrong!! Why wait til you are a grown man after all these years to day something? Anyways, before you make snap judgments without digging for the truth yourself, and searching for the facts!! Keep your nasty comments to yourself.

    Dating Site Scams

    You may be a common person that could easily be accused by any child. If a child make an accusation about someone molesting them, that man or woman goes straight to jail with no questions asked. The thing is, people need to look at the facts before coming yo the right conclusion! Sometimes you just to be around the accuser long enough to study their action and the way they talk and carry themselves.

    The same for the accused!!

    10 Clever Hoaxes That Fooled Experts Listverse

    At my church there are a lot of young boys and girls that want counciled or mentored by an adult that they can trust. My husband is a magnet to young boys and girls and they always want to talk to him for advice. It never even crossed his mind until an awful accusation was made by an angry teenage girl about our youth pastor. The girls parents was needing help with their daughter over a boyfriend that the girl was dating and asked for counciling form this wonderful man.

    Make a long story short, the girl was trying to get back at her parents and the youth pastor for ending her relationship so she did the unthinkable. He went to prison for 6 months. He lost his credentials from the Christian College he had attended and was afraid to even be around children alone after that.

    Now my husband understands and makes sure that I or another individual is present when he is speaking to young girls!! In saying all of this, I am trying to say, if this can happen to common people, it can most definitely happen to someone like Michael Jackson. It is all greed, money, Evil, and Elite people behind the scenes that not only run the world, but uses famous Artists, such as MichealJackson to get what they want or destroy what threatens them.

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    He would probably be the first human that had or has the ability to bring the world together as one, and it would be all for him!! His fans are that loyal, and ever ethnic group in the world would look past their differences to come together for him!!

    The thing about it, even still if he wad dead and his fans around the world knew this information, they would still probably RISE!!! I will always have your back!! Wish I could do more!! Never forget you and love you forever You are in my heart.

    I love you since my 5 year of age. Antoniette November 9, at 9: I would really like to place down here with my own suspicions in relating to the whole issue claiming that Michael had molested a child.

    Firstly, is like to say that I believe that this story was made out by the ones who wheee trying to ruin Michael. And also to say that relating to the boys mother who had agreed to take a money lump sum to not have it taken to court. Well I am sorry, but as a mother myself to say that what more important if this happens to your own child.

    Taken money, or getting the real justice that was meant to be. Absolutely not in anyway would I therefore accept money.
    Discovery[ edit ] The Decalogue The first of these artifacts, popularly known as the Keystone due to its shape, was excavated in June Unlike other ancient artifacts found previously in this region, the Keystone was inscribed with Hebrew. Holy of Holies The Law of God The Word of God The second find came later in November when Wyrick and his excavation team came across a sandstone box which contained a small, black rock within it.

    The inscription begins on the front at the top of an arch above the figure of a bearded man who is wearing a turban, robe, and appears to be holding a tablet. It runs down the left side, continues around all sides, and makes its way back to the front up the right side to where it began.

    This pattern indicates that the inscription was meant to be read repetitively. Right above the figure of the man is a separate inscription which translates to " Moses ". Since the platform had been made from an approximately 2-foot diameter oak tree, the burial itself could have been several decades later than this tree growth.

    These dates are consistent with the Hopewell culture that would have constructed the mound. The idea that there is a connection between the ancient Hopewell mound builders and Jewish settlers that were in the Americas before Columbus is considered, by some, to be a form of pseudoarchaeology. The first stone to be found was written in modern Hebrew. In July Abraham Geiger wrote in the New York Times that "the bungling work of an unskilled stone mason and the strangeness of some letters as well as the many mistakes and transpositions was his fault.

    The letters are not antique. This is not a relic of hoary antiquity". This was not only considerably more elaborate, it was written in archaic Hebrew. Ken Feder compares this with someone today announcing that they had discovered a hitherto unknown play by Shakespeare which was then exposed as a modern forgery, then shortly thereafter announcing the discovery of a more plausible new play.

    Brad Lepper, of the Ohio Historical Society who has extensively studied the Hopewell culture, suggests that the artifacts might have been scientifically forged to help advance the theory on monogenism. Anthropology and other forms of science were often used in defense or opposition. Prior to his discovery, Wyrick supported the belief that the Lost Tribes of Israel were the ancestors of ancient mound builders in Ohio.

    Wyrick spent a great deal of time searching a number of excavation sites at various mounds attempting to find supporting evidence of this belief. Some argue that Wyrick could have become more desperate as time went by providing the motivation to commit such an act.

    The publishing included woodcuts of the inscriptions found on the stones. When comparing Wyrick's woodcuts of the Decalogue to the actual inscription found on the stone, Wyrick made at least 38 errors involving Hebrew letters.

    Catfished: Why Online Dating Hoaxes Are Alluring

    Mistakes include illegible and omitted letters. Wyrick's depiction of Moses on the woodcuts had inconsistencies as well. Wyrick shows Moses wearing a beret instead of a turban. He also shows Moses in a 19th-century dress instead of the flowering robe shown on the stone. Some believe that the person or group responsible for the inscription had to have an extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language. He concluded that both images couldn't have been made by the same person. Whittlesey concludes at the time that the stones were a hoax, and assumed that the Bible was Wyrick's source of inspiration for the inscription.

    However this theory was later discredited after it was determined that the letters used on the Decalogue did not represent a style that would have been consistent with the theory. The version used was post-Exilic, which would be from a "Lost" Tribe.


    Some believe this is another example that shows the artifacts were either a hoax or did not date back to the time of the mound builders. Wyrick also made a claim in a letter he wrote to Joseph Henry in —one year before his death—that he might have been a victim of a hoax. However, it is asserted that because the Decalogue Stone is made from similar materials and is of the same width thickness as his headstones, he must have cut the stone.

    It was with the help of McCarty that the stone was translated. Upon receiving the stone McCarty was able to translate it within hours. It is also likely that many Christian clergy supported the idea of the Lost Tribes myth during the s, for it not only validated the Biblical tale of the Lost Tribes but also implied their religious right to continue colonize America and their Christianization of the Native Americans.

    Related discoveries[ edit ] There were other stones found at the Newark site, like the Keystone. These stones were quickly dismissed as fakes when the local dentist, John H. Nicol, claimed that he had carved and introduced the stones to the site.

    Carbon Dating is a Hoax

    A fifth stone was allegedly found at the same site as the Decalogue stone two years later by David M. Johnson, a banker, and Nathaniel Roe Bradner, a physician. Named the Johnson-Bradner Stone, it has since been lost. A lithograph of the stone, published in France, still survives.

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    So a you are looking on a day new mode it somewhere, you'll probably find some time players received that you can try to help into a good time.

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