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    Britney Spears shows off her intimate tattoos in revealing new photo shoot

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    Single Meet People

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    In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Subculture Documentary) - Real Stories Original

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    Single Meet People

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    Exotic Ear Piercings Intimate piercings are another extension of this popular form of body modificationand although they are often performed for aesthetic purposes, they are also used to enhance lovemaking.

    These piercings are performed in a variety of genital placements on both men and women. Intimate piercings have also been used to promote chastityalbeit in more of a symbolic way than anything else.

    Risks Involved It must be mentioned that there are risks to any type of piercing, and this extends to intimate piercings as well. Infection Any skin piercing poses a potential for infection. The skin is the body's main defense against bacterial and viral infections, so punching a hole through it does open up the opportunity for microbes to invade and begin reproducing. There can be a slightly higher risk for infection with intimate piercings because their location is typically very warm and lacks air flow; this sets up the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply, so it's very important to keep these piercing as clean as possible, especially during the critical healing period.

    Britain's Most Tattooed Man

    If you can do that, there should be very few problems in this regard. Tight clothing can push against the jewelry and cause it to migrate, leaving behind small tears that must heal and will likely leave scar tissue. This means the piercing could eventually wind up in a different location that defeats the purpose of the piercing in the first place.

    It's important to select clothing that doesn't irritate such a piercing, especially in the healing period during the first few weeks after the piercing is performed. After that, you can wear most of your usual fashions as long as they aren't too tight in the strategic places.

    Loss of Sensation Since many intimate piercings pass very close to nerve bundles, it is possible for a less experienced piercer to damage these nerves and cause permanent injury to the tissue. Removing the jewelry to allow the piercing to heal over can help in some situations, but in many cases the tissue will never fully recover.

    Single Meet People

    Seek a Qualified Professional It's always safest to seek out a trained piercing professional for any type of body piercing, but this becomes even more crucial when you're considering getting an intimate piercing.

    The reality is that there are a lot of operators performing these piercings without the extra specialized training and knowledge that results in proper placement and a lower rate of injury. So, you can never be too careful. Check out the credentials of the piercing professional you are thinking of using. Ask about the training they received to learn about genital piercings, and don't hesitate to ask for proof.

    A well-trained professional will not be offended that you are making sure that everything is in order, and in fact, he or she will probably appreciate the fact that you're putting careful thought into your final decision. Additionally, some physicians now offer piercing as part of their services. You can check with your own doctor or possibly get a reference to another physician who is well-versed in the procedures.

    This actually might be the safest route of all to getting an intimate piercing. Was this page useful?
    Share this article Share Taste the rainbow? This woman thought getting a tat of Skittles poured down her cleavage was attractive Girls do it, too: While most of the sexually explicit tattoos are on men, a few women also have them Nipple art: Using one's nipple as part of the tattoo seems surprisingly popular Oh, really?

    This person claimed to regret nothing — though he probably regretting having 'nothing' misspelled No English?

    Grammar is not the forte of some of these tat subjects Raunchy: A few sexual tattoos seem like they'd scare off women There are also plenty of graphic sexual tattoos, that any sane person might find hard to believe ever seemed like a good idea.

    One man has ink of a figure, meant to be himself, having sex with another figure — which is labeled as 'your mom'. Another has a tat depicting fellatio on his neck, which seems like it would be particularly difficult to hide for job interviews, loan interviews, dates, or court appearances. Men aren't the only ones to exercise poor judgement at the tattoo parlor, though. One woman got a bag of Skittles tattooed on her chest, with the candy drawn to be spilling down her cleavage.

    Single Meet People

    Some just have spelling errors leftwhile others proclaim their ignorance proudly right Double negative: Technically, this tattoo says a person should always give up — since they never shouldn't give up Has to be a joke: Not only are the lyrics to this Bon Jovi song written incorrectly, but the artist's name is also woefully misspelled Great idea, guys!

    Many of these men wouldn't been better off playing with Sharpies Texan with extra cheese: This person combined his love of Texas with his love of pizza Confusing: Cool Ice can't really be much of a hit with the ladies Graphic: This man has actually used a piercing to elongate his nipples so they look like the arms of his muscular man tattoo OTT: Many of the tattoos use body parts like ears, nipples - or in this case a belly button Shocking: One person got a tattoo of a baby which made it look as though the child has its nose pierced Then, there are the head-scratching tattoos that use body parts in the design, including nipples, armpits, and belly buttons.

    One grotesque tat see's a man's belly button filling in as a cat's anus, while another positioned his ink so his left nipple would fill in as a man's eye.

    There's bad grammar — 'never don't give up', 'it's gets better', 'it's is my life' by 'Jon Bovi' — and spelling errors, like 'regret nohing', instead of 'nothing'. Finally, there are the incredibly large back and chest tattoos that could only have been considered amusing when the person was drunk.

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