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    Plus Size Women Stylish Day Dresses In Size 12 - 32

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    Why I Haven’t Purchased Any Clothes in years (and counting) Frugalwoods

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    Monday, August 08, 2005

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    Why I Haven’t Purchased Any Clothes in years (and counting) Frugalwoods

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    Religious dress and vestments

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    Ancient Egypt Modern knowledge of ancient Egyptian dress derives from the ample evidence to be seen in the wealth of wall and sarcophagus paintings, in sculptureand in ceramics; few actual garments have survived.

    Such illustrative material is depicted clearly and colourfully, but care must be taken in interpreting the designs too literally, partly because the art is frequently stylized but also because the artists were bound by tradition and their representation of dress often lagged far behind the actual changes of fashion. The chief textile to have been preserved is linenwhich has been found in graves from the Neolithic Period.

    The growing of flaxfrom which linen is made, dates from very early times; the Egyptians believed that the gods were clothed in linen before they came to earth. Wool was more rarely employed, and sericulturethe raising of silkworms, had not yet extended as far west as Egypt.

    The technique of using mordantsany of several chemicals used to bind dyes to cloth, was slow to come to Egypt, so most garments were white. Instead, colour was provided by jewelryin which semiprecious stones were widely incorporated. Among the most common types, the characteristic deep, decorative collarworn by both sexes, was introduced early.

    These brightly hued bands were made of embroidered and beaded materials and set around the neck and shoulders either on bare skin or on top of a white cape or gown.

    Why I Haven’t Purchased Any Clothes in years (and counting) Frugalwoods

    In some depictions the collar is clearly the major, if not the only, item of apparel worn. Egyptian statuette with angular harp, painted wood, Late Period — bce ; in the British Museum, London.

    Plus Size Dating on Tinder

    Courtesy of the trustees of the British Museum, London; photograph, J. During the most distant era, dress for both sexes was confined to loinclothsa vest or shirtcapes, and robes. Skins of various animals were utilized. These were sometimes simply raw hideswhich have survived only rarely, but the Egyptians became skilled at curing the skins to become leather by the tawing method—that is, by the use of alum or salt.

    Tawing yields a white, stiff leather that may be dyed various colours. Later they adopted the tanning method, employing oak galls for the purpose. Leather was used widely in dress for footwearbelts, and straps. During the 3, years of the ancient Egyptian culture, costume changed comparatively little and very slowly. It generally emphasized a draped style of dress, the garments consisting of pieces of material held in place around the body by knots tied in the fabric and by beltssashes, and collars.

    Little sewing was needed, being confined generally to side seams and, in later years, to armholes. This draped type of dress conformed to that of other civilizations in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region, such as Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia, but differed from the styles of Persia, northern Indiaand China, where people wore more fitted, sewn garments based upon coatstunicsand trousers.

    Over the years the style of these garments slowly evolved and became more complex; a greater number were worn either in combination with or on top of one another. During the Old Kingdom its capital at Memphiswhich lasted until about bce, dress was simple.

    Men wore a short skirt tied at the waist or held there by a belt.

    Why I Haven’t Purchased Any Clothes in years (and counting) Frugalwoods

    As time passed, the skirt became pleated or gathered. Important people wore in addition a decorative coloured pendant hanging in front from the waist belt and a shoulder cape or corselet partly covering their bare torso. A sheathlike gown was typical of feminine attire.

    This encased the body from the ankles to just below the breasts and was held up by decorative shoulder straps. Woolen cloaks were worn for warmth by men and women. Woman wearing sheathlike gown held up by shoulder straps, typical of Egyptian dress of the Old and Middle Kingdoms. In the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. More material was now used, making the garment fuller, such fullness being concentrated in the centre front; and the pendants became more elaborate and ornamental. A cape might be draped around the shoulders and knotted on the chest.

    Late in the period a double skirt was introduced; alternatively, a triangular loincloth might be worn under a skirt. Egyptian dress of the New Kingdom, 18th dynasty. King Tutankhamen wearing a double skirt, long and full, with the upper one doubled and gathered in front; Queen Ankhesenamen in a draped robe tied at the breast and leaving the right arm free.

