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    Dating Message Examples 6 Different Tactics and Tips

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    7 Online Dating Message Tips To Get (And Keep) The Convo Going

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    I generally prefer to date people around my age few years older and bit younger.

    But recently I've been searching for people nearly 10 years older mainly cos there is no one within a decent distance of me. I can't tell if an older guy is just as likely to be looking for a fling just as much as a younger one.

    I did notice quite a few late thirties guys with years relationship history, not really a good thing at that age I'm guessing? Either happy single or other issues why they have yet to enter a long term relationship. I think they just as likely are, alas, imo, for different reasons. I've been surprised to see some ladies say on here that they regard a month or two of dating as a success.

    A decade or so ago around 30 a male friend now ex-friend as I don't think this stuff is right 'did' all these sites, and he was looking for anyone who'd put up with a month or two of that. He's no model, not a great conversationalist, but not ugly and probably fun for a few nights out.

    4 Steps to The Perfect Online Dating Message

    Anyway, he had more than one girl on the go most of the time like that for a couple of years, as work allowed the ones I met or saw profiles of seemed like nice girls, but who knows, maybe they were doing the same thing? At the opposite range, a few years ago another friend married with a a kid was dating all he could while his family were away shortly before we hit 40, and he moved abroad.

    He was seeing two or three ladies a week. Exactly the same thing as the younger chap - he expected and got a night of passion on the third date. A good looking fella apart from his huge paunch, but it didn't seem to bother the girls he was going after he earns a lot so could take them anywhere, so I guess he swept them off their feet, but his 'rule' was to spend a couple of nights with them and them dump them before they got too attached being married and alland then move onto the next two or three.

    I don't know how he managed it considering his very demanding job, but he certainly had his fun before moving abroad. Karma works though, and his wife was none too impressed when she finally caught him with their maid.

    A lot of it seems very mucky, messy and depressing to me I dabbled years ago and met a few interesting ladies for messaging only. I guess I was more attractive then to more people, as my hair was short - now it's very long, and I generally have a beard so I'm sure come off as a hippie which to be fair I pretty much am now. A few ladies seemed so promising but one seemed up for sex on the first date um, no thanks!

    Having felt such a strong bond even if it ended up in friendship only - fine by me! I thought that was rather heartless, and I would never accept someone who just wants to feel 'active on the dating scene' so I didn't bother much as I'd liked her.

    So, I've just gained acceptance that those sites are not for me, particularly because of all the hours I spent thoughtfully writing to ladies only for it to lead to nothing. I am a writer, I made that clear in my profile. I'm not going to just go on a date because I like a picture or two, I want to get to know you first, and I have no time for ladies who would. Perhaps when my circumstances change I may try again, but I'll be very specific indeed about who I am and what I'm looking for.

    I have a feeling I'd be a huge exception, but nothing wrong with that! If I don't meet someone on a site or in real life I'm happy with that - it just wasn't meant to be I think next time I'll go looking for friends and just to generally get out more socially my best friends have always been female and then if something develops, great! To address your final point - yes I would think late 30s with year relationship history is unusual, but at least they're being honest!

    We've already had someone on this thread who had to choose the lowest option despite never having had a GF. And then she was up for meeting until he mistakenly imo said that he was a virgin.
    An animation demonstrating datagram type of packet switching across a network A simple definition of packet switching is: The routing and transferring of data by means of addressed packets so that a channel is occupied during the transmission of the packet only, and upon completion of the transmission the channel is made available for the transfer of other traffic [4] [5] Packet switching features delivery of variable bit rate data streams, realized as sequences of packets, over a computer network which allocates transmission resources as needed using statistical multiplexing or dynamic bandwidth allocation techniques.

    As they traverse network nodessuch as switches and routers, packets are received, buffered, queued, and transmitted stored and forwardedresulting in variable latency and throughput depending on the link capacity and the traffic load on the network.

    Packet switching contrasts with another principal networking paradigm, circuit switchinga method which pre-allocates dedicated network bandwidth specifically for each communication session, each having a constant bit rate and latency between nodes.

    In cases of billable services, such as cellular communication services, circuit switching is characterized by a fee per unit of connection time, even when no data is transferred, while packet switching may be characterized by a fee per unit of information transmitted, such as characters, packets, or messages.

