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    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

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    Ustadh Usama Canon is the founding director of Taleef collective, an organisation based in the United States and beloved to its community for the work it does on engaging the youth and providing a space for people to develop a healthy understanding of Islam.

    I happened to come across the audio below of his first speech after his diagnosis and I honestly have no words to describe just how moving it was. In addition to the audio, the reflection below written by Talha Ghannam gives an insight into the character of a truly beloved man.

    Though we have only met once, the meeting was profound and had a lasting impact on my life. I have since learned of countless people who have had similar experiences and received countless benefit from your company, something they were fortunate to share for far longer than I. For so many people to have benefited so much from someone so young is a clear sign of your acceptance and righteousness, and I witness that for you in front of Allah.

    To you it was normal, a part of being, something which came natural to you, yet for me it was a profound moment I had never witnessed the like of. After attending a charity fundraiser for the young Mohammad Hassam, the younger brother of Bilal Hassam, who sadly passed away so young from his own battle with mortality, we shared a meal and I received so many wonderful gems of advice. At the end of the meal, Bilal asked a friend Tariq Chow to drop you off at your hotel on the other side of London.

    Having recently passed his driving test, and being late in the day, he asked if I could join to ensure his driving was safe. I gladly agreed and we jumped in the car to make our way. Heavily jetlagged, you asked if you could lay your chair back and sleep on the way. After strapping your seatbelt, you dropped the seat back and instantly knocked off, unaware of anything around you. The journey went well in the beginning, and as we neared the hotel, Bilal called to check we had arrived.

    Tariq put the phone on the stereo and, being a new driver, began to get distracted. Already panicked from the driving, he lost focus on the road and I could see danger was coming. I began to warn him to watch the red lights, but his concentration was on the phone call and trying to find the hotel.

    Instead of slowing down, he sped up until it was clear he would miss the red lights. You, laying horizontally as you slept, flung forwards like a catapult hurtling towards the window.

    Had it not been for the seatbelt, you would have flung straight through the windscreen into the road. From deep sleep, you were awoken to what appeared to be your death, and in that single moment of consciousness, you shouted: How someone can be completely unconscious, yet the first words they utter are those ones which will enter them paradise.

    How often must they have recited these words that they could recall them so fluidly when the time came. My eyes sleep but my heart does not sleep.

    Facing your own mortality, you embraced it as though it was something you had long come to terms with. Whilst others mourned, you embrace it and turn a tragic moment into beauty. And just as we averted death in the car, I pray Allah averts death from you now and cures you of this illness fully and quickly. Allah bless you infinitely. I am not a good storyteller, though no words can truly portray how powerful and transformative that moment was.

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    Will continue to pray for you.
    The modern Muslim discourse often lacks a proper emphasis on love. Love is a pre-requisite of faith. The Habib saw said: It emphasises the importance of love in our tradition. So we know from several of the prophets that they had particular qualities and were named after them and this defined them.

    Our prophet Muhammad saw was known as Habibullah. It is a beautiful word and it is beautiful for several reasons. They are the object and the subject at the same time. There was one man who wanted to test a shaykh on his reaction about this piece of Arabic music in a car. The music starts playing and the shaykh starts crying. The man was very worried and asked why.

    The shaykh said the singer is singing about love. So as believers we have to be aware of the importance of love. If we look at Al-Baqarah, verse And [yet], among the people are those who take other than Allah as equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should] love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah.

    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

    We know that the Prophet saw loved the women in his life. He loved our mother Khadijah ra. We know that for years after our passing, he saw would still remember her affectionately, to the extent that our mother Aisha ra and his other wives would be bothered by that. So we know that our Prophet saw was simultaneously, entirely, and absolutely and totally dedicated to Allah, was able to love, and he was able to love in a way that was real and that was human. And dating is the way to find them.

    Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Lyrics

    Everyone has someone for them, but for some people, there is more than one, because there are some people who go through divorce, may Allah save us from that, but it happens, and that is someone that no one is necessarily immune to.

    But there is someone special for you. That someone special for you however, and this is the first thing we need to understand, is part of the provision, the rezq, the sustenance that Allah wrote for you, before you were born. Because Allah wrote it for you, it is going to come to you and if Allah did not write it for you, it will never come to you no matter what you do.

    And this is the perspective of the believer. Why is it a struggle? This is because we are in the dunya. Either you are outwardly afflicted with something. Or if you are outwardly well, Allah will send people to you who are troubled so that you can help them. If you do not, you will become outwardly afflicted too.

    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

    There is a story. There is a beautiful woman — the most beautiful woman in her time. There is a Bedouin man who came to visit her, and her husband is an ugly man — the ugliest man in his time. One of the problems of our community: What should you be looking for? This is the other question I was asked. Everybody believes that dating is the right way to find your spouse. But you have to properly orientate yourself with Allah and doing what is going to be best in His regard. Every day, you are packing something in your suitcase.

    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

    You are preparing to go on your journey. And your spouse is doing the same, but they do not know you yet. And then you meet, and you go on a journey with only these two suitcases. It is full of mental, spiritual, physical preparation for the journey of marriage.

    So whatever you are doing now as an individual is going to affect your marriage once you find the person you intend to marry. So the first aspect is being aware of Allah, having taqwa in order for you to find the right person — if a person is mindful, Allah will make a way out for him, and Allah will provide for that person from where he does not expect it.

    The first way is to observe the commandments of Allah and avoid prohibitions He has prohibited us from doing. We should never expect that cutting corners or breaking rules is going to work in our favour, when achieving worldly goals, including finding a spouse. The second thing is having a good opinion in Allah that He will provide for you.

    Highlight with Usama Canon

    How do we practically find someone to marry? People are most often divided into three groups: The first category are made up of people who go to whatever lengths possible to find that someone special, including going into a full-blown relationship, including doing things married people do.

    This often times is because they want to be sure of being with the right person. And this often also excludes the parents and this can lead to a multitude of problems. A mother once told her daughter that your life is a like a book, and whoever you let into your life becomes part of a chapter, part of your book — but the difference between your life and a book is that you can edit a book, but in your life, the new chapter becomes part of you.

    On-going failed relationships add to your emotional baggage. Also, it can lead to social problems like illegitimate pregnancies and abortions. And the believer is fearful of that. If your love was sincere you would obey Him for the lover is obedient to the one he loves.

    The second group of people are those who are just waiting. There is a story that goes like this: When a flood hit an area, a man climbed onto the roof of his house. I have faith in the Lord. He will save me. Another boat came by to save him, but he still insisted that the Lord would save him.

    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

    Then the water began to get his feet wet and a helicopter swooped down to take him away. But he still depended on the Lord to save him. He was then drowned. I sent you two boats and a helicopter.

    REFLECTIONS :: with Usama Canon – Living Right

    They balance four things: They balance family involvement. As Muslims, we should be a collectivistic society, where the good of the group of the family is more important. It is also important for the families to facilitate the marriage process. Balance your social networks not just in cyberspace.

    Love dating & friendship usama canon. Love dating & friendship usama canon.

    The Prophet saw said this: So the best way to help yourself is to hook up your brother or sister if you know they are good for each other. Err on the side of caution and do not fall into the side of haram. Public space — treat every sister or woman as if she were a married woman, or your mother. Never enter a relationship based on the assumption that something is going to change.

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