    Detail from the back of the throne of Tutankhamen reigned —23 bce ; in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Hirmer Fotoarchiv, Munich The most elaborate dress for both sexes was to be seen under the New Kingdom from about bce until the Egyptians were conquered by the Assyrians bcethe Persians bceAlexander the Great bceand finally Rome 30 bce. During these later years Egyptian dress was strongly influenced by that of the conquerors.

    New Kingdom dress was more complex than theretofore. The garments were of similar type but were composed of larger pieces of material; draping became more complicated and ornamentation richer.

    A robe or gown was now worn by important persons of both sexes. It consisted of a piece of fabric measuring 5 by 4 feet 1. There were many ways of draping the material, but with most methods all the pleats and folds seemed to be gathered around a single point at the waist. The cape, decorative collar, skirt, and pendant girdle also continued to be worn.

    Foci of bright colour were provided by the deep collar and pendant apron. Embroidered and carved ornamental motifs included especially the lotus flower, the papyrus bundle, birds in flight, and many geometric forms. Sacred emblems such as the scarab beetle and the asp were worn by priests and royalty. Children were dressed, as in most of the history of costume everywhere, as miniature versions of their parents, although they are often depicted wearing little at all—not surprising considering the climate of Egypt.

    Servants also were almost naked, as were labourers in the fields, who are depicted clad only in a loincloth. Heavy wigs or a padding of false hairworn by men and women alike, are known from an early period. Semicircular kerchiefs, tied by the corners at the nape of the neck under the hair, were sometimes worn to protect the wig on a dusty day. Wigs were dressed in many different ways, each characteristic of a given period; generally speaking, the hair became longer and the arrangement of curls and braids—set with beeswax —more complicated as time went on.

    The earliest records indicate that Egyptian men grew hair on their chins. They might frizz, dye, or use henna on this beardand sometimes they plaited it with interwoven gold thread. Later, a metal false beard, or postiche, which was a sign of sovereigntywas worn by royalty.

    This was held in place by a ribbon tied over the head and attached to a gold chin strap, a fashion existing from about to bce. Many people went barefoot, especially indoors, but people of rank are depicted outdoors in sandals made from palm leaves, papyrus, or leather. Cosmetics were extensively applied by both sexes, and considerable knowledge of their use is available because of the Egyptian custom of burying comforts and luxuries with the dead.

    Examples of the cosmetics used and of the means of making, applying, and keeping them may be seen in museumsespecially in Cairo and London.

    The Egyptians applied rouge to their cheeks, red ointment to their lips, and henna to their nails and feet, and ladies traced the veins on their temples and breasts with blue paint, tipping their nipples with gold. The chief focus of makeup was the eye, where a green eye shadow made from powdered malachite and a black or gray eyeliner was applied; the latter substance, called kohl, was manufactured from, among other materials, powdered antimonycarbon, and oxide of copper.

    Mesopotamia Ancient Mesopotamia was situated in the area of land that is defined by the great Tigris and Euphrates river system and that is contained within modern Iraq. Several important cultures arose there, their empires waxing and waning successively as well as overlapping in time.

    Among the most prominent were the empires of SumerAkkadAssyriaand Babylonia. Alabaster head of a man wearing a turban, from Adab, Akkadian period, c.

    In early times both sexes wore sheepskin skirts with the skin turned inside and the wool combed into decorative tufts.

    These wraparound skirts were pinned in place and extended from the waist to the knees or, for more important persons, to the ankles. The upper part of the torso was bare or clothed by another sheepskin cloaking the shoulders. From about bce a woven woolen fabric replaced the sheepskin, but the tufted effect was retained, either by sewing tufts onto the garment or by weaving loops into the fabric.

    Named kaunakes by the Greeks, this tufted fabric is shown in all the sculptures and mosaics of the period, as, for example, in the art from the excavations at Ur exhibited in the British Museum in London. At this time, also, long cloaks were worn, and materials for garments and head coverings included felted wool and leather.

    Metalworking was of a high standard, as may be seen in the elaborate golden jewelry, which was encrusted with semiprecious stones and worn by both sexes. Broochesearringshair ornaments, and neck chains have all been found. A different style of dress is evident in Mesopotamian sculptures dating after about bce.