    Packet mode communication may be implemented with or without intermediate forwarding nodes packet switches or routers. Packets are normally forwarded by intermediate network nodes asynchronously using first-in, first-out buffering, but may be forwarded according to some scheduling discipline for fair queuingtraffic shapingor for differentiated or guaranteed quality of servicesuch as weighted fair queuing or leaky bucket.

    In case of a shared physical medium such as radio or 10BASE5the packets may be delivered according to a multiple access scheme. They sought a system that might survive a nuclear attack to enable a response, thus diminishing the attractiveness of the first strike advantage by enemies.

    The work focuses on three key ideas: He called it packet switching, a more accessible name than Baran's terminology, and proposed building a nationwide network in the UK. InDavies proposed that a network should be built at the laboratory to serve the needs of NPL and prove the feasibility of packet switching. The NPL team also carried out simulation work on packet networks. The French CYCLADES network, designed by Louis Pouzin in the early s, was the first to make the hosts responsible for the reliable delivery of data, rather than this being a centralized service of the network itself.

    Connectionless and connection-oriented modes[ edit ] Packet switching may be classified into connectionless packet switching, also known as datagram switching, and connection-oriented packet switching, also known as virtual circuit switching. Connection-oriented protocols include X. In connectionless mode each packet includes complete addressing information.

    The packets are routed individually, sometimes resulting in different paths and out-of-order delivery. Each packet is labeled with a destination address, source address, and port numbers. It may also be labeled with the sequence number of the packet. This precludes the need for a dedicated path to help the packet find its way to its destination, but means that much more information is needed in the packet header, which is therefore larger, and this information needs to be looked up in power-hungry content-addressable memory.

    Each packet is dispatched and may go via different routes; potentially, the system has to do as much work for every packet as the connection-oriented system has to do in connection set-up, but with less information as to the application's requirements.

    Thus a virtual connectionalso known as a virtual circuit or byte stream is provided to the end-user by a transport layer protocol, although intermediate network nodes only provides a connectionless network layer service.

    Connection-oriented transmission requires a setup phase in each involved node before any packet is transferred to establish the parameters of communication. The packets include a connection identifier rather than address information and are negotiated between endpoints so that they are delivered in order and with error checking. Address information is only transferred to each node during the connection set-up phase, when the route to the destination is discovered and an entry is added to the switching table in each network node through which the connection passes.

    The signaling protocols used allow the application to specify its requirements and discover link parameters. Acceptable values for service parameters may be negotiated. Routing a packet requires the node to look up the connection id in a table. The packet header can be small, as it only needs to contain this code and any information, such as length, timestamp, or sequence number, which is different for different packets.

    Packet switching in networks[ edit ] Packet switching is used to optimize the use of the channel capacity available in digital telecommunication networks, such as computer networks, and minimize the transmission latency the time it takes for data to pass across the networkand to increase robustness of communication.

    The best-known use of packet switching is the Internet and most local area networks. For example, Ethernet and Frame Relay are common.

    Dating Message Examples 6 Different Tactics and Tips

    Newer mobile phone technologies e. These virtual circuits carry variable-length packets. Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM also is a virtual circuit technology, which uses fixed-length cell relay connection oriented packet switching. Datagram packet switching is also called connectionless networking because no connections are established. Virtual circuits are especially useful in building robust failover mechanisms and allocating bandwidth for delay-sensitive applications.

    Frame Relay[ edit ] Both X. Another major difference between X. Frame Relay does not define any such handshakes. It only operates at the user-network-interface UNI. Thus, the network provider is free to use any procedure it wishes inside the network. As such, its integrity operations pertain only between nodes on a link, not end-to-end.

    Any retransmissions must be carried out by higher layer protocols. It was widely used at the UNI for packet switching networks during the s and early s, to provide a standardized interface into and out of packet networks. Some implementations used X. Frame relay operates principally at layer two of the OSI Model. Thus, it rids itself of many X. The simplicity of Frame Relay makes it faster and more efficient than X.

    Because Frame relay is a data link layer protocol, like X. How this is done is up to the network provider. History of the Internet The history of packet-switched networks can be divided into three overlapping eras: Before the introduction of X.

    Two fundamental differences involved the division of functions and tasks between the hosts at the edge of the network and the network core. In the datagram system, the hosts have the responsibility to ensure orderly delivery of packets. In the virtual call system, the network guarantees sequenced delivery of data to the host.

