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    Disabled & Dating

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    Dating with a Disability

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    Dating Website For Disabled People

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    Yet awareness of these different forms of discrimination has been uneven and historians can contribute significantly to understanding the factors which have inhibited it or driven it forward.

    The first major advances came during the long period of prosperity afterwhich led to a more confident, less deferential and more open-minded nation: Partly in response to this there was a remarkable run of legislation in the late s under Labour governments, much of it initiated by backbenchers, but which could not have passed without government support.

    This in turn stimulated larger-scale, more colourful campaigning during the s and the emergence of new campaigning groups. After Britain joined what was then the European Community, these groups were able to use the European Court of Human Rights to challenge UK legislation, culminating in another wave of reforms promoting equality under a new Labour government after However, progress in legal protection has not translated directly into social, cultural and political equality.

    One of the key inhibitors has been the persistence of hostility and prejudice, reinforced and reflected by some sections of the media. Meanwhile, one of the key drivers toward equality has been organised activism by people experiencing inequality, with the support of others, and using media opportunities that were unthinkable in This paper briefly considers the latest stage in the UK's progress towards equality: Introduction As the Equality Bill goes through parliament we should reflect on why it is now possible for a government credibly to propose a statutory duty on public authorities to address the inequalities experienced by members of their workforce and the communities due to their gender, race, religion, age disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic difference, and to ban discrimination on many of these grounds.

    Even at the end of the Second World War most of these issues were not seriously regarded as dimensions of inequality.


    Since then, there have been greater changes than at any time in British history in public perceptions of such inequalities. In inequalities of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability were deep-rooted, taken-for-granted facts of British culture, rarely openly discussed or challenged even by most of those who suffered from them.

    There has since been a remarkable growth in recognition that these inequalities exist and are unjust and some long marginalised groups have acquired legal rights, entitlements, social respect and cultural recognition to a degree unimaginable inthough substantial inequalities remain.

    How and why have these changes happened? Why are they still incomplete? What are the continuing obstacles to change?

    Unequal Britain equalities in Britain since History and Policy

    And can history help us to understand how further change can come about? Equalities in Britain since Continuum The long history of discrimination All these forms of inequality and discrimination have long histories.

    Jews were expelled from England from until the seventeenth century. The Aliens Act,the first official restriction of immigration by people not of British nationality, was designed to restrict the immigration of Jews fleeing from persecution in eastern Europe.

    Roman Catholics were unable to stand for parliament untildespite their substantial numbers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; or Jews until Buggery became a hanging offence in and by the early nineteenth century more men were hanged for homosexual offences than for murder. Gypsies have been simultaneously romanticised and marginalised throughout recorded history. Older and disabled people have always been among the poorest groups in society, discrimination against them largely taken for granted.

    In his influential and largely humane report ofSocial Insurance and Allied Services, William Beveridge could comment, without facing public criticism: By 'lavish' he meant paying a state pension adequate for more than basic needs, which was not, in fact, forthcoming following his report. Disabled people, especially those who were mentally disabled, benefited least from the introduction of the National Health Service inthough in the early s they occupied half of all hospital beds, often in bleak conditions.

    Women - not a minority but a majority group through most of British history - had been protesting about inequality for at least a century and had, at last, byachieved the vote on equal terms with men. But still in they tended at all ages to be poorer, with more limited opportunities in all spheres of life, than men.

    Some women kept on campaigning through the s and s, for example for equal pay, which they gained in the public sector in Other excluded groups were not wholly silent. Pensioners had been organising to fight for higher pensions since the mid s.

    Jews resisted fascists led by Oswald Mosley in East London in the s. The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology was founded in to lobby for more enlightened views on homosexuality - deliberately decorously named because it was an issue on which it was almost impossible to speak out publicly. Post-war prosperity and Labour reforms But all these groups were small and marginal in How did they acquire stronger voices?

    When Attlee's Labour government was elected in it prioritised economic inequality over other social forms because the facts of mass poverty were so stark. By the s the grosser manifestations of poverty had been eliminated. Other inequalities became more salient and the victims gained voices.

    One effect of post-war prosperity and improved health and education was a more confident, less deferential and, in some respects, more open-minded nation. The mass media, too, were more assertive and anxious for sensational stories of whatever kind. In the s groups who were at best, objects of philanthropic concern and at worst, criminalised and persecuted, began organising and speaking for themselves as never before.

    The Homosexual Law Reform Society was formed inin the wake of the Wolfenden Report on prostitution and homosexual offences whose recommendations to tighten up the law relating to the former were followed by the government, while those to liberalise the law relating to the latter were not. The Minorities Research Group, campaigning for lesbians, was formed inagain deliberately obscurely named; the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination was formed infollowing increased immigration, mainly from Commonwealth countries from the late s, and some racist responses; the Disablement Income Group was founded in ; the Gypsy Council, inin a pub displaying an all-too-common 'No Gypsies' sign.

    Unequal Britain equalities in Britain since History and Policy

    The Women's Liberation Movement formed made the demand for gender equality a significant public force again. The Gay Liberation Front, formeddid the same, for the first time feeling able to claim publicly that they were 'Good As You'. The very existence of these organisations, and their increasing visibility in the s, suggests that the previous lobbying of their quieter predecessors had had a certain success and that cultural shifts were in progress, internationally, which gave them all the confidence to 'come out'.

