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    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

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    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

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    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

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    This report covers the Thermal Plant Operation in detail. It has been very educative and fruitful experience for me, for it has given me an insight into some practical without which classroom knowledge can be regarded as in complete.

    The foundation stone of this prestigious Thermal Plant, comprising of four units of MW each was laid on 19th November,the quincentenary year of the birth of the great Guru Nanak Dev Ji from whom it gets its present name. The coal consumption is about to MT per unit depending upon the quality of coal.

    The total daily coal requirement is about M.

    Thermal Power Plant - Full Animation Working Video

    The coal supplies are being received from Jharkhand which is more than KMs from this Power Station. The working of the plant can be conveniently explained by dividing it into various sections constituting the whole plant operation.

    FUEL COAL LINE Coal received from collieries in the rail wagon is mechanically unloaded by Wagon Tipplers and carried by belt conveyor system to Raw Coal Bunkers after crushing in the coal crusher The crushed coal when not required for Raw Coal Bunker is carried to the coal storage area through belt conveyor The raw coal chain feeder regulates the quantity of the coal from coal bunker to the coal mill, where coal is pulverized to a fine powder.

    PDM Division - Reports

    The pulverized coal is separated from course particles by passing through classifier. The pulverized coal is then sucked by the vapor fan and finally stored in pulverized coal bunker. The pulverized coal is pushed to the boiler furnace with the help of hot stream supplied by primary air fan, the coal being in pulverized state burnt immediately in the boiler furnace, which is comprised of water tube walls all around through which water circulates.

    After preheating, Secondary air is used to assure the complete combustion of coal in furnace. This water is stored in a DM storage tank. This water is circulated in alloy steel tubes inside the boiler. The boiler is basically a confined space structure in which steam under pressure is produced.

    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

    The DM water running through the water walls of boiler furnace gets converted into saturated steam by absorption of furnace heat. The steam is further heated in the super heaters the dry steam at high temperature oC is then fed to turbine. First of all, steam goes into HP turbine.

    How does a Thermal power plant work ?

    After doing his work in HP turbine the temperature and pressure of steam reduces oC. THEN low temp steam comes in boiler furnace and reheated until it attain a temperature of oC.

    Haryana Biggest Thermal Power Plant Yamunanagar Jagadhri

    Then steam goes Into I. The system after doing the useful work in the turbine is condensed at the stage of condenser the steam reaches at condenser through the LP turbine. For the purposes of steam condense Cooling raw water is used in tubes. When the steam is thrown to these tubes then the steam gets condensed and water in tubes tends to hot.

    Now the hot water is reached in cooling tower.

    PDM Division - Brief Description

    In cooling tower it releases its heat and used for the purpose of recycling. Now the condensate is being extracted towards condensate extraction pump.

    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

    The grand steam cooler and drain cooler are used for cooling the condensate now at the stage of low heaters. The condensate began to heat up further the condensate reaches at dearator, this is simply a water tank which contain water and dissolved air is separated out from water so there is no air bubbles blasting in boiler tank. After this water reaches to B. The BFP sends this feed water to high-pressure heaters where temperature of feed water again increases i.

    Now the action of economizer being taken i. The natural drought of cold air is created in the Cooling Tower, cools the hot water fall in down in he sump and is then re-circulated by Circulating Water Pumps to the condenser.

    The cleaner flue gases are let off to the atmosphere through the chimney by induced draft fan.

    Distance between Panipat Thermal Power Station and Panipat Junction Railway Station

    The finer particles of ash during their journey towards stack are made to undergo change of directions after furnace zone goose-necki. Here again coarser particles of ash settle down which are collected in two numbers super-heaters grit ash hoppers stage I only. The ash particles after leaving the boiler second path pass through two set of electrostatic precipitators in series i.

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