    This results in a simpler host interface with less functionality than in the datagram model. AppleTalk[ edit ] AppleTalk is a proprietary suite of networking protocols developed by Apple in for Apple Macintosh computers. It was the primary protocol used by Apple devices through the s and s. AppleTalk included features that allowed local area networks to be established ad hoc without the requirement for a centralized router or server.

    The AppleTalk system automatically assigned addresses, updated the distributed namespace, and configured any required inter-network routing. It was a plug-n-play system. AppleTalk support was available in most networked printers, especially laser printerssome file servers and routers. It initially had only one host but was designed to support many hosts. First demonstrated init was developed to explore alternatives to the early ARPANET design and to support network research generally.

    It was the first network to make the hosts responsible for reliable delivery of data, rather than the network itself, using unreliable datagrams and associated end-to-end protocol mechanisms. It evolved into one of the first peer-to-peer network architectures, thus transforming DEC into a networking powerhouse in the s.

    Initially built with three layersit later evolved into a seven-layer OSI -compliant networking protocol. It mixed circuit switching and packet switching. It was succeeded by DDX It became operational in It was the first public packet switching network when it began operating inbased on protocols defined by the UK academic community in The handling of link control messages acknowledgements and flow control was different from that of most other networks.

    PLENTY OF FISH MESSAGES: 3 Openers & Text Examples To Get More Girls

    The company originally designed a telephone network to serve as its internal albeit continent-wide voice telephone network. Inat the instigation of Warner Sinback, a data network based on this voice-phone network was designed to connect GE's four computer sales and service centers Schenectady, New York, Chicago, and Phoenix to facilitate a computer time-sharing service, apparently the world's first commercial online service.

    In addition to selling GE computers, the centers were computer service bureaus, offering batch processing services. They lost money from the beginning, and Sinback, a high-level marketing manager, was given the job of turning the business around.

    He decided that a time-sharing system, based on Kemney's work at Dartmouth—which used a computer on loan from GE—could be profitable. Very little has been published about the internal details of their network. The design was hierarchical with redundant communication links. Sharp Associates to serve their time-sharing customers. It became operational in May They were used primarily on networks using the Novell NetWare operating systems.

    Over the next several years in addition to host to host interactive connections the network was enhanced to support terminal to host connections, host to host batch connections remote job submission, remote printing, batch file transferinteractive file transfer, gateways to the Tymnet and Telenet public data networksX.

    The proposal was not taken up nationally but bya pilot experiment had demonstrated the feasibility of packet switched networks. It connected sundry hosts at the lab to interactive terminals and various computer peripherals including a bulk storage system. It was a datagram network with a single switching node. The entire suite provided routing and packet delivery, as well as higher level functions such as a reliable byte streamalong with numerous applications.

    It was used to gain experience with packet switching technology before the specification of Transpac was frozen. RCP influenced the specification of X. It became operational in and thus was the first public network. Libraries were also among first ones in universities to accommodate microcomputers for public use in the early s. It carried interactive traffic and message-switching traffic.

    As with many non-academic networks very little has been published about it. An IBM customer could acquire hardware and software from IBM and lease private lines from a common carrier to construct a private network. Telenet was incorporated in and started operations in It went public in and was then sold to GTE. Users typically connected via dial-up connections or dedicated async connections.
    The 10 Best Torrent Clients For Windows 10 Posted by Jamie on March 12, Torrents and peer-to-peer sharing have a bit of a bad rep on the internet among general consumers and media makers.

    There are several legal uses for torrents and torrent clients that make use of of the speed and efficiency that torrenting can offer a Windows user, all without the legal tightropes people are forced to walk to avoid retribution by copyright holders and legal groups. BitTorrent and other torrent services have been used for game updates and patches, downloading content from the internet archive, grabbing Linux and other free or open-source ISOs, and distributing any large amounts of data in a quick and efficient manner.

    And this even discounts free and non-copyrighted content, including films like Night of the Living Dead that have been entirely removed from the US Copyright Office. BitTorrent clients are a dime a dozen, especially on Windows 10, where the software has existed for years. And though a new platform seems to pop up every year or two, our recommendations typically stay the same two or three clients, with some alternate choices depending on your needs or wants.

    Download Without a doubt, qBittorrent is our favorite torrent client on Windows As a free and open-source client, we've found it to be reliable, fast, and complete without any sort of advertisements, malware, or any other unwanted software included during installation. The app is still regularly updated more than a decade after its initial launch, and with the launch of version 4.