    An important sign of this was the remarkable run of legislation in the late s, under a Labour government, pre-dating the emergence of more militant movements. The Race Relations Act,set up the Race Relations Board to investigate complaints of unlawful discrimination, changed in to the Community Relations Commission with extended powers. Also in local authorities were required to provide sites for Gypsies and Travellers following reports of persecution.

    A response to another old demand for gender equality, the Equal Pay Act, came in In the same year the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act required local authorities to register disabled people and publicise services for them. Cash benefits for disabled people and their carers were introduced and improved community services encouraged. The provision was limited, but was improved in when Labour returned to office.

    Much of this legislation was initiated by backbenchers, but could not have passed without government support. This unusual spate of legislation acknowledged and began to address fundamental inequalities and brought them into the public arena, but did not eradicate them.

    This Week's Pageviews

    Rather they stimulated larger-scale, more colourful campaigning during the s and the emergence of new campaigning groups. In the Trades Union Congress formed the National Pensions Convention and older people increasingly campaigned against the continuing low level of state pensions which left a high proportion of them dependent on means-tested supplements.

    A newly public group, Transvestites and Transsexuals, became increasingly open in their demands for legal rights. Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League were formed inmilitantly opposing continuing racism and the re-emergence of far-right political parties.

    Campaigning groups increasingly used the European Courts to challenge UK legislation. In the same year Northern Ireland's laws on homosexuality were also ruled in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights and in decriminalisation was extended to Northern Ireland.

    Another ruling in the ECHR led in to the lifting of the government ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the armed forces. European court rulings in the s, in cases brought with the support of the Equal Opportunities Commission, established under the Sex Discrimination Act,itself thought to have been a response to European pressureguaranteed equal pay for certain groups of women workers and led to a new Sex Discrimination Act inwhich outlawed discrimination in collective bargaining agreements and extended anti-discrimination law to small businesses.

    English Gypsies and Irish Travellers were successful in the British courts where many of the above cases had failed in in gaining legal recognition as an ethnic minority and acquiring protection under the Race Relations Act.

    In ECHR ruled that transsexuals' self-designated gender should have legal status and in that the British government was in breach of the human rights of trans people to marry and enjoy respect for their private lives. In the UK Gender Recognition Act gave people the legal right to live in their acquired gender, including to marry. These changes owed much to the transsexual lobby group, Press for Change, formed in and led by lawyers.

    In the Labour government - rather reluctantly, and in a limited way - implemented the Employment Equality Age Regulations, introduced as part of a European initiative against age discrimination in the workplace. The Campaign against Age Discrimination in Retirement had been demanding an end to mandatory retirement ages since but was disappointed that the British regulations applied only to those under age Fromagain under a Labour government, there was a succession of legislative reforms promoting equality, often impelled by campaigning groups or initiatives from Europe.

    The long history of discrimination

    Apart from those described above, unprecedented safeguards against racial and religious hatred were introduced when the Race Relations Act was extended in to include the police and all public authorities and outlawed indirect and direct discrimination. This followed the outcry over the police mishandling of the inquiry into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence in There were serious and successful efforts by the Labour Party to increase the very low representation of women in the Labour Party with the use of All Women Shortlists in Fromworkplace discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation became illegal, extended in to all businesses involved in the provision of goods and services, creating ongoing tensions with providers who have asserted their right not to offer services to gay men and lesbians on religious grounds.

    In the historic crimes of buggery and gross indecency were finally abolished and the Civil Partnership Act gave same sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples. A series of laws, including the Disability Equality Duty Act,extended the legal rights of disabled people and their protection from discrimination.

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    In all of these groups came within the remit of the newly established Equality and Human Rights Commission, which brought together the laws and statutory bodies that had emerged over the previous 40 years to deal with equality issues.

    Their proliferation was causing confusion. Also it was recognized that the different forms of inequality were not mutually exclusive: Continuing inequalities But real progress in legal protection has not simply translated into social, cultural and political equality.

    Among many continuing inequalities, mothers of young children, particularly Bangladeshi and Pakistani women, fare particularly badly in the employment market and there is pervasive gender inequality in pay and employment opportunities despite the relative and increasing success of women of all ethnic groups at all levels of education.

    Recognition that discrimination against older people exists at all has penetrated more slowly than awareness of other forms of discrimination. Older people themselves have been slow to acknowledge that they deserve better treatment and accusations of age and gender discrimination among broadcasters remain pervasive. Gypsies and Travellers still have the worst social outcomes of any ethnic group, in terms of education, health and the labour market. Mental illness remains stigmatised.

    Hate crime against disabled people, including those with learning difficulties, is all too frequent. One of the key inhibitors to equality throughout the period since has been the persistence of hostility and prejudice, reinforced and reflected by some sections of the media. The other major inhibitor is the poverty and cultural isolation that often accompanies social inequality. Economic inequality remains at least as severe as cultural inequality and will not be removed by anti-discrimination legislation and institutions.

    Hence its inclusion in the Equality Bill is welcome. Conclusions But much has changed for the better since The main drivers towards equality have been: This is what they have all aspired to, in different ways, on different timescales and with different, though all, to some degree positive, outcomes.

    None has yet achieved the degree of cultural and legal equality they aspire to. But sinceespecially since the s, they have come closer - some more than others - above all, by making their own voices heard as never before and using media opportunities unthinkable in This legacy of successfully speaking-up is perhaps their best guide for the future.

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