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  • The Jubilee Will the Younique Veda Younique is one of the more attractive people to the suspenseful sales double wedding according a few actual daters ago in Saw by people Were Mayfield and May Huscroft, the person for Younique was written from the frequency that many unique feelings to find interracial and able.

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    Younique Fiber Lashes Video

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    12 Best Younique Cosmetics Worth Buying Younique Review

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    Verified Reviewer Original review: For one make sure you get a good sponsor!!

    She wrote something on my group page to make me look bad! So I ask her if she needed to say something! Send it to me in a message. So I got off Younique because of her. Then I wanted to join another girl that I should of join in the first place and Younique wants another June 15, Do not get manipulated into joining this company.

    When a Presenter is trying to get you to join they lie to you. They read from "scripts" to get you to join. These sponsors promise to be your mentor and they promise to be there for you at all times but that's not true.

    It's all about money! When a sponsor gets you to join they get incentives and they make money off your sales. Some sponsors get so many people to join with their false promises and they don't have time to answer any of your questions if you get confused. So they basically throw you to the wolves and you have to try and figure out the business alone. The sponsor I had picked her favorites and those are the ones she helped. When I told my sponsor that I felt left out, she told me it was all in my head and that I was feeling that way because of my own insecurities of myself.

    Now how is that uplifting, empowering, and validating me?? She made me feel awful. Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, and validate other women. My sponsor failed in that area as did her sponsor and black status upline leader. When I asked corporate if I could switch sponsors I was told I had to deactivate for 6 months and then rejoin after that choosing a different sponsor. I would also have to purchase another presenter's kit again.

    I will not be rejoining after 6 months due to how this company operates and manipulates people into joining.

    One of the black status leaders has even said in a video that she won't even acknowledge a presenter unless they are green status. How rude is that? These sponsors aren't out to help you! It's a competition to win the race. The more people these sponsors get to join, the less they have to work because they're making money off your sales.

    They want you messaging at least 20 strangers a day by stalking their FB pages and telling these strangers they are beautiful or they compliment on things they see on these strangers FB pages such as these stranger's children, pets, the person themselves, etc. They do all this to get the stranger to reply and that's where they move in and try to get you to join or buy their products.

    Best Dating Sites 2017 🔥 TOP 10 🔥

    They tell you to have your friends or family or strangers to host a party to get sales and they tell the person hosting the party they will win free makeup.

    If you accidentally touch near your lips it will spread on you face. Jeffree Star Lipsticks are cheaper and stay on well! The Epic Mascara is clumpy and flakes on to your face if you touch it up and Younique claims that mascara is buildable.

    The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented and some of the products are good. My issue is how the presenters are instructed to lie and read scripts. I think it's creepy how they want presenters to stalk stranger's FB pages and message them. For example, I received a private message from a presenter saying the following, which is a script: Of course I said thank you. When I joined I actually joined someone else's team because I had been watching her "live" videos first.

    So once I joined and I found the scripts I was floored. I immediately thought, "So did that presenter really think I was beautiful or was it just her reading the script to get me to interact with her so I could be talked into joining???

    My sponsor was selfish and didn't share her knowledge which would have helped me grow. She doesn't care who she hurts or has to run over to succeed. I am so depressed over this whole issue. I had to retire from my job with the Department of Corrections in because I had neck surgery and developed fibromyalgia.

    I also have other underlying health problems one of them being a brain tumor. I couldn't commit to an 8 hour day anymore because of how sick I would get and the pain was so intense.

    That's why I decided to join Younique because I knew it would be my own business and I could make my own hours and if I wasn't feeling well I could lay down and rest. But once I found out their schemes and realized my sponsor wasn't going to guide me, I had to deactivate. I didn't have to, I wanted to. I did not want to represent a company like this.

    I especially didn't want my sponsor making money off my sales!!! Please be careful if you ever decide to join this company. It's not all they make it out to be. When I joined them I thought I found my purpose in life because I love makeup and I'm good at applying it. I looked forward to getting up each day feeling like I wanted to live again.

    Now that Younique did to me what they did I'm set back deep in my depression, again feeling worthless, sleeping all day. In just 2 short months Younique and my sponsor destroyed my self esteem which I find disappointing because of their so called mission to uplift, empower, and validate other women.

    Also, if you don't sponsor anyone by a certain status Younique will deactivate you. Like I said earlier, it's all about sales. I wasted a lot of time, effort, energy, and money by joining this company. The people who watched my "live" videos were so sad to see me go.

    I posted a "live" video saying goodbye to my viewers. One woman who watched me said her 7 year old grandson loved me and he was so upset when she told him I wouldn't be doing videos anymore. Many were sad to see me go and I miss my viewers so much. I just can't sell products for a company like this. Stay away from this company unless you have the desire to mislead and lie to people.

    Is It Worth the Hype?: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

    I will never recommend this company to anyone.
    It was such a fun day! Anyway, onto my review. After I placed my order, my husband and I started to talk about the Younique business opportunity and the potential. As you may have read on his pagemy husband has been in the direct sales industry for more than 12 years and spent some time researching the company. He was very impressed and excited for me and provided dozens and dozens of ideas on how I could market the Younique products online and off.

    So I decided to create a detailed post here about my Younique Presenter reviews and all of the overall unboxing experience. And so the waiting game began. So I had to wait until Monday — and the excitement was building! Finally Monday arrived and I went to the PO Box first thing in the morning and picked up the priority mail box. Upon opening the box I noticed that the black box Presenters Kit fit perfectly into the priority mail box. Just a side note, but it made me think that the owners of Younique really thought of everything down to the smallest detail ensuring everything fits into a certain sized box.

    After all, there are a LOT of different box sizes!

    From face masks to brow palettes, this social media-fueled beauty brand has you covered

    Once I took everything out of the box, I saw the Younique Products Independent Presenters Guide, the kit full of makeup, and another package. But I was going to wait on that.

    12 Best Younique Cosmetics Worth Buying Younique Review

    The first thing that I wanted to do was open the kit to see all of the products inside. Admittedly, I wanted to get my hands on the 3D Fiber Lashes. I was ready to see for myself if they and the products lived up to all of the buzz out there. I opened the kit and got my first glimpse of everything inside.

    Younique Products Review: Items in the Presenters Kit

    There were a lot of Younique products packed into the kit. Inside that was a couple of charms for a charm bracelet. And the second is a White Status Charm which everyone will receive because we all begin at the White Status level in the Younique compensation plan.

    In addition to everything above, not part of the Younique Products kit inside I also received: You can download the fall catalog here. This is a large file and will take a moment or two to download. As you can see, when the Presenter kit is closed I looks great.

    Younique - Overpriced

    The quality is high and I was truly impressed. Or a LOT more if there was some well-known designer logo on there. Next I opened the box for the Moonstruck 3D fiber lashes mascara.

    Compare this to other options to have amazing lashes and this is a great deal in my book. As far as the price of the other Younique beauty products, I find that they are very comparable to many other makeups out there. Feel free to browse around my Younique website. Oh, and as far as the other Younique products, I will be providing detailed reviews on each of those shortly.

    So more Younique product reviews to come. In between mom and wife life! In addition to selling Younique makeup, she helps and inspires people around the world overcome binge eating disorder. Kristin resides in Houston, TX with her husband and six year-old son.

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