    Let's take a look at what makes this one of our favorite torrent clients for Windows The installation of qBittorrent is fast and easy, without the addition of any supplementary apps, plugins, or anything else that could be considered user hostile. During installation, you have the opportunity to determine whether or not you want qBittorrent to automatically institute a Windows Firewall rule.

    Because torrenting applications have long been known to present firewall problems within Windows and MacOS, we greatly appreciate the added convenience, saving users time and patience during installation. The program is relatively small, not taking more than a few seconds of your time to install on your computer, and once complete, qBittorrent opens automatically on your machine.

    We found the app to use minimal resources while running in the background of our test machine. The main display of qBittorrent is, unsurprisingly, fairly basic in scope and design, but that doesn't mean it isn't feature packed. Along the right side of the display, you'll find your status bar, which displays categories for downloading, seeding, completed, resumed, paused, active, and inactive torrents.

    This bar can also be used to divide your torrents into specific categories, though you'll have to make those categories yourself—qBittorrent only includes "All" and "Uncategorized. Along the top of the display is your basic torrent tools. You can add URLs manually from the app, and open torrenting files from your download folders. The red line icon can be used to delete torrents, though the delete button on your keyboard can be used for the same thing.

    Online Dating Tips for Men: How to write your first message to girls.

    The pause and play icons can be used to stop or start torrents as needed without deleting the torrent completely, and the settings icon at the end of the panel can be used to access your settings—more on those in a bit.

    The bottom of the display features your general speed, download and upload information, as well as a quick toggle to switch between unlimited bandwidth and limited bandwidth for your torrent speeds in order to stop the app from eating up your entire bandwidth speeds and slowing down other activities on the network. Finally, the main display in the center will show you your active and inactive torrents in the top display, while the bottom display shows more detail for each selected torrent download.

    Settings-wise, there's plenty to like here. Though these are mostly standard features included, we're still happy to see them included. Let's quickly break down the important features of each tab: Here, you can change the user interface language of the app, in case the default English isn't your standard or first language. You can turn on and off plenty of settings and ease-of-use preferences here, including the ability to confirm when deleting torrents, using alternating row colors, hiding zero and infinity values, and so much more.

    There are some basic settings for your desktop too, including the ability to run qBittorrent on startup, allowing for a confirmation message on exit when torrents are still active, and changing the file association within qBittorrent for. A ton of stuff appears in this subcategory, but here's the important stuff. You have some basic settings for app actions when adding a torrent, like displaying content or stopping an automatic download when adding content.

    You can change how torrent management works here as well, including the abilities to copy torrent files to specific paths on your hard drive. And perhaps the coolest feature in this tab: Not a huge amount of interesting stuff for most users, but if you're trying to modify your listening ports or set connection limits per torrents or upload slots, this is where you'll head.

    A slim tab, but an important one nonetheless. Here you'll find global rate limits for most downloads—ie, when you want qBittorrent to be running at full speed. If you want to permanently have caps on your uploads and downloads, you can set them here; they're turned off by default.

    Primary Sidebar

    The alternative rate limits are accessible, as mentioned above, by hitting the shortcut in the lower half of the main display, or by scheduling the user of alternative rate limits within this settings menu. Not much here to mention or shoutout specifically. Some privacy and encryption settings that are typically best left on default, queueing torrent settings off by defaultand a seed torrent ratio limit.

    If you choose, you can set up a web user interface to monitor your downloads away from your home computer. This tab displays all authentication and security settings for this feature. Finally, most of your troubleshooting solutions will come from the Advanced tab, though unless you know what you're looking for, we recommend you leave this tab on its default settings.

    Some stuff you can change here: Unsurprisingly, QBittorrent is one of the most stable torrent clients we found when it came to downloading content.

    As long as our clients weren't set to alternative rate limits, downloads were fast to process and finish on our side, with download speeds reaching several megabytes per second quickly essentially as fast as our connection could handle. Obviously, the speed of each download will depend on the health of your torrent and the number of seeders, but rest assured things were positive with qBittorrent in our download.

    If you decide to stop seeding or downloading a torrent, the application gives you an option to delete the content off your hard drive, a great setting that makes it easy to choose whether or not to keep your platform going. And you can upload the download directly from within the app by right-clicking directly on a torrent within the application. In conclusion, we think qBittorrent is the best application for most users.

    It's a solid, dependable choice, without any malware or unwanted software included with a sharper, newly-upgraded interface that makes it easy to download and save content quickly using the application.