    Both men and women were clothed in a large piece of material—most commonly of wool, though later also of linen—draped around the body over a skirt. This garment, similar to a shawl, was characteristically edged with tassels or fringe. The draping varied, but, for men at least, the fabric was arranged so that the fullness was at the rear, leaving the right, or sword, arm free. This newer form of dress had originated from farther north and east and was adopted by the Semitic people of Akkad under Sargon the dynasty founded by Sargon lasted from c.

    The dress worn in Mesopotamia by the Babylonians — bce and the Assyrians — bce evolved into a more sophisticated version of Sumerian and Akkadian styles. Ample evidence of this more elaborate draped costume can be seen in the large relief sculptures of the age.

    There were two basic garments for both sexes: The knee- or ankle-length tunic had short sleeves and a round neckline. Over it were draped one or more shawls of differing proportions and sizes but all generally fringed or tasseled. Broad belts held the shawls in position. Wool was the most frequently used material, in bright or strong colours. Decoration was rich, in allover patterns or in borders, carried out in embroidery or by printing.

    Motifs were chiefly geometric. Women wore a short skirt as underwearmen a loincloth. Footwear for both sexes was made from fabric or soft leather in the form of sandals or boots. Care of the coiffure was very important for men and women among both the Assyrians and the Babylonians. The hair was grown long and carefully curled and ringleted, with false hair added if needed.

    Perfumesoils, and black dye were used on the hair. Men grew long, carefully tended curled beards. A band of metal or fabric encircled the brow, or a woolen, felt, or leather cap shaped like a fez was worn. The royal headdress resembled a pleated crown or a mitre and had dependent lappets at the rear. Jeweled ornamentation to the costume was rich and heavy and of high quality.

    Minoan and Mycenaean dress The Aegean region—and in particular the island of Cretewhich was inhabited from about bce—can be considered the cradle of western European culture.
    Indeed, I used to buy clothes more for fun than anything else.

    What can I say, I like clothes! I was a thrift store shopping maven and found all sorts of great deals on new-to-me threads. My closet was oversaturated, as Mr. I capitulated this was true… Frugal Hound rocking some secondhand duds But as so often happens with frugality escapades, not buying clothes transformed me profoundly and in ways that far transcend the mere saving of a few hundred bucks. One of my favorite thrift store outfits I bought into this mentality for years and poured money into cosmetics and clothes.

    I got expensive haircuts and painted my nails every week. And to what end? Quite the opposite, in fact.

    FW cut my hairI actually am more confident and more secure in who I am and what I look like. I used to be extremely critical of my body. Nearly every time I looked in the mirror, I had something unkind to say about some part of me. I was fat, I had a long forehead, my arms looked weird… the litany goes on. Rags, I tell you!

    In my experience, that initial start-up phase lasts about a month. A week is too short and anything longer than a month seems untenable at the outset. The fewer restrictions and parameters I put on it, the more likely it is to persist for a longer duration. The all-inclusive nature of my ban stems primarily from the fact that I simply do not need anything. I have, however, accepted hand-me-downs, particularly of maternity clothing since I did go through an entire pregnancy during this ban.

    I have plenty of clothes—more than enough clothes, truth be told. Probably too many clothes! We all seem to be on an endless drive for bigger, better, but above all else, more.

    My clothes-buying ban is my tiny little way of inoculating myself against this tide. Of saying that I have enough in this arena of my life. I was struck by an NPR story I heard last week about the environmental impact of failing to donate clothing.

    Our decision to consume impacts far more than our own lives, wallets, and closets. And the production of so many clothes hurts the environment. There are several ways to combat this overconsumption and waste cycle: Ratty old gym shirts, ancient curtains, and dilapidated coats?

    In addition to donating to SMART, there are the traditional options of donating to a thrift store or through the Buy Nothing Project which is where I sent my latest batch of unneeded outfits. Not buying new clothes is as much an environmental statement as it is a financial one.

    Avoiding the purchase of new things also helps decrease this consumption overload since it serves to both cost less and reuse existing material goods. Closing Clothing Thoughts Babywoods rocking her used clothes Although clothes are a necessity—for reasons of legality and comfort—the way in which we purchase them often far outstrips the category of pure need.

    I wore something I already own. And I looked good too. Recognizing that our individual decisions deeply impact the collective whole is a central element of living a frugal, simple life. Have you ever done a shopping ban of any sort? How was that experience?

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