    We're big fans of qBittorrent, and before anything else on this list, we'd recommend checking out qBittorrent first. The settings, the speed, and the ease of setup make it the app to beat on Windows Download Deluge is another fantastic choice for those looking for one of the best torrenting programs for Windows Like qBittorrent, it's one of the oldest torrent client on Windows, dating back to its original release in September Though Deluge might not offer much else above what we've seen offered by something like qBittorrent, that doesn't mean it should be ignored or passed over entirely.

    On the contrary, we've found Deluge to be an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use open source torrent client, and Deluge comes with its own fair share of features and design choices.

    Let's take a look at what makes this excellent app the runner up in this list of our favorite torrenting programs for Windows The installation process for Deluge is about as simple as they come, with a super quick and easy process for installing the application. Like qBittorrent, Deluge doesn't try to install any specific software or content outside the app itself—you won't find any unwanted malware, toolbars, or browser links in the setup process.

    One of our favorite aspects of Deluge is its small install size. Installation is completed within a few seconds, and the app is ready to go following this—no restarts required. One thing we will note: It's unfortunate, but the installation doesn't have a selection to add it's app to the bypass list.

    Still, a few clicks will allow your instance of Deluge to access beyond your firewall. Just take note of the process upon first launch. The first thing you'll notice is the similarities between this app and what we've seen from the likes of qBittorrent. The apps look remarkably similar in design, with similar icons and layouts, though Deluge has a much smaller footprint in design than what we've seen previously with qBittorrent. Along the side of the app is the "States" categories, with drop-down menus for your torrents, as well as trackers and errored-out torrents.

    This is a far simpler method than the expansive menu system we saw on our top pick, and while we prefer the original list from qBittorrent, we also can see the value in having a far more simple layout, as we can see in Deluge. The top of the app has similar icons and layouts for icons, including adding and deleting torrents, pause and resuming torrents, changing the queue order of torrents up and down depending on where in the list you want the torrent to appear, and a settings menu icon—again, more on that in a moment.

    The bottom of this app has a huge amount of information. Each tab has speed and status information for each downloading torrent, depending on which you've selected. Here, you'll find information like upload and download speeds, the amount of information that has been exchanged between files and peers, tracker statuses, active and seeding time, and the date you added each individual torrent. The details tab has more info, like the number of files, the total size of each torrent, and the file and folder name.

    The files tab allows you to pick and choose which files and folders from each torrent are actually downloaded onto your computer, while the peers tab displays where your peer connections throughout the app. Diving into settings, you're likely to find Deluge has a ton of repeat settings and preferences from qBittorrent. Seeing as they're both fully featured torrent clients, it makes sense for each to have some similar, if not identical traits to each other. Here's what you can expect to find in Deluge's preferences: Not a whole of interesting stuff here, but there is one major settings.

    You can change the folder or location your torrent downloads move to completely separate locations, and you can also set your auto-add torrents from specific locations as well. You can even set your computer to move torrent files to a separate location once they're complete. Here, you can change your incoming and outgoing ports, change and view your encryption settings, and more.

    You can control your maximum and minimum connections here for both global bandwidth usage and per torrent bandwidth usage connections. You can also change your upload slots, download speed, and upload speed limitations.

    Unfortunately, there's no easy way to toggle between two separate connection rates for when you need faster or slower connections depending on the time of day, a feature that is provided by qBittorrent. Under this section, you can make a few minor appearance changes to your torrent client. There isn't anything totally insane or unforeseeable in this section, but it is nice to have the options to be able to switch between a classic enabled by default mode and a newer mode.

    You can also change how each window works within your interface, and toggle between different system tray options. Here, you'll find options to be alerted by notification about new releases for the app, along with the ability to send anonymous statistics to improve Deluge. This is only useful if you're trying to use a Daemon port.

    Not much to see here. This changes how your general queue of torrents work. You can change whether new torrents queue to the top or bottom default of your queue, as well as change the bumber of active and inactive downloading and seeding torrents. There are also some seed ratio and time limits you can set here. If you're trying to set up your own proxy network with a peer-to-peer connection, this is where you'll enter the port, host, username, webseed, tracker, and more.

    Here, you can view your cache size and expiry, as well as the status of your write, read, and size of cache blocks. Finally, if you find any supported Deluge plugins online, you can enter them to your network and account here.

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